The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 69

Translated by Novice Translations

Sadness, I Am His Pet

    Nan Xun stood on the ground alone and her dark eyes slyly looked at the young and old people in front of her. She thought that Li Chen was the old man’s son. They were very handsome, an old handsome man and a little handsome man.

    The little handsome man came over and his movements were clumsy when he awkwardly picked her up.

    “Bro, brother…” Little Nan Xun waved her little claws and couldn’t speak clearly. Then, kissed the face of the small fresh meat and her saliva stained his face.

    Young Li Chen pursed his mouth and didn’t speak, but his cold eyes became softer and he corrected her, “Call me dad.”

    The handsome uncle stared at his son in surprise. He had never seen his son’s tender side. Was this a father and daughter relationship?

    “Da…” Nan Xun called and spat bubbles and her small palms patted his face.

    The little paws were chubby and soft. It didn’t hurt when it hit his face.

    Li Chen was expressionless. He reached out a finger and poked Nan Xun’s white, tender and bulging cheek, then poked it again and again, and then commented, “Soft.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun with her small face, turned a blind eye to that hand that kept poking and poking her face.

    Poke, poke!

    Come on, I’m not a steam bun. Is it so fun to poke?

    Poke me again and I’ll kill you.

    Li Chen got into the car with the baby in his arms. The car drove into the gate and along the road in the property for a while before stopping.

    After Nan Xun exited the car, her black eyes were almost blinded by the buildings in front of her.

    Does this huge castle-like villa belong to the Li family?

    Fuck, too luxurious!

    At the villa entrance, there stood two rows of big black bodyguards. When they saw Li Chen and Old Li, they bowed down to a 90-degree angle in unison, “Welcome back master, young master.”  

    Old Li made a sound. Li Chen was cold-faced and walked straight to the door with the milk doll in his arms.

    “Master, master, this is…” The old housekeeper, Uncle Wang looked at Old Li.

    Old Li laughed, “My son’s new daughter, my granddaughter.”

    When Old Li was young, he had seen a lot of blood with his father. Maybe he had seen too much blood. He had no children until he was forty. Then, he trained him as a successor. Li Chen didn’t live up to his expectations. He took over some of his industries at a young age, but he was too young and mature.

    Of course, Old Li hoped that his son would have many grandchildren, so his fourteen-year-old son had a one-year old daughter. He wasn’t angry at all but was very happy.

    If it goes on like this, the Li family will be full of grandchildren in the future.

    Nan Xun opened her pair of big round eyes and tried to look at the young man holding her, and then patted his face.

    The void beast’s voice suddenly sounded, “Dear, you just got smaller, did your IQ also got affected?”

    Nan Xun: “…I just want to beat him a few more times since I won’t have the chance to fight when he blackens.”

    The void beast was surprised. “How did you know that little Li Chen’s blackened value was less than 100? Little Li Chen’s blackened value is now at 40 which isn’t abnormal.”

    Nan Xun: “If it’s completely blackened, how can he show such eyes towards me? It’s just a person worthy of being a father. The tenderness mixed with indifference is really a fatal temptation.”

    With Li Chen’s command, a servant soon prepared a beautiful princess room.

    The princess room was filled with fluffy plush dolls, which became an animal world. There were hundreds of diapers, milk powder and small clothes.

    On that day, little Nan Xun had a new name: Li Xiao Nan.

    Nan Xun likes it a lot because there was a “Nan” character in it.

    Before long, the news spread, whether it was people inside or outside the circle, they all knew that the Li family had a daughter.

    Li Chen, at the age of fourteen was still a teenager, he like Li Xiao Nan very much at first sight. Li Chen, previously known as the cold-faced little king was now known as a super father since then. He has been in the limelight for several years.  

    Nan Xun lives a life of clothes, mouth fed, and selling meng every day. It’s been four years and she was now five years old. Little Nan Xun was so adorable with her pink and jade carved face which was lovely.

    “Little eight, how much evil value is there?” Nan Xun, leaned her small head and looked sadly at the children’s picture book.

    The voice of the void beast shriveled. “Li Chen is clearly in favor of you. His evil value is still at 100. I’m so angry!”  

    Nan Xun asked strangely. “You say, my dad is young, how could he have an evil value worth 100? What did he experience when he was a child?”

    The void beast said, “Do you know how old your father was when he used a gun? Five years old! Once the enemies of the Li family kidnapped your father. While kidnapping, your father took out a gun from his trouser pocket while the other party wasn’t paying attention. He killed the man. Funny, those kidnappers thought the gun was a toy. He didn’t even bother to hide it, oh~”

    Nan Xun: …

    “I didn’t understand before, but now it’s clear that Li Chen and his father’s love are rampant. Haha, he actually treats me like a pet.”  

    The more Nan Xun thought about it, the more she thought she was a high-quality toy that he raised out of amusement.

    Li Chen was too mature, he had no childhood and doesn’t know what toys were. So, Nan Xun’s appearance filled in his missing childhood.

    Nan Xun sighed with a little sadness, “I’ve wasted four years in vain and I’ve been played as a fool that’s been teased by him…”

    After thinking about it, the void beast suggested: “Why don’t we just wear the host for another ten years?”

    Nan Xun: “Would it be useful? Now, he treats me like a pet and toy. Will it be different ten years from now?”

    The void beast thought about it and suddenly its tone was startled. “You can’t pat your ass in the bedroom for ten years! If we leave, who will stop your romantic father from creating a nest of younger brothers and sisters? I’ll tell you, since you want to have a big boss with familial affection, you can’t let anyone share Li Chen’s attention, so you have to stop the birth of these younger brothers and sisters!”

    Nan Xun suddenly felt a little frustrated from hearing this. If Li Chen’s evil value were worth a lot, wouldn’t she have to wait until Li Chen couldn’t have children?

    The void beast also took this into consideration. “Well, let’s stay until your eighteen. If you can’t eliminate his evil value as his only daughter after so many years, let’s leave early.”

    Nan Xun: “Baby, I suddenly regret it. To use familial affection to develop the big boss, first we need to cultivate strong feelings before we can improve him. The world was destined to be doomed for a long time.”

    The void beast said, “Well, you know, we’d better purify the big boss with the body in the next world.”

    Nan Xun: …

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