The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 70

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Not Dirty, Kiss

    Now, father Li Chen was 18 years old. He had just completed his degree at the most powerful university in China. He was the CEO of the Li group while studying. Nan Xun felt that he wasn’t a person, but a monster.

    The 18-year-old father Li Chen was very handsome. He had an eight pack and was in good shape.

    After taking a bath, father Li would come out with a bath towel wrapped around his hip. Then, he picked up little Nan Xun and stripped her.

    Nan Xun’s little face turned black and she struggled in his palm with shame and indignation. “Dad, everyone is five years old, they can take a bath.”

    Li Chen raised his eyebrows slightly and said. “Baby, do you want to take a bath by yourself?” He looked at Nan Xun’s small arms and legs.

    Nan Xun’s delicate little mouth, tooted, she was coquettish and sold meng. “When people grow up, they will become ashamed and shy.”

    However, the protest was ineffective. As usual, Li Chen carried Nan Xun directly into her small basin and personally wiped her body.

    Nan Xun: “Little eight, I’m so ashamed. I’m so old, this deadly pervert actually wants to bathe me.”

    The void beast snorted, “Five years old, really old.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun suddenly resigned and enjoyed the intimate service of the big boss.

    “Dad, my toenails are getting longer. You should cut them for me.” Nan Xun raised her wet little chubby feet to his mouth, turned her round big toe in front of him to show him her toenails.

    Li Chen looked at her, took a dry towel to wipe her feet and then rubbed her small feet, “En, first dry baby’s feet, dad will cut your toenails right away.”

    Nan Xun’s big black eyes turned and asked, “Daddy, do you think my feet stinks?”

    Li Chen raised his eyebrows slightly. “It doesn’t stink. Dad just used soap to wash baby’s fragrance.”

    Nan Xun whispered in a coquettish way: “If it’s not dirty, then dad, you kiss it.”

    Father Li Chen held the little foot, paused for a while, then really held it to his lips and kissed it.

    Nan Xun: …

    Nan Xun was inexplicably very successful. Tell her that it didn’t decrease the evil value, see that she will toss you to death!

    After taking a bath and cutting her toenails, Li Chen wrapped Nan Xun’s small pink body with a bath towel, and then bent his fingers to play a tune on her forehead, “Naughty.”

    Nan Xun hissed and said, “Dad, you hurt me.”

    Li Chen glanced at her, took her to bed and laid down beside her.

    Yes, it’s a bed.

    Nan Xun didn’t want to say since she was one year old until five years old, Li Chen, a pervert slept with her on the same bed.

    Nan Xun suspected that the other side regarded her as a mobile pillow.

    “Dad, dad, you should tell me a story.” Nan Xun pulled out a dozen fairytale books from the drawer and placed them directly to his face.

    Li Chen took the stack of books that his baby daughter covered his face with, pulled out a story about the ugly duckling and the white swan and directly recited it with a cold rigid voice, “Once upon a time…”

    Nan Xun’s little face collapsed, “Dad, you have already read this story more than fifty times.”

    Li Chen directly changed it to a different fairy tale book.

    Nan Xun was satisfied and directly placed her little foot on his lower abdomen of his eight pack. Her small hand touched his Adam’s apple and she went to sleep comfortably.

    She slept until dawn, Nan Xun sat up and blankly looked at the warm quilt besides her.

    Where was father Li Chen?

    She was dazed when a shadow fell over her.

    Li Chen touched the two small hairs on her head and dressed her in a white princess dress with pink flowers.

    Nan Xun turned a circle in front of the mirror and looked at the little person in the mirror, she was especially satisfied.

    “Dad, Dad, you comb two princess braids for me.” Nan Xun directly handed the comb to Li Chen and positioned her little head next to him.

    Half an hour later.

    Nan Xun looked at the crooked pigtails in the mirror and almost cried.

    Li Chen grinned, “Dad really can’t braid. I’ll let Aunt Li do it later.”

    Nan Xun pursed her lips and shook her head, “No, although it’s ugly, but dad combed it for me.”  

    Li Chen was accidentally stuffed with another mouthful of sugar. It was so sweet that his mouth curled slightly.

    Nan Xun said to little eight in her heart, “Little eight, thank you for giving me <<Words of Love Collection 2>>. I found that the love words could be slightly changed and be used on daddy Li Chen.”

    Now, Li Chen had no blackening, it was good to coax him. Nan Xun felt that her skills to say words of love have improved.

    The void beast: “Hey…you used it, ah, but the evil value has not disappeared at all.”

    Nan Xun also withered.

    Wasn’t kinship enough to eliminate Li Chen’s evil value? Or it wasn’t important enough for him?

    Li Chen went downstairs while holding the little princess.

    On the long luxury dining table, Nan Xun sat next to Li Chen and old Li sat at the other end.  

    “Got up late today.” Old Li glanced at the two people, small and big.

    Nan Xun immediately spoke for her father, “Grandpa, grandpa, yesterday I begged father to tell me a story, so we were late today, don’t blame dad~”

    Old Li was amused by her and said, “Oh, what story did dad tell Nan Nan?”

    Nan Xun began to count with her fingers.

    Old Li was so happy that he squinted at Li Chen. “Look at Xiao Nan’s face, I won’t care about you. Today, a general shareholder meeting will be held, you should be more energetic.”

    Li Chen gave a faint hum and used chopsticks to bring green vegetables to his baby daughter next to him.

    When Nan Xun saw the green vegetables, her face changed. Then her eyes wandered and directly said to old Li, “Grandpa, I want to eat carrot porridge in the evening, can we eat it together?”

    Old Li glanced at Li Chen’s dark face and was in a good mood. “Good, listen to baby Nan Nan.”

    Nan Xun proudly raised her eyebrows. While her little mouth was covered with oil and water, she kissed his face and looked at him.

    She looked at Li Chen’s handsome face covered with oil, water and saliva. Nan Xun was very happy.

    That evening, two guests came to the house, an old grandfather with his 17-year-old beautiful granddaughter.

    Nan Xun’s mind suddenly sounded with little eight’s voice, “Alert, alert, this woman was one of your romantic daddy’s lovers, pay attention to prevent.”

    Nan Xun was reading a picture book, when she heard this, her big eyes looked at the woman.

    Her chest was big and her waist thin, she wore light makeup, the body was sprayed with perfume, but it wasn’t strong and didn’t cause resentment. This might actually be daddy Li Chen’s favorite dish.

    The old grandfather talked with old Li in the study, while this beautiful woman pestered her with father Li Chen. Although he didn’t pay much attention to her, his eyes didn’t show impatience.

    If it goes on like this, this woman will definitely hook up with him.

    Where would a man and pregnant woman remember that in the corner was a girl!

TL Note: Last sentence basically means, that if they had a relationship and he impregnate her. They would both forget about the girl who was pushed aside to the corner. It’s not really a good Chinese phrase that translates well.

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