The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 71

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Dad, I want to Ride a Horse

    Nan Xun’s heart moved, she ran barefooted and tried to climb up Li Chen’s thigh. Then, she succeeded in standing on Li Chen’s thigh, she held his neck in her hands and pointed her butt to the smiling woman.

    “Dad, Dad, you play with me, don’t talk to this aunt.”

    Yu Manshan’s delicate face with light make up stiffened, but she soon smiled again. “Is this Nan Nan, she’s so cute.”  

    Nan Xun glanced back at her. “Of course, I’m cute. When I grow up, I’m sure to look better than you.”

    Yu Manshan’s smile froze again, “Hehe, of course, how could this aunt compare with little princess Nan Nan?”

    Li Chen picked up Nan Xun and said goodbye, then took his baby daughter to the bedroom to play house.  

    Yu Manshan sat alone in the huge living room, her face was very ugly.

    In the evening, the two stayed for dinner, so Nan Xun’s request for carrot porridge was gone. The meal was very rich and healthy. There was no big fish and meat. Aunt Li boiled the gruel with preserved egg and lean meat and the soup with pork ribs and yam, she also fried several light vegetable dishes.

    Li Chen brought his chopsticks with vegetables to Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened.

    Did he do it deliberately? He knew she didn’t like green vegetables, she wanted to eat meat, to eat pork ribs!

    Li Chen scooped a spoonful of congee with preserved eggs and lean meat from his bowl, blew it and fed Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun was angry and didn’t want to eat it, but she happened to catch the shock on the woman’s face who was named Yu Manshan. So, she was relieved and immediately opened her mouth and swallowed the porridge.

    Li Chen looked at his daughter’s puffed cheeks. He couldn’t help but poke it with his finger. He almost caused Nan Xun to squirt out her food.

    Nan Xun stared at him and caught him smiling, the arc from the raised corner of his mouth was evident that it wasn’t flat.

    “Li Chen gege, you shouldn’t spoil Nan Nan.” Yu Manshan smiled and leaned over to Li Chen. “If you pamper her like this, what would she do at school? If she can’t take care of herself, she would be teased by her teachers and classmates.”

    Old Li and Yu Manshan’s grandfather were old friends. Although Li Chen has a daughter now, he was still alone. If they were together, the two would naturally enjoy their success.  

    So, the two elders looked at each other with a smile on their face.

    Yu Manshan’s closeness, Li Chen didn’t explicitly refuse, but he didn’t answer Yu Manshan.

    Yu Manshan was a little embarrassed and continued: “Li Chen gege, believe me, my sister’s children are often raised by me. I have more experience than you.”

    Nan Xun’s little face stiffened and asked little eight, “Is this woman suggesting that she would be a competent stepmother?”

    The void beast immediately replied, “This woman looks very smart and difficult to deal with. You make sure to nip your daddy Li Chen and her adultery in the bud!”

    Nan Xun listened to little eight’s words and immediately pouted her small mouth, “Dad, will others really make fun of me? People are afraid.”

(TL note: she jumps to third person as “people” because she’s too shy or doesn’t want to lose face by referring to herself. This type of writing style is common in CN novels.)

    Li Chen’s face became a little cold. He glanced at Yu Manshan and coldly said: “No one would dare make fun of my baby. My princess daughter can be as spoiled as she wants.”

    As soon as these words came out, Yu Manshan’s beautiful face suddenly turned pale, while Nan Xun grinned triumphantly and revealed two small tiger teeth, which made her look so cute.

    Grandpa Yu’s expression was also a bit ugly and old Li coughed awkwardly. “Eat dinner, sit down.”  

    When Li Chen saw his baby daughter ate a mouthful of oil, he frowned, picked up the wet towel on the table and wiped her little mouth.

    Nan Xun was very cooperative, it was convenient for him to wipe her mouth.

    “Baby, don’t eat meat so much, you should eat more vegetables.” When Li Chen saw Nan Xun’s little hand reached for the ribs, he couldn’t help but frown.

    Nan Xun’s face was like a little cute bun. She obediently gave up the ribs that she was about to pick and drank porridge.

    Nan Xun was full when she drank half of it. She pushed the half bowl of congee that had been eaten by her in front of Li Chen’s face. The little face that was in front of him, immediately bloomed into a brilliant flower. The voice was sweet and genuine: “Dad, you didn’t seem to have had enough. Why don’t you drink my congee, okay?”

    Li Chen looked at her bowl of porridge expressionlessly, he reached out and rubbed her head. “Baby is really filial.”

    Yu Manshan, grandpa Yu and old Li: …

    Nan Xun: …

    Little eight said that Li Chen will build a nest of younger brothers and sisters for her later. Nan Xun didn’t believe it at first, because Li Chen seemed too serious, but now… she blinked, come on, her swearing skills weren’t strong enough, no wonder he provoked so many rotten peach blossoms and gave birth to a litter of babies.

    Nan Xun thought that she would have to block Li Chen from those many peach blossoms in the future and she was a little depressed. No matter how dissuaded she was, she picked up her chopsticks and went to pick up the ribs.

    However, Nan Xun’s small arms and hands weren’t long enough and the chopsticks weren’t well controlled. She couldn’t clamp down onto the rib long enough.

    Li Chen raised his eyebrows and watched without helping.

    Old Li wanted to help her, but he was stopped by his son’s fierce eyes.

    Nan Xun was originally angry, but now she was teased by the rib. If she couldn’t hold it, she stabbed it with her chopstick.


    A large bowl of pork rib soup was also poked by her and it flowed all over the table, because it faced Yu Manshan’s direction, it flowed onto her beautiful clothes.

    Yu Manshan screamed and stood up quickly.

    The dress was light pink, and the workmanship was high-quality, she was afraid that it costed a lot of money.

    Nan Xun felt a little guilty in her heart, she used her shin to explore the ground, held the big chair under her buttocks and moved away from Li Chen. Unfortunately, before she moved half a step, she was hooked by daddy Li Chen and even the chair was hooked in front of him.

    Li Chen stared at her with a cold expression.

    Nan Xun whispered, “Dad, people wasn’t intentional, otherwise, are you going to hit me?”

    With that, Nan Xun pouted her little chubby butt at him, indicating that he could spank.

    Li Chen’s anger was suddenly gone, but he had a headache. He rubbed his forehead and took his naughty daughter into his arms. “Baby, eat well, you didn’t seem to have much just now.”  

    Nan Xun blinked her big watery eyes, did she dare? Daddy Li Chen didn’t plan to punish her at all, but he was worried that she didn’t had enough?

    Yu Manshan’s expression was very ugly and grandpa Yu wasn’t much better and old Li was embarrassed.  

    After the two left, Nan Xun smugly climbed onto Li Chen, rode his neck and held his head in her hands and said with a smile: “Dad, just finished eating, let’s exercise, drive! Hyah! Come on, horse. Quickly, come on, come on!”   

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