The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 72

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Baby, Turn Around

    Even with the little girl riding on his neck, Li Chen still moved gracefully and wiped her mouth with a wet towel. Then, he grabbed the little girl’s feet and stood up and said, “Hold it steady.”

    Then, the big and small person went for a ride in the hall. From time to time, they could hear the little girl’s giggling laughter.  

    Old Li sat alone at the table and silently stuffed his heart.

    “Old Wang, did I do something wrong? Old Li sighed.

    The old housekeeper Wang smiled appropriately. “Master, don’t you think the young master is happier than before? If so, master, you did the right thing in the beginning.”

    Old Li was still worried, “But you see what he did today, old Yu is an old friend of mine and I view his granddaughter very well. This Li Chen youngster didn’t even give them face. Later, he won’t be able to marry, and it would be impossible to have a family for Nan Nan’s sake, right? What’s more, Nan Nan isn’t his offspring—”

    When he said this, old Li was worried and didn’t continue, but old housekeeper Wang was silent next to him.

    No one would have thought that woman would have been courageous in the past. If it wasn’t for old Li’s strict routine to do a DNA check, it would have never been known that the smiling and noisy little girl in this room had no blood relations with Li Chen…

    After the Yu Manshan’s incident, Nan Xun consciously felt that the task was very important. She followed daddy Li Chen everywhere, so he wouldn’t hook up with other women without her knowledge.

    So, everyone knew that Li Chen had a little tail that followed him. He used to hang out with some people within his circle every month, but now, he doesn’t go anymore.

    This time it was Li Chen’s close childhood friend, Zhao Minghao’s birthday. Zhao Minghao held a private party in a bar called Twilight on his property, he invited his friend group to the gathering.

    Li Chen thought about his daughter at home that he had to take care of, so he immediately refused, but he couldn’t stand to fight. Finally, he promised.

    “Dad, dad, I’m tired of all my dresses in the closet. Let’s go shopping.” Nan Xun climbed onto daddy Li Chen who was working and left two saliva prints by kissing his handsome face.

    Li Chen put down his purchase plan, carried the baby into his arms and poked her bun face, then said, “The princess dresses in the closet are all customized by father’s private master designer Java and were privately ordered. There are more than 100 pieces, baby, you still have half of them.”  

    When her lie was exposed, Nan Xun blinked her eyes and pouted her lips. “I just want dad to go out with me. Dad is so busy and don’t want dad to be too tired. We have a lot of money at home. Why does dad still work so hard?”

    The words weren’t too sweet, and Nan Xun felt that she was really a nice little padded cotton jacket for daddy Li Chen, warm.

    Li Chen’s eyes softened and reached out to rub the little girl’s head.

    Nan Xun: “Short oil, dad, don’t rub, my hair will be messed up by you.”

    Li Chen laughed lowly, and it sounded especially pleasant.

    “Dad, dad, will you go out with me or not?” Nan Xun’s little fat hand rubbed daddy Li Chen’s handsome face into different shapes.

    Li Chen’s image was destroyed, and he wasn’t angry. He hugged her, kissed her delicate face and said with a smile, “Okay, go now.”

    Li Chen had never personally bought clothes for his daughter. They were all directly delivered by the private customized design master under his name. If it wasn’t for the little girl to come up with this, he wouldn’t have realized it. It happened to be Zhao Minghao’s birthday party tonight and he bought a watch.

    If Zhao Minghao found out that his birthday present was incidental, he would cry himself blind.

    They went to the most prosperous business district in the city.

    Because cars weren’t allowed to drive in the district, the driver Zhao lao1Lao – prefixed used before the surname of a person to indicate familiarity towards an elder. parked the luxury limousine outside while Li Chen took Nan Xun around.

    Li Chen was a man with purpose. He glanced at Nan Xun and took her to a high-end building, and then went straight to the children clothing on the third floor.

    The decoration in this building was very luxurious, and all its luxury products sold were from big brands. Most of the people who come here to purchase were people with value.

    At this time, there were few people who visited the children clothing and usually they would be women. So, Nan Xun who was carved from jade and was flushed was very conspicuous with the handsome Li Chen.

    Although this whole street was Li Chen’s industry, he had never been here before and wasn’t familiar with it.

    Nan Xun looked at a diamond-encrusted white pompous dress in the window and tried to pull daddy Li Chen to have a look. Unexpectedly, at this time, little eight suddenly called out, “Alert, alert, look inside that shop, there are countless little mistresses of daddy Li Chen and among them, there is one that is very difficult to deal with.”  

    Nan Xun: …

    “Dad, dad, let’s not go into this store, let’s go somewhere else.” Nan Xun quickly said.

    Li Chen picked up his eyebrows. “Baby, you clearly liked that puffy dress in the window. Why don’t you want to buy it?”  

    “People suddenly don’t want to go.” Nan Xun whispered.

    Nan Xun hurriedly took Li Chen’s big palm and walked away until she saw an old salesperson in a store. She walked in with a sigh.

    The salespeople in this building were high-quality professionals. The salesperson in the shop didn’t ask Li Chen what he wanted. When Li Chen chose a dress, she gave a simple explanation beside him and her attitude wasn’t too attentive.  

    Li Chen glanced at her and nodded with satisfaction. He will give the manager of this building a raise later.

    Not long after, Li Chen chose a small simple cut dress with smooth lines and asked, “Baby, do you like this dress?”

    Nan Xun hurriedly said she liked it and went in to change into the little dress.

    The salesperson tried to go in and help, but Li Chen who was beside her went in.  

    The salesperson was distracted for a moment, then thought that this father treated his daughter well. People who came to places like this were all from the upper class. Even women with children didn’t necessarily change their children’s clothes personally.

    After a while, Li Chen led Nan Xun out.

    The two stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror and Li Chen said, “Come on baby, turn around and let me have a look.”

    Nan Xun turned from the mirror with her small dress and sweetly said, “Dad, your eyes are good. I like it very much. Does dad think that I’m beautiful?”

    “Daddy’s baby is very beautiful.” Li Chen touched her little head.

    The salesperson next to him smiled and said: “Your daughter is really beautiful. This dress is very suitable for her.”

    Li Chen slightly raised his eyebrows and accepted her praise.

    “Baby, this one isn’t bad, do you want to try it on?” Li Chen soon picked another one.

    Nan Xun shook her head and sweetly said: “Dad, I like this dress very much. Save dad’s money and only buy one.”

    Li Chen’s mouth was stuffed with sugar and he stroked his forehead helplessly, but the corner of his mouth was slightly hooked up.

  1. Lao – prefixed used before the surname of a person to indicate familiarity towards an elder.

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