The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 73

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Dad, I Love You the Most

    When checking out, Li Chen took out a diamond card directly. The salesperson took it respectfully and her hand trembled a little.

    Ah, diamond card.

    She guessed that the other party was a big man, but she didn’t want such a big man. The person who owns the gold card in their building was very expensive. She didn’t want this person’s diamond card!

    The salesperson didn’t expect that the next day, the shopkeeper would inform her of her salary increase, and it wasn’t small.  

    Daughter Nan Xun and daddy Li Chen happily went out of the building and Li Chen personally carried her newly bought dress.

    Before they could have gone far, Nan Xun’s mind rang with little eight’s voice, “Alert! The woman in front of the shop is also one of your daddy’s little lovers and it’s his favorite flower!”

    Nan Xun: …

    Now she wants to kill little eight, but also daddy Li Chen.

    Nan Xun didn’t have time to find a way for Li Chen to take a detour, so they approached the woman who gave out flyers.

    The woman was very beautiful, she wore a bright yellow dress and had black stiletto heels, even the flyer was reduced to beautiful scenery.

    “Hello, sir can you support a donation to disabled children?” The woman handed a flyer to Li Chen from her hand.

    Li Chen’s good upbringing made him reach for the flyer. He glanced at the leaflet contents and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

    Nan Xun: “It’s over. My brain can already see a lot of dog blood stories. The kind of compassionate poor girl that marries into a rich and powerful family, and from then on, young Li will throw away his money recklessly.”  

    The void beast hurriedly said: “Don’t use your brain to mend it. Quickly stop it, wow!”

    So, Nan Xun quickly hugged Li Chen’s thigh. “Dad, let’s go back soon, I want to go home.”  

    Nan Xun snuck a glance and saw that the smile on the woman’s face froze after she called her father.

    So, after seeing her daddy Li Chen, did the woman’s mind really moved?

    However, the woman’s expression just froze momentarily, then she continued to smile, “Sir, I hope you can support our activities. It will be at 4pm this Saturday and it won’t delay you too much.”

    The void beast snarled, “I hear, it’s about the time. It’s just the evening after this activity. What can we do if the two suddenly have a one-night stand?”

    “Are women so difficult now?” Nan Xun sighed.

    The void beast: “Your father is a gold bachelor, ah, and a woman wants to take advantage. If she can be your stepmother, people will be happy. You better hurry and act, ah, it’s just a matter of a sigh!”

    You’re right. Come on, she just called out to her father. This woman wasn’t dead yet. She even colludes in front of his daughter, was she dead?

    Nan Xun immediately took daddy Li Chen back and stared at the beautiful woman in front of her eyes. “Bad aunt, my father won’t go. Why do you smile so brightly at my father? Do you want to be my stepmother?”

    With that, Nan Xun pounced onto Li Chen’s thigh and cried out, “I don’t want a stepmother. I don’t want a stepmother, dad, don’t like these women…”

    Li Chen’s eyes sank abruptly and coldly swept the woman. In front of her face, he crumpled the leaflet in his hand and threw it in the trash.

    After that, he rubbed Nan Xun’s head and coaxed: “Baby, don’t be angry, dad doesn’t like her, just like you.”

    Nan Xun rubbed her eyes, her big eyes were moist. There was a big golden bean that hung from the corner of her eye. “Dad really won’t be taken away by other women?”

    Li Chen held the little aggrieved girl in his arms and kissed the little pink face, “As long as baby loves dad so much, dad won’t be taken away by others.”

    Nan Xun: “Fuck, he’s so insidious. He’s digging a trap for me. If I don’t love him as much as I do now, he’ll give me a nest of younger brothers and sisters.”

    The void beast quickly said, “It’s not very simple to always love him so much.”

    Nan Xun poked the villain in her heart, “But I love him so much and not a single evil point decreased?”

    After a moment of silence, the void beast thought: “This is a low-grade world, the spirit energy is too thin, so we can’t spend too much time here. Let’s change the original 18-year-old plan, if there aren’t any changes in the next five years, it shows that it isn’t feasible to use familial affection to change the big boss. Let’s go directly to the next world to do some exercises.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Little eight’s suggestion was scientific and reasonable. She was really speechless.

    Nan Xun quickly hugged daddy Li Chen’s neck and intimately pasted her face against his and sweetly said: “Dad, dad, I am your baby sweetheart, I love you the most, and you should love me the most, only you can love me.”

    Li Chen chuckled, “Dad promises you that dad only loves you.”

    “Really?” Nan Xun looked at him with her pair of big clear black eyes.  

    Li Chen looked at his shadow that was clearly reflected in the dark and bright pupils. His eyes couldn’t help but soften a little. “Really.”

    The two of them were displaying their father-daughter love as if there was no one else. Little eight suddenly cheered in Nan Xun’s mind, “Daddy Li Chen’s evil thoughts has just dropped by 2 points. Oh, it’s not easy to talk to each other!”

    Nan Xun silently pouted her lips. She poured a mouthful of sugar into daddy Li Chen every day. From the age of 1 to 5, it has dropped by 2 points over that time span? She simply kneeled to Li Chen.  

    The beautiful woman who tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice that was use as lure took a detour.

    Li Chen’s long, narrow and sharp eyes suddenly squinted and said in a cold voice: “Stop, who allowed you to distribute flyers here? Later, roll.”

    The beautiful woman was dumbfounded, completely unaware that this cool handsome man could say such harsh and mean words. Besides, she didn’t say anything just now. Even if she had any thoughts, it was very concealed. How could this man be so ungracious!

    It wasn’t long before the store manager from the store behind them came in a hurry. He humbled and pleaded that he wouldn’t let these people go to the business district to distribute leaflets in the future.

    Then the beautiful woman was taken by the two security guards that the manager sent and was gone…

    The woman was lively, she completely lost her original elegance and scolded the entire time.

    Nan Xun was very happy when she was held by Li Chen who had a cold face. Today, she pinched off two peach blossoms from daddy Li Chen.

    After they returned home, Nan Xun climbed to the dining table and waited to eat.  

    Suddenly she thought of something and Nan Xun immediately said: “Dad, I want to eat fish head.”

    She felt that it would be a headache to deal with Li Chen’s many rotten peach blossoms in the future and she had to make up for it.

    Li Chen rubbed her little head and immediately ordered it.

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