The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 74

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Dad, You Made Me Drunk

    In the evening, the father and daughter played in bed for a while. Nan Xun had a lot of fun playing horse-riding.

    Ze ze,1Ze ze – clicking one’s tongue this feeling of riding on the big boss shouldn’t be too comfortable. Such good welfare must be enjoyed in this world.

    After playing enough, Li Chen began to read Nan Xun a storybook. Nan Xun laid on her flat and strong stomach, kicking her calves.

    “…and the pig mother and pig father lived happily together.”

    After Li Chen finished the 20th storybook, he rubbed the little girl’s hairy head helplessly. “Baby, dad has read 20 storybooks. Aren’t you sleepy?”

    He was going to coax the little baby to sleep and then leave, but this little girl was too smart and clever. It seemed that he was going to go out, so he read 20 stories and she didn’t yawn. Her big watery eyes stared at him.

    Li Chen thought for a moment, put aside the 21st storybook that the little girl had in her hand and coaxed, “Baby, dad wants to go out, you go to sleep first and when dad comes back, will bring you a gift.”

    Nan Xun said, “When you bought a dress for me today, I saw father bought a watch as well. Dad, are you leaving me to go out to meet your secret lover?”  

    Li Chen cried and laughed, “Baby, who taught you this? Father isn’t a lover and has no little lover.”

    Nan Xun patted him on the face with a little slap. “Who said dad didn’t have a little lover? I am dad’s little lover, and daughter is dad’s last lover.”

    Li Chen raised his eyebrows and said in a good mood: “En, your father’s little lover, father just wants to go to a friend’s birthday party and come back shortly.”

    Nan Xun didn’t give up, “I don’t care, dad can’t leave me. I’ll go wherever you go!”


    Twilight was a very high-end bar, located in the most prosperous street. There were basically two types of people who go there to spend, one was people with a face and were the second generation of the rich, the other were some upstarts and the second generation of upstarts.

    And this famous Twilight was owned by one of Li Chen’s childhood friends – Zhao Minghao and his old man who opened it.

    After Li Chen took his daughter into the private room, the noisy private room suddenly went dead.

    Everyone stared wide-eyed at the little doll who was pink and carved from jade embraced within young Li’s arms.  

    Like water, it was tender, and the watery pair of eyes looked at them curiously, the chubby lips were puckered slightly, and they whispered something to his ears.  

    The little grim king of hell had a cold and hard face was well-known in the circle, but the facial lines were softened at once.

    Fucking hell!

    This, this was really Li Chen?

    Not a ghost?

    “Dad, Dad, why did the handsome uncle reach into the beautiful aunt’s clothes?” Nan Xun blinked and pointed to the man in the middle of the room, or the young man, because he looked 18 or 19 years old.  

    Li Chen looked at Zhao Minghao from her little tender fingers, and his face suddenly darkened. He immediately covered Nan Xun’s eyes with his big palm.

    Zhao Minghao was a little embarrassed. He quickly moved his hand from the pure-looking girl’s dress.

    “Zhao Minghao, it seemed that I told you before I came here that there shouldn’t be idle people in the private room. Do you take my words as a whisper?” Li Chen’s face was as cold as ice.

    The others in the private room were silent and were afraid to say a word.

    Although everyone present were second generation rich people, they were really nothing compared to the Li family. Yes, not to mention the fact that this was young Li, who has been doing great things with Mr. Li since he was 12 years old, it was totally different from those dandies who only knew how to eat, drink and play.

    Although Zhao Minghao mingled, he couldn’t stand his friendship with Li Chen. He hurriedly retired some woman from the room and said with a smile, “Brother Chen, this friend was wrong, I originally thought you were opened to dirty people. I didn’t know you cared about this kind of thing. I didn’t think that the little princess would have also attended. I’ll punish myself with one cup, ha ha.”

    Li Chen’s face was a little better. He handed him a box and lightly said, “Birthday present.”

    Zhao Minghao removed the packaging and saw the high-end diamond inlaid watch inside. He couldn’t help but blow out a loud whistle. “Brother Chen is so generous.”

    Li Chen held Nan Xun in his arms and sat in the corner of the room. He glanced at all the people and said, “If you like, I’ll sit down and go.”

    “Don’t, young Li. You haven’t been here for long, brother. I’ve managed to invite you here today. Can’t you join us for more drinks?” Zhao Minghao happily said.

    Zhao Minghao took the lead and the atmosphere became active, others also started to heckle.

    Zhao Minghao directly blinked at little Nan. “My little princess, today, advise your father to accompany us to drink a few more cups?”

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes. “Dad can’t drink too much. You have to drink by yourself.”

    When they heard this sweet answer, they laughed.

    “I say, young Li, where did you pick up such a sweet little doll? It’s not like you at all. She’s so cute. Hahaha…”

    Li Chen glanced at him. “My own daughter.”

    Li Chen took his daughter to sit for a while then left, which was supported by Zhao Minghao.

    After waiting for the person to leave, the room quickly exploded the opened pot.  

    “This was really young Li, right? I think I may have met a fake young Li!”

    “This time I saw young Li’s legs shaking the entire time, how come I feel that young Li is amiable this time?”

    “So amiable, did you forget last time…”

    Although Li Chen only sat for a while, there was Zhao Minghao. He poured a glass of wine with a high degree.

    Nan Xun’s wine tolerance was actually very good, but the body that little eight found was worse than her original. Now, this little doll was worst. She was a little drunk just by smelling the wine in daddy Li Chen’s mouth.

    Li Chen looked at his daughter’s little red face within his arms, he couldn’t help but poke it and pinch it.

    “Baby, you don’t feel well?” Li Chen pinched the little face that was a little hot and couldn’t help but frown.

    Nan Xun slapped the face in front of her, then pinched his nose and said, “Dad, you made me drunk.”

    “Pfft!” Zhao lao, the driver in front of her, couldn’t help but laugh.

    Suddenly, he felt that his back was a little cold and Zhao lao was afraid and didn’t dare speak out.  

    Li Chen with a dark face, got out of the car halfway to buy a piece of fruit cream cake with a peach heart painted on top.

    “Dad, why did you only buy one piece? People wants to eat.” Nan Xun wasn’t happy.

    Li Chen directly took a fork and fed it to her, “Baby, let’s eat together.”

    Nan Xun looked at the fork in daddy Li Chen’s hand, that is to say, share a fork?  

    Nan Xun ate the small cake, and the small mouth licked the fork back and forth.

    With so much saliva, shouldn’t daddy Li Chen be disgusted?

  1. Ze ze – clicking one’s tongue

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