The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 75

Translated by Novice Translations

Excited, Evil Thoughts Reduced

    As a result, Nan Xun saw daddy Li Chen used the fork that she had just used and didn’t dislike the fork that was just bathed with her saliva.

    Li Chen ate two big mouthfuls and then forked a piece to feed Nan Xun. “Come on, baby.”

    Nan Xun’s heart was very entangled, his face was very decisive. He directly placed the cake with the fork into her big open mouth and she ate very well.

    The two took bites and the small cake was soon almost eaten.

    The last piece was left, and Nan Xun held the fork and scooped it towards Li Chen’s mouth. “Dad, this is the last piece, you eat it.”

    In fact, she couldn’t eat it, her stomach was too small.  

    “Baby is really filial. Father is very happy. Why not…half for both of us.” Li Chen said.

    Li Chen was a very strict person. When he said half, he meant absolutely half. Nan Xun clearly saw that he had eaten the last piece of peach on the cake, but he spat out half of it.

    Nan Xun sighed in her heart. “Little eight, why is he so unhygienic? Does he want me to eat the other half of it?”

    The void beast’s words were meaningful and heartfelt: “For his evil value, bear it. It’s just saliva, you’re not eating poison.”

    Li Chen forked the remaining cake with the half of piece of peach to Nan Xun. “Come on baby.”

    Nan Xun was directly watched by him and her heart was hairy. Although she didn’t have a serious cleanliness OCD, come on, there was the other’s saliva on it. Now the big boss was waiting for her. If she makes the other party think that she dislikes him, she would be ruined, and all her efforts would be destroyed.

    Nan Xun ate the cake with a whimper, and she bit the half of piece of peach with Li Chen’s slobbered saliva.

    It was already late in the evening when the two returned to the villa, Nan Xun laid on her stomach on the large bed.

    “Dad, you press me.” Nan Xun’s head turned and saw an arm lying across her little butt.

    Li Chen fished her into his arms and turned over. The two of them were stacked together and became a pyramid.

    “Dad, dad, I’m so sleepy, but people haven’t brushed their teeth and washed their faces yet.” Nan Xun laid on her stomach, with her little arm leaning against her head to look at him.

    “Let’s go baby, let’s go wash together.” Li Chen picked up little Nan Xun.

    Nan Xun softly held his neck and yawned, “Dad, don’t go out at night. Let’s go to bed early.”

    “Well, listen to baby.”

    After entering the bathroom, Nan Xun consciously moved her small stool to the washstand and stepped onto it to see the big mirror in front of her.

    Li Chen squeezed the strawberry-flavored toothpaste for her and the two people, one big and one small, brushed their teeth in front of the mirror.

    Brush to the left, to the right, their actions were exactly the same.

    After brushing her teeth, Nan Xun showed her teeth in the mirror. “Dad, my teeth are so white.”

    Li Chen gave her a small smile, wiped her face with a towel, and washed her feet carefully. “Let’s go baby, go to sleep.”


    Li Chen’s relationship with his daughter was getting better and better, but old Li was getting more and more worried.

    He looked at Li Chen going to the company and taking Li Xiao Nan as usual and old Li coughed, “Li Chen, let Nan Nan stay at home. She’s at the age where she can’t sit still. When you are busy at work, you can’t take care of Nan Nan, she would get bored. Besides, Nan Nan will have to go to elementary school in a year or two. She wasn’t willing to go to kindergarten, but she has to learn some simple lessons so she can make progress and catch up.”

    Before daddy Li Chen could speak, Nan Xun immediately said, “Grandpa, I can even do first grade addition, subtraction and multiplication, so I don’t want to study. Li Xiao Nan is a genius.”

    Li Chen touched her head and said to old Li: “Baby will follow me, she’s smart.”

    Then Li Chen didn’t say anything and took Nan Xun’s cartoon schoolbag in one hand and Nan Xun with his other hand. The father and daughter happily went out the door.

    Old Li felt very tired.

    The old housekeeper smiled and said, “Maybe the master is too worried. Now the little miss is still young, it’s hard for the young master to spend more time with the little miss. When the little miss grows up, they won’t be as sticky as they are now.”

    “I hope…” Old Li sighed.

    Li Chen was working in the office, while Nan Xun sat quietly drawing, she looked well-behaved.

    Today, Li Chen went to a conference meeting and little Nan Xun followed him. She dragged her chair and placed it beside daddy Li Chen’s seat. She climbed and sat properly, then took out a book from her schoolbag, took out crayons, placed it upright, and took a red crayon and began to scribble on the paper.

    On the table sat two rows of department managers in suits and their eyes fell on the little girl in pink carved from jade.

    Until the sharp and cold eyes swept the crowd, the people quickly looked away.

    “President Li, the sales for last month…” One person dryly opened his mouth and the crowd began to get down to business.

    This meeting will likely last all day and Nan Xun’s little butt hurt from sitting. No way, there were too many departments in this company and daddy Li Chen was the leader who was personally involved with everything.

    For the whole day, Nan Xun who had nothing to do, drew a whole book full of little people, there was nothing but an adult holding a little doll. It was very ugly, the adult’s head was as big as his body, his mouth was a straight line and his eyebrows were two diagonal lines that were picked up.

    Not to mention, although it was ugly, but that very image, people could tell at a glance this adult was Li Chen.

    “Baby waited for a long time. Dad’s business is finished, we can go home.” Li Chen picked up little Nan Xun with one hand.  

    Nan Xun’s voice was a soft whisper: “Dad, I sat for the whole day, my butt hurts, I also drew for the whole day, my arms ache.”

    “Baby worked hard. When we return, dad will rub you.” Li Chen said.

    “Thank you, dad. Dad is very good.” As she said this, Nan Xun hurriedly handed Li Chen the book that she had drawn in for the whole day. “Dad, it’s for you, there is dad and me all inside. I drew dad handsomely.”

    Nan Xun felt her filial piety moving. If Li Chen’s evil thoughts aren’t reduced, then it was really difficult.

    Li Chen took the drawing book, smiled for a moment, then opened the book to look at it carefully.

    “Does dad think I drew well?” Nan Xun asked.

    Li Chen rubbed her head silently, his eyes were deep and difficult to distinguish, his voice low. “Good, very good.”

    Nan Xun was a bit puzzled. Shouldn’t Li Chen be moved to tears? What’s with this reaction? Isn’t it too dull?  

    At this time, little eight suddenly spoke up and was excited: “Your daddy Li Chen’s evil value was just reduced by 10 points!”

    Nan Xun was also a little excited. It really wasn’t easy!

TL Note: I’m pretty sure daddy Li Chen did that as a teasing revenge, because he noticed Nan Xun saliva the fork, so he saliva the cake! Also, guys, picking up a new project pretty soon, my first R18, chapter release will be Dec 16th ish <<The Little Princess Imprisoned by the Demonic Brothers>>.

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