The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 76

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Dad, I’m Grown Up

    Nan Xun felt that she may have opened a rustling road leading to the eradication of evil thoughts. She planned to give a gift to daddy Li Chen if she has nothing to do in the future. It must be hand-made by her, which could move him.

    Time passed by very quickly. Nan Xun attended elementary school in a blink of an eye. Nan Xun felt that it was too painful to go to primary school with a group of little radish heads. She begged Li Chen to not attend elementary school.

    Li Chen also wanted to keep his daughter by his side, if it was allowed. Of course, old Li disagreed. In the end, it was decided that she must attend elementary school, junior high school and high school.

    When Li Chen was 28 years old, most of his family’s industries were transferred to him. Old Li wanted to have a leisure time. This year, little Nan Xun, who was fifteen years old, was a sophomore in high school, she had jumped two grades in junior high school.

    Nan Xun, who had already become a little beauty, was on the bed and sighed.

    “Little eight, what’s the evil value?”

    “The evil value is at 50.” The void beast said.

    “If I remember correctly, the evil value last dropped years ago to 50. In the past three years, not a single point dropped?” Nan Xun wanted to die.

    The void beast was silent for a while and said: “It’s only lowered by 50 points and became saturated. It seems that it isn’t feasible to use familial affection towards the big boss. Let’s wait for another three years, after that, if it doesn’t work, let’s leave.”

    Nan Xun raised both her hands and feet in approval. No wonder, little eight reminded her in the beginning to not lose herself. Any world in which she stays for more than ten or twenty years, she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference what was true and false. If she wasn’t careful, she might not be able to leave the play once she entered.

    Her goal was to go back to the real world, then go to the first world again to find her egg son.

    It was a clear goal.

    “By the way, I forgot to tell you something.” The void beast suddenly said, “Daddy Li Chen’s blackening value hasn’t changed for a long time. Today, it grown by 5 points and became 45.”

    Nan Xun snorted, “What does it got to do with me?”

    Suddenly she heard footsteps, Nan Xun immediately got out of bed and looked at the man whose upper body still dripped with water and was only wrapped in a bath towel around his waist. Nan Xun couldn’t help but look at him more.

    This figure, tut tut,1Tut tut / ze ze – clicking one’s tongue she wasn’t tired looking at it for so many years, and that face, which has completely faded from its youth, had become mature and charming. He was so handsome that it was unreasonable, and his figure was so unreasonable as well.

    Li Chen directly walked over naked. Nan Xun patted the spot beside her and sweetly said, “Dad, I’ll warm you up under the covers.”

    Nan Xun has her own princess room, but she has never slept in it once. She has been sleeping with daddy Li Chen all these years. But come on, she was a girl. She used to try, and sleep separate every time, but daddy Li Chen’s face would turn black and she didn’t dare say.

    This time, when Li Chen got into bed, Nan Xun, who was very ashamed, pointed out again, “Dad, I’m 15 years old this year and I’m grown up. We can’t sleep together in the future.”

    Li Chen’s hands stretched out and took her into his arms, his voice sank. “Baby, isn’t obedient again, huh?”  

    Nan Xun struggled for a while and found that she couldn’t break away, so she laid in his arms, coughed softly and her tone was as gentle as possible. “Dad, all the students in class sleep by themselves and I sleep with you when I’m so big, I will be laughed at.”

    “Baby, do you think classmates are more important or your father?” Li Chen asked, and his eyes were slightly narrowed.

    Nan Xun quickly said: “Of course, dad is important! My classmates are just friends that I study together with, but my dad is my relative who will accompany me when I grow up. Father will always rank first in my heart.”

    Li Chen touched her head with satisfaction. “Obedient.”

  Nan Xun: …

    So, that topic he casually dodged?

    “Dad, one more thing, I’m so big, can you stop sending people to protect me?” Nan Xun said that it was protection, but come on, it was disguised surveillance. She had already discovered the two people secretly staring at her.

    The people sent was discovered by his daughter, Li Chen was somewhat surprised. After all, he was very clear about his people’s abilities. After his surprise, he stopped by and waved two or three thousand dollars. “Baby, whatever dad does, it’s for you.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Fucking hell, it really was a universal excuse that people couldn’t refute.

    Nan Xun couldn’t convince Li Chen, so she closed her eyes and went to sleep. Forget it, tomorrow she will continue to fight for her self-interest. It seems that Li Chen wasn’t in a good mood today?

    She didn’t do anything today, but she received a love letter during the day.

    Was this the cause of his anger?

    But she didn’t even look at it and threw it in the trash. Even if she looked at it, it was nothing. At the age of 15 or 16 was the time that young boys and girls were in love, even in ancient times, they began to talk about marriage. Her daddy Li Chen was too fussy.  

    Nan Xun sighed in her heart and fell asleep.

    When Nan Xun fell asleep, the man next to her looked at her face, his eyes and complexion were deep.

    It seems that his baby has grown up and knows to be shy.

    However, he wasn’t happy with normal things.

    Unhappy, Li Chen hugged the girl who slept like a pig in his arms.

    Nan Xun was dead asleep, when she woke up the next day, Li Chen was already dressed and sat beside the bed. The whole person stared at her in a measured way that scared her.

    She looked again and daddy Li Chen’s eyes were normal, nothing unusual.

    Li Chen handed Nan Xun’s skirt to her, “Put it on and come down for the meal. Aunt Li has breakfast ready.”

    Nan Xun took the clothes and waited for him to go out.

    However, Li Chen didn’t move and sat still on the bed, his eyes were heavy.

    Nan Xun’s eyes were dark and somehow was a little flustered. “Dad, if you don’t go down, the food will be cold.”

    “Baby, wants to leave father, en?”

    “Dad, I’m not leaving you, but I’m too big and want some privacy.”  

    “Dad has never had privacy with you, but now you want to talk to dad about privacy?” Li Chen said in a deep voice.

    Nan Xun said, “Dad, you can’t say that. You don’t let me know much about your work, humph.”

    Li Chen looked at her half-quietly and suddenly said, “Interesting, dad knows.”

    With that, he turned to leave.

    The bedroom door was loudly slammed shut.

    Nan Xun was a little confused. What does Li Chen mean by interesting? What does he know?

    The more she thought of it, the more she panicked, and Nan Xun cried to little eight, “Little eight, is he abnormal? I’m so old and his daughter. He wants me to sleep with him. I wanted to wait for him to leave so I can change clothes, but he wasn’t willing. Why wasn’t he willing?”

    After thinking about it, the void beast replied, “Yes, I think your daddy Li Chen is a pervert, but then again, when haven’t we met someone who wasn’t a pervert?”

    Nan Xun: …

  1. Tut tut / ze ze – clicking one’s tongue

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