The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 77

Translated by Novice Translations

Little Afraid, Little Excited

    When Nan Xun got dressed, Li Chen and old Li were already having breakfast.

    Nan Xun sat next to Li Chen and looked at his face from time to time.  

    Although his face was expressionless, she could see that he was still angry.

    Old Li thought it was very strange. “Nan Nan, did you quarrel with your father?”

    These two people were usually glued to each other every day, they actually quarreled?

    Nan Xun poked the rice in her bowl with her chopsticks and whispered: “Grandpa, you tell me, I am so big, shouldn’t I have my own privacy? I just wanted to wait for dad to leave so I can change my clothes, but dad says that I want to be separated from him and got angry.”

    The more Nan Xun said, the more reasonable she felt, and the more abnormal Li Chen was.

    When Old Li heard this, his smile faded. He looked at Li Chen and said: “In my opinion, Nan Nan is really grown up. Later, you will sleep separately.”

    Li Chen didn’t answer and directly said to Nan Xun: “Nan Nan, dad has something to deal with, you come with me.”

    Nan Xun, oh, then quietly stuffed her mouth with rice.

    Today was the weekend and there was no class. Nan Xun changed into a white puffy dress that was pinched at the waist. She wore a pair of snow-white customized sneakers, her hair was made into a ball. She looked young and beautiful, her genes were good. She was so beautiful as if she was a sculpture carved from jade. Her eyes were full of water and she was especially smart.

    Li Chen looked at his big baby daughter and took the initiative to reach for her waist with his big hand.

    Nan Xun was also used to it and didn’t feel that it was strange.

    Only that old man Li saw how they got along with each other from behind, his pair of eyes stared at his son. When the father and daughter left, he stood up trembling on his crutches.

    The old housekeeper who stood beside him, hurriedly helped him. “Master, you’re…”

    Old Li’s lips squirmed a few times before he asked, “Wang lao, you say, do you think that Li Chen already knows that Nan Nan isn’t his daughter?”

    The old housekeeper seemed to have realized what Master Li was worried about. He looked surprised and paused, then said, “Master, even if the young master really found out, but the young lady is already big, how could he have other thoughts? But the young lady is still so young, how could the young master…”

    “Now she’s small, but isn’t she grown up? Don’t you see Li Chen’s strong possessiveness for Nan Nan right now! He thought that I didn’t know that he sent people to watch Nan Nan’s every move at school?”

    The more he thought about it, the more worried he was. He was his son, although sometimes he couldn’t figure out his thoughts, but he knows that once he wants something, he will obtain it by all means. What he was good at was to let his prey fall into the trap slowly and finally swallow it.

    Nan Nan has been calling him grandpa for so many years. How could he bear to see a pure white flower be destroyed by a hungry wolf? Even though his son may not know that they weren’t blood-related, Nan Nan doesn’t know. In her heart, Li Chen is her father!

    Old Li decided to find time to have a good talk with them later.

    Nan Xun didn’t know where Li Chen was taking her, because the car drove more and more off the road and finally stopped on a street in a certain town.

    This time, there were four bodyguards that followed them. The big man in black bowed to open the door. When Li Chen went out first, Nan Xun was about to follow him out, but Li Chen princess carried her out, scared, she quickly held the other’s neck tightly.

  “Dad, I’m not a child. Why do you still hold me like this?” Out of the car door, Nan Xun quickly jumped down from him.

    Li Chen didn’t speak, he directly walked into the restaurant in front of them with her waist in his arm. The four bodyguards in black closely followed them.

    The restaurant was large, but there was no one inside, it seems as if it had been cleared beforehand. 

    Nan Xun felt a little strange and wondered why Li Chen took her to such an isolated place. According to Li Chen’s deep-rooted cleanliness, he seldom patronized such a restaurant that wasn’t very sanitary at first glance.

    As soon as Li Chen entered, a middle-aged man came up respectfully and whispered: “Young Li, people have already been caught and is underneath.”

    During the conversation, he snuck a glimpse at Nan Xun and saw that Li Chen held the girl’s waist. He was a little surprised, he heard that young Li was never close to women, was this rumor wrong?

    But this little girl at present was too tender, did young Li actually like this kind of girl?

    The middle-aged man silently recorded this in his heart.

    Li Chen said, “Lead the way.”

    The man quickly nodded, “Come with me.”

    Young Li took Nan Xun’s hand and told her in a low voice, “Baby, I’m watching you, so be obedient.”

    Nan Xun nodded, especially obedient.

    The restaurant had a basement, and the person in front led the way. A group of people walked in from a side route.

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the scene inside.

    This was actually an underground casino!

    There were several gambling tables, and there were still gambling cards on the table that hadn’t been cleaned up yet. All the lights were on and every corner was clearly illuminated.

    In the empty space, a man in his thirties was bound with rope and knelt on the ground, with a wad of cloth in his mouth.  

    “Hmmmm, hmmmm.” The man saw young Li and the man looked excited and tried to crawl his way to him but was kicked to the ground by the man in black from behind.

    “Young Li, this way please.” The middle-aged man took the lead and made a gesture of invitation.

    Right ahead, there was a soft leather upholstered chair that was placed there earlier and young Li sat down.

    Nan Xun originally intended to stand, but unexpectedly, Li Chen took her directly in his arms and let her sit on his lap.

    Nan Xun moved awkwardly and finally simply nestled in his arms and tried to shrink her sense of existence.

    Li Chen slightly raised his right hand, and someone immediately took out the rag from the man on the ground.

    Although the man had trouble speaking easily, he immediately pleaded for mercy: “Young Li, you are a person of great moral stature who doesn’t remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature, let me go this time. I won’t dare do it again. Please let me go, young Li, don’t lose face for this father. Let me go, I won’t dare anymore…”

    Nan Xun was stunned and looked at the man incomprehensibly, then at her daddy Li Chen.

    Come on, he was a gangster. Now this scene looks like a scene from TV where the gangster boss was betrayed by his younger brother. Then, the boss was prepared to shoot the traitor.

    A little scared, a little excited, what’s going on?

    With a lively attitude, one of Nan Xun’s arms consciously was placed on Li Chen’s neck and she sat in a more comfortable position.

    His baby’s dependency and intimacy towards him made Li Chen very happy, but he doesn’t know later…if his baby will be as close to him as she was now.

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