The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 78

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This Attitude, Raising a Little Mistress

    Li Chen stared intently at the man who constantly begged for mercy, his tone wasn’t fast nor slow: “Your father was with the old man for a while, but didn’t he tell you, the thing that I hate the most is when others do dirty things in the name of the Li family? The industry of the Li family has been washed white for a long time. Now, I’m in charge of the Li family, but you slap my face.”

    The voice was plain and had no emotional fluctuations, but it was more terrible than seeing his thunder and anger.  


    The man, while begging for mercy, his head was slammed onto the floor and blood soon broke out from his head.

    Li Chen suddenly got up. He placed the girl in his arms on the chair to sit down. He walked slowly towards the man and looked down at the disobedient person.

    When the middle-aged man who led the way, saw him reach out, he immediately handed over a two-inch long knife.

    Young Li tested the blade with his fingertip, it bled after a slight stroke.

    Very sharp.

    When the person on the ground saw the knife in his hand, he shrank back in fear.

    Li Chen slowly approached him and squatted down. The high-quality customized leather shoes shined in the light and it stopped in front of the man.

    Li Chen slowly approached him and softly said, “Look at your father’s face, I will personally do it, so that other people won’t be clumsy and hurt you.”

    After a pause, his eyes narrowed slightly, “Don’t worry, I won’t take your life.”

    With a wave of the man’s arm, a silver light flashed through the air.

    “Ah—” The man screamed.

    The knife hit the palm of the man’s hand, it stabbed him in different directions, it twisted back and forth several times.

    The sound of flesh and blood being cut was clearly visible.

    With a plop, the man pulled out the knife again, the blood splattered on his face.  

    He didn’t care, he skillfully picked out the man’s tendon, then threw the knife to the ground.

    With a thump, the bloody knife fell to the ground and bounced.

    A clean brocade handkerchief was immediately given to the man.

    The man took it, wiped the blood stains that accidentally splashed onto his face. Finally, he carefully wiped his hands that weren’t stained with blood and didn’t miss a single finger.

    The dirty brocade handkerchief was thrown to the ground and covered the bloody knife.

    Li Chen looked at the girl sitting on the soft chair who looked at him. He went over and rubbed her head tenderly. He asked in a very gentle voice, “Baby, are you scared?”

    Nan Xun swallowed her saliva gently, “I’m okay.”

    After all, she was a person that witnessed the Demon King killing and devouring people. She was just a little surprised. In her eyes, Li Chen was always her father who was cold on the outside and gentle in the inside. But this quick and accurate scene completely overturned her impression of Li Chen.

    His big palm kneaded her head intimately. Yes, it was this same one, just a second ago, it had pierced the man’s palm and picked out the tendon.

    Nan Xun always felt that she had only seen the tip of the iceberg, so she thought the gentle touch on her head would make her hair grow.

    Nan Xun suddenly hugged Li Chen and muttered: “Dad, let’s go home, I want to go home.”

    “Okay, listen to baby.” Li Chen paused and his mouth slightly curved.

    He was a bit surprised. In this case, his baby child approached him first and didn’t pushed him away but took the initiative to hug him.

    The small physique was shaking, and he didn’t know if she was scared.

    Li Chen carried her on his back and went out.

    Nan Xun exclaimed and quickly said: “Dad, it’s not like I don’t have legs. Why do you always hold or carry me? You always do this, you’re going to make me too lazy to walk by myself in the future.”

    Li Chen chuckled, “Dad thought your legs were soft. If baby doesn’t want to walk in the future, dad can carry you for a lifetime.”

    “What dad said, it should be the opposite. In the future, when dad gets old, I will carry dad for a lifetime.” Nan Xun immediately said.

    Nan Xun felt that she was very intimate, but he didn’t want to listen, instead his handsome face turned black.

    Li Chen asked gently, “Baby, do you think dad is old?”

    Nan Xun felt that Li Chen was very childish, but he was the big boss. She said everything correctly and quickly replied: “Dad, of course you’re not old. Dad is only 28 years old and is still fresh meat. Besides, dad is the golden bachelor that all women wants to marry, dad is very handsome. I have never met a more handsome man than dad, even a famous supermodel can’t compare with dad…”

    Li Chen’s face was a little better, but he felt entangled about what she just said. “Does baby think dad is older than you?”  

    Nan Xun dumbly looked at him. Did Li Chen have a fever? How could he ask this kind of brain-damaged question?

    Could it be that she stimulated him with this sentence? He didn’t want to get old?

    Nan Xun thought for a moment and said, “Dad, people are always getting older. Dad is 13 years older than me. When dad gets older, I’ll also get older…”

    Li Chen shoved her into the car and the two drove away quickly.

    Previously, the middle-aged man who led the way bowed the entire time until the car was far away, then he straightened himself and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.

    Today, young Li only took the man’s single hand, this didn’t match his usual style at all. If it was in the past, it wouldn’t have been as simple as one hand.

    The man frowned slightly. Later, he heard the girl called him dad, then he knew the girl’s identity. It turned out to be young Li’s treasure, which he was afraid would melt in his mouth—

    Young Li’s attitude wasn’t raising a daughter, but rather to raise a little mistress.

    Nan Xun and Li Chen fought for a long time in the car. Suddenly, she thought of something. Nan Xun quickly grabbed his hand and found his blood-beaded finger.

    “Baby, it’s okay, it’s just a small injury—” Li Chen suddenly stopped halfway, because his baby suddenly placed his finger into her mouth.

    The hot and damp package made Li Chen’s eyes darkened and deepened.

    Nan Xun sucked, then took out his finger and said with a smile, “Oh, dad, it’s not bleeding now.”

    Li Chen looked at her, his eyes were so rough that Nan Xun’s heart was uncomfortable.

    Nan Xun hurriedly asked little eight in her heart, “Did I do something so bad that Li Chen discovered that I’m trying to please him, so he’s not happy?”

    The void beast yawned, “Think more, I can feel daddy Li Chen’s blood boiling, he should be happy.”

    Nan Xun was a little surprised. “Little eight, you could feel other people’s happiness, anger and sorrow?”

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