The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 79

Translated by Novice Translations

Shock, Emotional Deterioration

    Little eight replied with disapproval, “Isn’t that nonsense, I can measure the blackened and evil value, but I can’t sense happiness, anger and sadness?”

    Sure enough, little eight was right. Li Chen was very happy, because he pinched Nan Xun’s face intimately and softly said, “You’re really father’s good girl.”

    When he said this, his sexy lips were slightly upturned. Nan Xun who observed his words for many years, knew that this kind of smile would only appear when Li Chen was in a very good mood.

    Nan Xun’s mood suddenly picked up and quickly said: “Dad, I’m so good, could you be better towards me?”

    Li Chen raised his eyebrows. “Isn’t dad good to baby now?”

    “Okay, but I think dad could be better towards me.” Nan Xun smiled and said. It’s better to get rid of all the evil value at once.

    Li Chen touched her head with a soft expression, “Okay.”

    At this moment, the atmosphere was just right. She heard little eight yawned, so Nan Xun was infected and yawned also. Just when she was about to close her eyes and have a rest, she suddenly heard Li Chen said, “Baby, dad has no privacy with you now.”

    Nan Xun took a second to react and realized it was the sentence she had said previously.

    What the fuck, she dared said she wanted privacy this morning, Li Chen still remembered until now?

    “Baby, so you can’t have privacy with dad.” Li Chen said, his tone wasn’t a question, but a firm affirmation.

    Nan Xun couldn’t understand Li Chen’s thoughts at all. She didn’t have any independent space to be rebellious. She just wanted to sleep on her own bed. Come on, why couldn’t Li Chen agree?  

    “Little eight, was it because I clung to him all these years and didn’t let him find a woman, that it broke him into a pervert who likes to sleep with his daughter?” Nan Xun was frightened.

    If so, she would be guilty.

    The void beast thought about it and exclaimed: “It’s extremely frightening to think about it. How many years has it been since he found a woman? Fuck, let’s not talk about it, I think it’s really possible!”

    When Nan Xun heard his analysis, she thought it was horrible. She immediately asked, “What should I do then? Do you think the reason that his evil value hasn’t dropped was because I need to mingle in his sexual life?”

    The void beast thought deeply, “You can try to find a flower for you to understand.”

    So in the evening, while they laid in bed chatting, Nan Xun pondered and said her thoughts quickly.  

    Li Chen held her in his arms and held an English book with his other hand. He read English text to Nan Xun.

    When she was a child, it was a storybook. Now, it was an English book. Nan Xun felt that her own strength had improved by more than one grade.

    When Li Chen spoke English with his low voice, Nan Xun thought it was much better than a lullaby.

    Before she dozed off, Nan Xun poked Li Chen’s abdominal muscles with her finger to signal him to stop.

    Li Chen turned to look at her, “En? What’s the matter baby?”

    Nan Xun tangled her words softly: “Dad, I feel sorry for you.”

    “Oh? Why did baby say this all of a sudden?” Li Chen put down the book from his hand and his expression was serious.

    Nan Xun became more and more guilty, she said, “Father is a young man now, but because of me, father never looks at those women, these years, didn’t I restrain father?”

    Li Chen’s face slowly darkened.

    Nan Xun, who focused on adjusting her expression, didn’t pay attention and continued: “When I was small, I wasn’t sensible, I always pestered father. Once father talks to any woman, I would become very unhappy because I was afraid that father would be robbed, but now that I’m older and sensible, father has the right to pursue happiness. I won’t obstruct father in the future. If you see any woman that excites you, marry her!”

    Nan Xun finished and looked up.

    What the fuck!

    Why was Li Chen’s face so black?

    The void beast suddenly called out, “I just took a nap. What happened? Why did you suddenly increase the blackened value of daddy Li Chen by 10 points!”

    Nan Xun was also confused. “I don’t know. I acted accordingly to our discussion earlier. I just suggested that daddy Li Chen go find a woman and he turned black.”

    Li Chen suddenly reached out and touched Nan Xun’s little face. “Baby, do you really think so?”

    Nan Xun said in her heart: Didn’t she just showed her sincerity?

    Nan Xun nodded, she seriously and honestly said: “Dad, I really think so. I’m not angry or joking with you. I can’t let dad give up his happiness for the rest of my life. Although I will take care of dad, it’s different naturally.”

    “How is it different?” Li Chen asked.

    Nan Xun began to count with her fingers. “A wife can warm the bed, give birth to children, cook and wash clothes for you.”

    Li Chen replied with her own words: “Baby, you can also warm dad’s bed. As for children, you’re enough for dad. Aunt Li can cook and wash clothes.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Come on, how could it be the same? She, as a daughter, warmed the bed for Li Chen, just like other women. How could it be the same!

    However, Nan Xun was raised by Li Chen to be very simple and stupid, which made it impossible for her to ask such a question.

    Fortunately, Li Chen didn’t ask again. He rubbed her head and lightly said, “I heard baby’s opinion, go to sleep.”

    His eyes suddenly became very deep at a certain moment, and a ray of moonlight came through the window and shined on his face, it made his dark eyes turn into a silver light, it looked a little cold.

    Nan Xun wanted to continue to express her position, but little eight suddenly cheered, “Dear, dear! Wow, you just made a fortune! A fortune! You just suddenly made daddy Li Chen drop his evil value by 15, 15 points! This is the biggest drop in so many years! Hahahahahaha….”

    Nan Xun was also very happy. It seemed that this event has promoted the continuous reduction of evil value. Li Chen was afraid of hurting her, so he had never found a woman. Now that she had expressed her attitude, Li Chen can find his happiness at ease.

    Nan Xun closed her eyes and went to sleep happily. As soon as she was in a good mood, her sleeping posture relaxed. She placed a calf on Li Chen’s thigh and her arm was also across his chest. He didn’t know what she dreamt of in the middle of the night, but she smashed her little mouth.

    Li Chen looked at her from the side, and his eyes fell on her pink lips for a long time.

    He gently removed Nan Xun’s arms and legs, then walked alone to the window to breathe.

    Just now, he suddenly understood why he wasn’t happy recently.

    Li Chen lit a cigarette and sat alone beside the edge of the bed. He quietly looked at the girl on the bed who slept through the night.

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