The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 8

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Snake Eyes, The Rabbit Becomes a Beautiful Man

    Nan Xun blinked, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at the long-eared rabbit. She laughs and said, “Little white, drink with me in the bar, let’s not get drunk, if it’s poisonous wine, we will become companions on the Huangquan Road.”1Road leading to the underworld/realm of the dead.

    With that, she lifted the jug and took a big drink with her head up. The drinking posture was so heroic that it was nothing like a woman.

    A big mouth bulged, and then picked up the long-eared rabbit, and kissed it to pour wine into the rabbit’s mouth.

    When Nan Xun’s lip petals touched the small mouth of the long-eared rabbit, it released a strong bloody atmosphere, and its pair of blood-colored rabbit eyes turned into a snake’s erect vertical pupils in an instant!

    After a sip of wine, Nan Xun’s head shook.

    “Little white, how is your body shaking? Are you drunk?” Nan Xun made fun of the long-eared rabbit.

    There’s a trace of emotion in the rabbit’s eyes.

    The horrible atmosphere around him didn’t make the woman feel the slightest fear?

    Nan Xun didn’t feel it but felt that the air around her was cold. So, she held the rabbit in her arms for warmth and continued to pour wine in her other hand.

    The woman in a long white dress swayed and wobbly stood up. While wobbly standing, her graceful posture twisted and swayed. From time to time, she turned around in a circle, forming a charming dance, which looked as if a fairy fell into the mortal world.

    Spinning around and around, the wine from the jug slid down the corners of her lips and dripped to the depths of her dress.

    When she finished drinking, she threw the bottle randomly.

    Listening to the click, the woman burst into laughter. “Good wine, good wine.”

    Nan Xun looked at the long-eared rabbit and gently danced with it.

    Shortly after, she hummed as she danced. ” Fly, fly, fly. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, uh…”

    Although it’s was just ah-ah’s, the ghostly voice within the empty valley is like the cleanest spring in the world, sweet to the utmost. It is like a fairy’s voice, breaking through the heavy clouds and soaring into the sky.

    The long-eared rabbit’s dead face has undergone subtle changes after hearing this ethereal chanting. The eyes of the woman became very deep, such as two deep bottomless holes.

    In the night, the dust-stained woman dances, humming songs that is so clean, ethereal, and boisterous.

    Outside the enchantment, a group of birds slowly gathered. Various kinds of birds hovered over the small courtyard, circling and dancing with the hum. The spiritual birds gathered constantly, woven into a colorful world which was as beautiful as a dream.

    Seeing such a scene, the rabbit’s eyes moved, and broke free from her arms. In the blink of an eye, it leaped into the darkness.

    Nan Xun’s humming stopped abruptly. “Little white, where are you going? Little white—”

    Nan Xun’s small face was slightly stunned and whimpered twice. “Little white with no conscience, little white hurts, hiccup!”

    The long-eared rabbit, who had melted into the night, heard the murmur, paused, and then continued to leap deep into the night.  

    The long-eared rabbit hopped away. The shadow under the moonlight grew longer and wider from the small body. Finally, it turned into a tall figure.

    The figure stood up from the ground, and the thick black fog gathered behind the long-eared rabbit.

    From the black fog, a man in a black robe walked out.

    The man’s posture is tall and straight, and black hair loosely draped over his shoulders. His face is beautiful and not cast like a demon god, he was expressionless, long eyebrows and sideburns. A pair of vertical pupils that were bloody red with no fluctuations as if giving off a gloomy feeling. His nose as tall as a jade pillar, thin lips spread tight and purple.

    The black cloak agitates in the night, entwined with the bloody temperament surrounding him, and the rich smell of blood spreads out instantly.

  1. Road leading to the underworld/realm of the dead.

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