The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 80

TL Note: My translations for this project will be on-hold due to demotivation of those sites that goes through the trouble of refreshing my website to steal my translations manually because they really need that ad revenue income.

I already contacted the sites and told them to pull it down but they were already disrespectful initially, so I don’t expect much. I will be focusing on my other projects instead.

I invested a lot of my free time for this hobby to spread the joys of these untranslated works and don’t really ask for much besides not to re-post my translations. I just feel as if all the hours of my time that I’ll never get back was shit on and are profited by others which really peeves me.

Go Have Fun, I Will Accompany You

Translated by Novice Translations

    Nan Xun woke up the next day and took several deep breaths and smelt cigarette smoke.

    Li Chen has always been the type of person to restrain himself, so when Nan Xun saw the cigarette butts that filled the ashtray on the table, her heart was very surprised.

    Nan Xun suspected that he may have been under too much pressure recently. After all, there were so many things to deal with behind the scenes and the president must listen to the scenery.

    With Li Chen’s absence, Nan Xun breathe a sigh of relief. She quickly changed her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash.

    When she was almost downstairs, Nan Xun could smell the scent of milk and bread.  

    On the big dining table, there were two breakfast plates. Grandpa, uncle Wang and aunt Li wasn’t present.  

    Nan Xun frowned doubtfully and heard some noise from the kitchen, she quickly ran over.

    “Dad?” Nan Xun looked at the busy person in the kitchen and felt like a ghost.

    Li Chen has always been someone who didn’t need to fend for himself, but unexpectedly was frying an egg?

    Li Chen looked back at her and said, “Baby, it will be ready in a minute. You go eat the bread first, the bread was freshly baked by dad.”

    Nan Xun said with amazement: “Dad, you can cook? But why are you cooking today? Where’s aunt Li?”

    “There’s something wrong with aunt Li’s family, so I gave her a day off, but don’t worry baby, dad won’t let you be hungry.”

    Nan Xun asked again, “But dad, grandpa and uncle Wang are gone, where did they go?”

    Li Chen continued to explain, “Your grandfather was asked by an old friend to go fishing and uncle Wang went with him.”

    Nan Xun mumbled, “Will dad go to the company later? Today I still have homework, so I can’t go with dad.”

    Li Chen’s action paused and said: “Today is the weekend, dad doesn’t need to go to the company. Ready to take you out to have fun.”

    Nan Xun was surprised, Li Chen was a workaholic. He usually goes to the company even on the weekends. Today, he said that he would take her out to have fun?

    Suddenly, the void beast chimed in, “Good opportunity, it’s the easiest way to cultivate feelings when you go out and play!”

    Nan Xun thought the same, so she happily hugged Li Chen from behind. “Dad, you found your conscience. Tell me, how long has it been since you’ve taken me out to play? When I was a child, you took me to the zoo once and nothing else!”  

    Li Chen held the small hands on his waist and kissed it. “Baby, dad was wrong. Later, dad will accompany you more.”

    Nan Xun’s heart and liver trembled. She felt that it was strange that Li Chen kissed her fingers, so she asked little eight, “Why did Li Chen kissed my fingers, ah?”  

    The void beast replied, “You forgot, he’s a pervert. Perverts do things differently from ordinary people. Whatever, why do you care, just reduce the evil value.”

    Nan Xun was convinced by little eight that she was only here to eliminate Li Chen’s evil thoughts, but why were there so many other matters.

    On the dining table, Nan Xun had a fragrant dish. She gave Li Chen a thumbs up while she ate. “Dad, the bread you baked is delicious and the fried eggs are especially tender.”

    Li Chen’s eyes contained a smile. “If baby likes to eat, dad will make you breakfast in the future.”

    Nan Xun hurriedly shook her head. “That’s not good. I can’t bear to let dad get tired. He’s so tired from working every day, better to sleep longer in the mornings.”

    Li Chen looked at her, suddenly reached out and wiped her lips with his thumb. He cheekily looked at her face and said: “Drink milk and it’s all over your mouth.”

    Nan Xun cried out ah, then quickly pulled out her tongue to lick her lips. “Is this all right dad?”

    Li Chen’s eyes fell on the little pink tongue. His eyes dropped and he suddenly looked away. He replied absent-mindedly.

    After the meal, Li Chen asked Nan Xun where she wanted to go. Nan Xun said she wanted to climb the mountain, so they changed into casual clothes.

    Nan Xun wore a simple white dress with sneakers and Li Chen wore an inner white shirt with a casual navy-blue coat as his outerwear, his hiking shoes were the same color as Nan Xun. His short hair that was usually styled was scattered messily.

    When they looked in the mirror, Nan Xun was amazed. She couldn’t help but wow, “Dad, you look so young, like a handsome young man in his early twenties. You are so handsome.”

    Li Chen pinched her nose. “Dad isn’t old.”

    Nan Xun held Li Chen’s shoulder in one hand and made a poss in the mirror and said with a smile: “Dad, you see, we look like an ideal couple. The way we dress as if we wore matching outfits for couples, ah, while we walk on the road, it’s 100% certain to turn heads.”

    Li Chen looked at himself and the girl in the mirror, he slightly hooked his lips and whispered, “Yeah, it does.”  

    Because they only had one day, they went to a famous scenic spot in the city, it was a ten-mile-long mountain road that had green mountains and clear water, wildflowers and beautiful scenery.

    Nan Xun had a stupid camera around her neck while Li Chen carried dry food and water for the two people.

    Nan Xun ran two steps and returned, she stood from a high vantage point and smiled brightly at Li Chen. “Dad are you tired?”

    Li Chen took several strides to catch up to her. He picked her up, twirl her in a circle and let her go.

    Nan Xun hurriedly begged for mercy. “I’m wrong. I’m wrong. Dad’s energy is good. I shouldn’t have questioned dad.”

    A little couple passed by and saw them, the girl covered her mouth and smirked, then reached her boyfriend with her arm. “How nice to see someone’s boyfriend to climb the mountain with his girlfriend on his shoulder. Wow, tall, handsome and considerate.”

    Her boyfriend’s face was suddenly bitter. “Ancestor, can you stop. That boyfriend is so strong, how could I compare to him?”  

    The girlfriend gave him a scornful look and asked strangely. “How did I hear that girl call that man dad just now?”

    The boyfriend suddenly revealed a meaningful expression and whispered, “Have you seen a father in his early twenties? Do you understand? Some people like to play like this.”

    His girlfriend immediately grabbed his arm and twisted it. “Dad, let’s continue to climb.”

    The boyfriend laughed and replied: “Hey, let’s go, big girl.”

    Li Chen had good ears and listened to the couple clearly. He looked at Li Xiao Nan and found that she was using the camera to take pictures of everything. She didn’t notice what they were talking about.

    Li Chen rubbed his forehead and sighed.

    Because of their strength and stamina, they finished climbing the mountain in half a day. Nan Xun held Li Chen’s arm and asked, “Dad, I’m very happy today. Are you happy?”

    Li Chen nodded, reached out and straightened the hair on her face that touched her lips. He said with a light smile: “Dad is very happy too.”

    “Dad, it’s still very early. I don’t want to go back. Shall we go somewhere else?” Nan Xun held his waist and looked up at him and smiled like a little sun.

    “En, where does baby want to go?” Li Chen hooked her face with his finger and asked.

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