The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 81

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Little Eight, Why did Li Chen Kiss Me

    Nan Xun thought for a moment and asked, “Can dad shoot a gun? I want to go to the shooting range to learn how to shoot. I think the shooting posture is so cool!”

    Li Chen slightly raised his eyebrows. “It turns out that baby is interested in this.”

    Li Chen took Nan Xun to the biggest shooting range in the city, where boss Wu obviously knew him well. The boss led him to shooting range No.5 with the best position and provided him with his usual desert eagle.

    Nan Xun looked at the silver pistol that daddy Li Chen held in his hand, itching to touch it.

    The shooting range owner chatted with Li Chen for a while. After he glanced at Nan Xun, who was eager to try, he clearly smiled and said, “Young Li, have fun. I have something else to do, so I won’t disturb you.”

    Boss Wu walked off to the distance and couldn’t help but look back. He happened to see an innocent and pure girl who approached and held Li Chen’s arm. Li Chen actually indulged her, they talked and laughed. An intimate and sweet atmosphere could be felt from far away.  

    Zeze, so it seems that the cold-faced little king of hell does likes women, and not just any type of women. Just look at that blurred and confused expression, where has the vicious young Li disappeared to? The lengths he would go to please the little girl.

    Boss Wu thought if he had time, he could look for two more. Since he has meat, Li Chen wouldn’t care about one or two. Just a moment ago, that girl was a special thing. He couldn’t find anything better than that girl for a while…

    “Baby, you should step back first and let dad give you a demonstration.” Li Chen then raised the desert eagle with one arm.

    The man’s arm crossed a beautiful arc in the air, just extended into a straight line, without hesitation, he shot three times, the bullets hit the bullseye, all of them at that single point.

    Nan Xun cried how cool her daddy Li Chen was, most people wouldn’t bother to fight. He was so fierce that he actually picked up the gun and fired it and it all hit bullseye. This shooting method was too cool!

    “Come on, baby, come to dad.” Li Chen reached for her.

    At this time, Nan Xun couldn’t help but worship him. When she heard this, she immediately ran to him and hugged him. “Dad, you were so cool just now. I’ve became your fan!”

    Li Chen smiled and couldn’t hold back, he lowered his head and kissed the tip of her nose.

    Nan Xun stared blankly and fucking immediately asked little eight in her heart, “Little eight, why did Li Chen kiss me?”

    The void beast yawned, “I’m so sleepy, kiss you, he’s your father. Why can’t he kiss you? It’s just a kiss on the tip of your nose, it’s not a kiss on your mouth.”

    “So, dad can kiss me on the tip of my nose?” Nan Xun’s voice couldn’t help but rise.

    “Yes, father and daughter kiss. Don’t you know that other fathers and daughters from other families are like this?” The void beast said unconcerned.

    Nan Xun’s cute face said, “I really don’t know. This older sister since childhood never had a father.”

    The void beast smiled and happily said: “So, you see how good I am to you. I knew you lack a father’s love, so I chose this world to let you experience it. How does it feel to have a father’s love?”

    Nan Xun thought for a moment and said, “Don’t tell me, this feeling of being loved dearly since childhood is good. A child with a father’s love is like a treasure while a child without a father’s love is like grass.”

    While she nagged, Nan Xun had already grasped the gun and aimed at the target to shoot.

    “Baby your posture is wrong.” Li Chen said and suddenly leaned.

    His right hand wrapped Nan Xun’s hand that held the gun. The other hand held Nan Xun’s waist and his face was close to her face.

    Nan Xun clearly felt the temperature from his face and the palm that held her waist. Even though the contact was separated by a layer of clothing, she could feel the heat radiating from the palm.

    Nan Xun suddenly panicked, this, was this really normal?

    “Baby don’t be distracted. Look at the target.” Li Chen said with a deep voice.

    “Ah? Oh!” Nan Xun didn’t dare to think about it. Daddy Li Chen was such a gentleman. She was ashamed of the thought that passed through her mind. Her thoughts were so dirty.

    “Keep your feet apart, about shoulder width. That’s right. Don’t stand on your feet so tensely, relax, let your toes loosen naturally. Aim at the target, now, shoot!”

    With a bang, Nan Xun felt her hand was shaking slightly, but the big hand tightly wrapped it. When the bullet shot out, her hand didn’t shake.

    “Dad, I shot it! I hit the bullseye!” Nan Xun jumped excitedly, only to knock her head on the person’s chin behind her.

    Nan Xun immediately reached out to rub and said, “Dad, does it hurt? Let me rub it for you.”  

    Li Chen took her into his arms and reached out to her little face and said, “Baby it won’t hurt if you blow it for dad.”

    Nan Xun agreed, then raised her head and gently blew on his chin.

    “Dad, bend over, ah, I can’t reach you.” Nan Xun saw that he didn’t move for a long time, so she placed her hands around his neck and pulled his head down.

    Li Chen’s hands encircled her slender waist and looked at his baby’s cheeks blowing his chin. The air was fragrant, part of his nose was inexplicably intoxicated.

    The two were unaware of how ambiguous their posture was. Looking from a distance, it appeared as if they were kissing.

    As a result, the real estate big shot chief Ma who came over from the side was frightened.

    Just now, he heard Wu lao mentioned that the Li family’s kid was here, so he wanted to come over and get familiar with him. Unexpectedly, he witnessed such a scene.

    The woman he held in his arms wore delicate makeup. After looking, she was stunned. Then she smiled, “Chief Ma, didn’t you say that young Li wasn’t close to women? My eyes are opened with you today. Here, they are intimate, look at that figure, that woman is very young, no more than 18 years old.”

    Chief Ma loosened and said, “Rong Rong, you wait for me here. Young Li’s face isn’t easy to see, this is an opportunity.”

    Li Rong Rong nodded and smiled at him: “I know you guys like to talk about business. Go ahead and play with me some other day.”

    Nan Xun was cultivating affection with daddy Li Chen and didn’t expect a bald uncle in his fifties to come over.

    She felt that Li Chen wasn’t happy that they were interrupted.

    “Young Li, long time no see.” The man smiled.

    Li Chen patted Nan Xun’s back. “Baby, you practice here first. Dad will come see you in a moment.”

    Nan Xun nodded cleverly, “Have a good talk, don’t get angry.”

    Li Chen couldn’t help but smile. His baby could see that he was in a bad mood?

    “Okay, listen to baby.” Li Chen hooked her nose.

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