The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 82

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See, My Sugar Daddy

    Chief Ma met with Li Chen who was sick at heart, he saw that he easily called her baby. It seems that this girl was treasured to the point of a magnificent house built for a beloved woman.

    Li Chen gave him a meaningful look and the two changed scenery to talk about things, which wasn’t far from here.

    Nan Xun recalled the essentials that Li Chen just said and had a good time with the gun.

    “Good shot.” Suddenly a voice called out.

    Nan Xun turned around and saw a woman with heavy makeup and looked a little familiar.

    Nan Xun’s memory was bad, but thanks to the palace drama that she watched recently, she recalled that one of the leading actors who played the ruthless queen was in front of her!

    “You, you are Li Rong Rong?” Nan Xun exclaimed. She saw a real star for the first time. This kind of close contact made her feel very strange.

    “I like the TV series you acted in very much. I think your acting skills are very good.”

    Li Rong Rong was stunned at first, then smiled. “I thought you wanted to scold me. You know, I’m in public now, if people recognize me, they all want to throw rotten eggs.”

    Nan Xun also smiled, “It shows that you have good acting skills. Some viewers are too involved with the drama and think that you’re a bad woman.”

    Li Rong Rong’s smile was lighter. “I’m not a good woman at all.”

    With that, she pointed to the bald uncle who was talking with Li Chen and said, “See, that’s my financial backer.”

    The little girl’s eyes were full of surprise and Li Rong Rong didn’t take it seriously: “You know, it’s useless to have acting skills and looks in the entertainment circle. I’ve been playing soy sauce in the entertainment circle for more than ten years, and I’ve wasted my time from nineteen to thirty now. Finally, I got a part that’s a leading role in this drama because of Chief Ma.”

    After a pause, she asked, “Don’t you look down on me?”

    Nan Xun shook her head, she calmly and frankly said that she found a financial backer. She thought that this Li Rong Rong was different from those women that wanted money.

    Nan Xun asked: “Since the entertainment industry is so chaotic, why don’t you quit?”

    Li Rong Rong said with a smile: “Acting is my life. I like acting. If I don’t act, I will feel that something is missing in my life.”

    Nan Xun hesitated for a moment and said, “But that Ma is a little…old.” She originally wanted to say that he was old and ugly.  

    Li Rong Rong laughed out. “Big younger sister, you are straightforward. Do you know what the sisters in the same trade say? They say that I really have a good eye, and I found Ma to become my financial backer.”

    Nan Xun heard the slight ridicule from her words.

    Li Rong Rong continued: “Although I got mixed up with him, we just get what we need, he wanted a gentle lover and I wanted the resources for acting, that’s all.”

    Then, she reached out her hand and patted Nan Xun on the shoulder. “Big younger sister, I can see that you are not one who climbs the dragon and follow the phoenix, but—”

    She paused and lowered her voice. “Young Li isn’t a good person. You may have just entered this circle and aren’t clear about young Li, he…in short, you should withdraw as soon as possible.”

    Nan Xun opened her mouth. Did Li Rong Rong had something wrong with her brain? She actually thought that she…

    But she thought that Li Chen was very good, why did Li Rong Rong said that Li Chen wasn’t a good person. “Big younger sister, this has my phone number on it. If you have nowhere to go one day, come to me.” Li Rong Rong handed her a simple business card.

    Nan Xun tried to explain that she wasn’t Li Chen’s little lover. But the person turned around and left.

    At this time, Chief Ma and Li Chen had finished talking. Chief Ma walked over and left holding Li Rong Rong’s shoulder. Li Chen also came over.

    “Baby, what are you looking at?” Li Chen moved skillfully around her waist.

    Nan Xun showed him the business card. Suddenly, she came up with a new idea and said, “Dad, our family is also engaged in the entertainment industry, can we dig up Li Rong Rong, ah?”

    Li Chen slightly raised an eyebrow, “Does baby like her?”

    Nan Xun said with a smile: “Yes, I think her acting is very good. I just don’t know why she always play supporting roles, even if she plays the leading role, it’s always the villainess. People on the road wants to throw rotten eggs at her. Dad, how well do you think her acting is that makes people hate her so much?”

    Li Chen nodded subconsciously and said: “Okay, it’s just a person. What baby wants, dad will get for you.”  

    At that moment, Li Rong Rong wasn’t aware at all, but because she said a few words with a girl, her life dramatically changed in the future, with numerous high-quality scripts and announcements that came one after the other. Together with her own effort, before long, she became the film empress.

    Li Chen and Nan Xun had dinner outside before they went home. Old Li had already returned and sat in the hall and looked at the father and daughter who returned hand in hand.

    “Nan Nan, you go upstairs first. I have something to say to your father.” Old Li’s expression was very serious.

    Nan Xun couldn’t help but look at Li Chen.

    Li Chen gently patted her back. “Baby go up first. Dad will come in a minute.”

    Nan Xun nodded and went upstairs. Before she left, she didn’t forget to say to old Li, “Grandpa, today I asked dad to go out with me. Don’t blame dad for being absent from his job without permission.”

    Old Li didn’t look at her angrily. “I know. I won’t make your father look like I’m his stepfather.”

    Nan Xun laughed twice and ran to the bathroom on the second floor to take a bath.

    In the hall, there was only two people left, old grandpa Li and Li Chen.

    Old Li first looked at Li Chen’s clothes and couldn’t help but purse his mouth and muttered: “I really think that dressing up like a youth makes you look like a youth, humph.”

    Old man Li knocked his cane against the ground. “Sit down, I have something to ask you.”

    Li Chen directly sat opposite of him, his legs overlapped, one arm rested on the sofa chair and an invisible aura suddenly rolled out.

    “Do you want to talk about Nan Nan?” Li Chen asked right to the point.

    Old Li was angry with his contemptuous attitude and his voice directly raised by a degree, “Stinky boy, tell yourself what you’ve done today? When Laozi was away for one day, you give me such big news. Now everyone in the circle knows the big news that you’re hiding a delicate little girlfriend. Laozi is really infuriated with you!”

    Li Chen looked at him for a long time and saw the old man began to panic.

    “There’s more than this, isn’t there?” Li Chen’s voice was faint.

    Old man Li gasped and sulked. “Okay, I’m not going to beat around the bush. Let me ask you what you think. Nan Nan is your daughter, is your attitude towards her the same as towards a daughter?”

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