The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 83

Translated by Novice Translations

Shock, Not Blood-Related

    Li Chen looked at the angry man. He stared for a long time and saw the old man looked guilty.

    “Son of a bitch, you actually dare pressure Laozi!” Old Li was annoyed.

    “You don’t have to pretend in front of me. I know better than anyone if I touched that woman.” Li Chen said.

    Old Li’s eyes widened and glared. “You, you stinky boy, what do you mean? You didn’t have a fling with that woman 16 years ago? You knew from the beginning that Nan Nan wasn’t your daughter? You knew and brought her back? Li Chen, what the hell are you doing?”

    Li Chen reached out and unbuttoned two buttons from his shirt and lightly said: “I thought that I had a father-daughter relationship with that child, so I took it back and raised it. It was originally for fun. I casually thought I wanted to raise my feelings. I thought it would be nice to have more than one daughter, but now…I changed my mind.”

    Old Li was scared. “Li Chen, you have to think clearly, even if you two really have no blood relationship, but Nan Nan was raised by you alone. In her heart, you’re her biological father. If you act willfully, you will ruin her!”

    Li Chen suddenly called his father which scared him again. When he called for his father seriously, he knew that his son had something to say that couldn’t be stopped even by an emperor.  

    “Don’t worry about our business. I raised her. I know her better than you.” Li Chen said this sentence, then changed his shoes and went upstairs.

    Old Li didn’t hold back. Before he disappeared, he quickly stopped him and reminded him in a low voice, “Li Chen, Nan Nan is still small. You, you should pay attention to propriety and don’t frighten her.”

    Li Chen made a sound and couldn’t wait to go upstairs.

    Li Chen gently pushed open the bedroom door. The girl in the bed had already taken a shower and changed into pajamas.

    Nan Xun heard the noise and quickly stood up and looked at him. “Dad hurry up and take a shower. You’ve been out playing with me all day.”

    Li Chen came over, sat down beside her on the bed, reached out his hand and pinched her face. “Baby, I thought you were asleep.”

    Nan Xun yawned and said with a smile. “I’m worried about dad. I was afraid grandpa taught you a lesson, so I couldn’t sleep.”

    “Good girl.” Li Chen touched her face, leaned over and gently dropped a kiss on her lips.

    Nan Xun was shocked. Although it was just a touch, Li Chen just kissed her. This time, it wasn’t her nose, but her mouth!

    “Hehe, little eight, come out for a while. You said that kissing on the nose was normal. Now what? Li Chen even kissed my mouth!”

    It took a while for the void beast to reply, but he answered, “Just now, I overheard the conversation between daddy Li Chen and your grandpa and discovered a great secret that I can’t tell you right now. I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

    “Now say it!”

    “If I say it now, you won’t sleep well tonight.”

    Nan Xun: “Then let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

    The void beast: ……

    In fact, it was ready to tell her.

    After Li Chen kissed Nan Xun, he went to take a shower. After a while, Nan Xun went back and laid down. She was also in the mood to pick out an English storybook and placed it beside her. She waited for Li Chen to finish his shower to read it to her.

    But Nan Xun fell asleep before Li Chen returned.

    Li Chen’s body still had water droplets. He sat on the bed and looked at Nan Xun, his eyes radiated with a heat that was never seen before. After a long time, he reached out and took the book out of the girl’s hand, then he got into bed and skillfully embraced her into his arms.

    Nan Yan muttered twice, one leg directly wrapped around his waist, one hand around his neck and her little face was attached to him.

    Their breathing entangled, the breath was hot.

    Li Chen took a deep breath, turned his head over and whispered, “Daddy’s baby, hurry up and grow up…”

    The next day, Nan Xun finished her breakfast and was ready to go to school while Li Chen was also ready to go to the company.

    “Baby, you really don’t need dad to send you?” Li Chen asked.

    Nan Xun quickly shook her head, “Dad, don’t send me anymore. As soon as your extended luxury car arrives at the gate, I’ll be surrounded and watched like I’m a giant panda. Please spare me.”

    With that, Nan Xun sweetly said, “Dad, I’ll go first, bye~”

    Li Chen grabbed her, leaned slightly, and turned his face to her. “Baby, did you forget something?”

    Nan Xun turned rolled her beautiful eyes, slightly stood on her tiptoes, looked up and gave him a big kiss on the face. “Dad, you really, how old are you? You have to have a goodbye kiss.”

    Waiting for the little girl to leave, she looked far away from the door, old Li sneered, “Not ashamed, also actively asks for a kiss.”  

    Li Chen glanced at him and said, “Are you talking about yourself? When you’re old, you still peep at a young man and little girl kiss goodbye.”

    Old Li angrily got up and said, “My, pah, young man, shameless.”

    Li Chen put on his coat and carelessly said, “I’m going to the company. If you’re bored, you can go back with your old friends and fish for flowers again.”

    It wasn’t good to mention this, when Old Li heard this, his face changed. “I’ll never be fooled by you again. Yesterday, you set me up to do something so you can do things with Nan Nan. I’m not going anywhere in the future!”

    Li Chen lightly said, “You’re welcome.” Then left.

    Old Li was so angry that housekeeper Wang on the other side hurriedly comforted him. “Why are you doing this? Don’t you know the young master’s temper.”

    Old Li snorted, “I don’t want this boy to be smooth. I look forward to his collapse in this matter.”

    Butler Wang lamented in his heart: Are you his father? How can you expect your son to eat? But young Li really…well, actually now he thought about it, it was good to be frustrated.

    The only bitter thing was the little lady. What a pure white piece of paper, what a pure flower, but now it has encountered young Li, the pure white paper was doomed to be dyed by young Li.

    In the classroom, Nan Xun’s eyes were fixed on the book on her desk, her thoughts had drifted far away.  

    “Little eight, what did you just said? Say it again!”

    The void beast coughed, “I said that you aren’t blood-related to your daddy Li Chen at all and he wants you, oh, that means…you don’t blame me for this. Ah, I really didn’t know! Last time I reviewed this world, Li Xiao Nan’s identity has always been Li Chen’s own biological daughter until her death. I thoroughly thought that Li Chen didn’t care if she was his own daughter, so I didn’t want to break her identity.”1They always weren’t related but in the original plot, Li Chen never disowned her or told her that she wasn’t his daughter and MAYBE he didn’t think too deeply or look into it.

    Nan Xun: “… Baby, I really want to beat you to death.”

    The void beast: “Don’t be so cruel, people2referring to himself to be cutesy and pitiful are also victims, but I think it’s a good thing. Ah, you see, look, ah, daddy Li Chen’s evil value hasn’t been reduced for a long time. Now your identity just changed, you can use your fierce and intense love to influence him, heihei.”3hiehei supposed to sound like mischievous laughter

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