The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 84

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Fuck, the Beast is in Heat

    Nan Xun directly drew a round ball on the paper. She poked it with the tip of her pen and made countless holes.

    The void beast’s voice sounded: “You, what did you draw?”

    Nan Xun: “You, don’t you see it’s a ball?”

    The void beast: “Come on, I didn’t think you were ugly. I can see that it’s me. You actually took a pen to poke me. You are so cruel, yingyingying…”1It’s a cute way of crying faintly and tenderly to look pitiful, usually loli waifus does it…

    Nan Xun coldly said: “I’m upset. Don’t provoke me.”  

    The void beast stopped crying and quickly asked: “What are you upset about?”

    “I’m especially young and Li Chen has been thinking about me. When I grow up, will my moral integrity still be intact? You say, why does he think about his daughter this way? Is he still human?”

    The void beast immediately said, “Your daddy Li Chen isn’t a human being, he’s a pervert. Before we arrive at each world, we have to be psychologically prepared.”

    “You say, it was good to use familial affection to change the big boss, you liar!” Nan Xun was angry.

    The void beast’s heart especially faltered: “People2The character he uses makes it sound intimate cause he calls himself her family/people weren’t deliberate. I swear with my beast core, I really didn’t know about this.”

    “Good, good. Don’t you think daddy Li Chen is very good? Ah, so there isn’t any moral integrity, but daddy Li Chen has long legs and looks more handsome than a model. Hmph, what are you waiting for, hurry up and steal the music, even if you have a guilty conscience.” The void beast snorted twice.

    With a stab, Nan Xun directly made two halves from the drawn ball on the paper which destroyed the paper.

    The void beast: …so scary.

    After school, Nan Xun was carrying her schoolbag to return home. As a result, a boy in the next class suddenly said to her, “Li Xiao Nan, I have something very important to tell you. I will see you in the grove later.”  

    Nan Xun was perplexed for a while, whether she should return or not, but she was afraid that daddy Li Chen wouldn’t be happy if she returned late, but the thought of daddy Li Chen made her unhappy. So, why did she think about him.

    Nan Xun thought the little boy had something important to say, but after she went, he actually confessed to her.

    Since Nan Xun came to this world and became Li Chen’s daughter, there were only three things in her life: eating, sleeping and Li Chen.

    Even if she went to school, she also spent three days fishing and two days drying nets.3this is a metaphor – no perseverance in learning and often interrupted; this means that she can’t focus on anything related to school causes shes busy with the task, probably plotting how to throw a mouthful of sugar for daddy Li Chen She didn’t know all the people in her class, let alone the neighboring class. However, she had some impressions of this boy at present, his name appears to be Ji Shaoqing. He was very handsome. When Nan Xun went to the basketball court, she always saw him. Because there were always a flock of flowers who were crazy around him, thus she noticed him.

    But there was a father who was more handsome than the stars at home. This boy was handsome, but he couldn’t be compared to Li Chen.

    Nan Xun politely refused: “You’re very good, but I think it’s more important to study now, and I’m still young, so…”

    Ji Shaoqing immediately smiled. “Xiao Nan, I know that you’re different from ordinary girls. You’re right. Now we should focus on our studies. Your academic performance has been very good, but I’m not bad, so next year when we take the university exams, okay?”  

    Nan Xun thought about it and continued to refuse: “But even when I attend university, I don’t plan to fall in love. There are more things to learn in university. I don’t want to waste my time.”

    Ji Shaoqing scratched his head. “I can wait for you, Li Xiao Nan, I really like you. There were many girls who have expressed their love for me since I was young, but today is the first time I confessed to a girl.”

    After that, he didn’t wait for Nan Xun to refuse, he was fast—he hugged her, then happily ran, after he was far away, he waved to her: “Li Xiao Nan, you must remember our agreement!”

    Nan Xun was speechless. Obviously, this kid didn’t give her the right to refuse. But now he was a little boy and was a hot-blooded young person, it was estimated that he would forget after a while.

    Nan Xun carried her schoolbag and rode an electric car back. When she arrived at the gate, little eight suddenly called out, “Your daddy Li Chen’s blackening value increased by 10 points!”

    Nan Xun’s heart thumped. She already knew that Li Chen had sent someone to secretly “protect” her. So, Li Chen must know about today’s confession in the grove.

    He knows…is he very angry?

    Nan Xun stood at the door for a long time, then the door suddenly opened from the inside. Uncle Wang smiled at her. “Come in, little miss. Young master has been waiting for you for a long time.”

    After a pause, he reminded her in a low voice, “Young Li’s mood doesn’t seem to be very good. Little miss, pay attention.”

    Nan Xun’s expression changed, she bowed her body as she entered the door, then gently climbed to the second floor.  

    “Baby, Dad is here.” All of a sudden, there was a man’s low voice that rang in the hall, it was cold.

    Nan Xun pretended to not notice and said, “Dad, I thought you were upstairs.”

    With that, she ran to the man on the sofa, jumped onto him and hugged his neck. “Dad, I missed you today. I didn’t listen carefully in class.”

    Li Chen separated her thighs and hugged her body. His expression was still a little dark. “Oh? Baby missed me, if you missed me, then why did you come back so late today?”

    Nan Xun’s heart trembled, come on, really because of this.  

    Nan Xun thought for a moment and resolutely used the facts, she tooted: “Dad, it’s a boy from the neighboring class. After school, he said he had something important to say. I thought it was something important so I went to see him, but I didn’t expect he would confess to me.”

    Li Chen’s hands on her waist suddenly tightened and faintly asked: “So, what does baby think about the boy? In fact, there’s nothing wrong with early love. If baby likes, dad won’t object.”

    Nan Xun hehe in her heart: Pretend, you try your best to pretend. If it wasn’t for little eight who told me your true thoughts, I really would have thought you were a good father towards me!

    Nan Xun shook Li Chen’s neck and angrily rebuked: “Dad, how could you say that? I don’t like these little boys. I like dad the best. I want to be with dad all the time.”  

    Li Chen’s eyes slightly deepened and stared at her in a good way. “Baby, is what you said true?”

    “Of course, it’s true. Dad is always first in my heart. No one can match him, even grandpa is behind.” Nan Xun held his neck and kissed his face affectionately.

    Nan Xun continue to stuff his mouth with sugar. “Dad, I’ve even decided which university to enroll in, it’s B university in this city. It’s the closest one to home, so I can come back every day to see dad.”

    Li Chen’s large palm gently stroked her waist. His eyes were deep, and she didn’t know what he was thinking.  

    “Dad, Dad, what do you think? Talk to me.” Nan Xun shook her body.4Nan Xun “dry humping” daddy Li Chen

    Li Chen suddenly snorted and slapped her bottom. “Dad is listening, sit down and don’t move.”

    Nan Xun: …

    “Fuck little eight, this beast is actually in heat!” Nan Xun was frightened, she didn’t dare to move.

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