The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 85

Translated by Novice Translations

Smelly Rogue Wants to Carry Three Children

    The void beast: “Short oil, isn’t this normal? He hasn’t touched a woman for so many years. Now it’s love, you still don’t want to move? You want to make your daddy suffocate? Besides, didn’t you jump on him yourself?”

    Nan Xun: “But I’m still so small. I really didn’t expect he would be interested in my shriveled body.”

    The void beast interjected with surprise, “Don’t look down on yourself so much, you were raised well by your daddy. Although you are young, you’re already beautiful and have curves. You’re a delicate little beauty.”

    Nan Xun: “Little eight, I really want to make you into a cake.”

    The void beast was fearless and sang, “Come on, make it~”

    Nan Xun: “…Why don’t you go to heaven and stand side by side with the sun?”1so he can be baked by the sun to make cake…since his chibi form already looks like a round thing of batter that’s fluffy

    The void beast immediately continued the couplet, “Why don’t you go in the water and lip sync with the tortoise’s beak?”2He’s being poetic with Nan Xun’s response. Also tortoise also means cuckold/male owner of a brothel/pimp aka referring to daddy

    Nan Xun huddled in Li Chen’s fierce arms and pretended to be dead. After a long time, she held his sleeves. “Dad, my legs are numb. Hold me upstairs.”

    Li Chen laughed lowly, his voice spread through his chest to Nan Xun’s ear, which was pressed against his chest, her ear vibrated along with it.

    “Let’s go baby, dad will take you up.” Li Chen held the girl in front of his chest and his steps were very brisk and light.  

    Nan Xun hurriedly said, “Dad is very good, holding me upstairs without gasping.”

    Li Chen said with a smile: “Baby is very light, dad can carry three of you.”

    Nan Xun despised him in her heart: Stinky rouge, one isn’t enough, but he still wants to hold three.

    However, the matter regarding the boy’s confession, should it be regarded as being foolish in the past?

    In the evening, Nan Xun discovered the old rogue was too generous. He gave her a good night kiss before going to bed. It wasn’t a kiss on the face, but a kiss. After the kiss, he asked for a return on the gift.

    “Baby, dad gave you a good night kiss. Shouldn’t you return one back to dad?”
 The old rogue said.

    Nan Xun heard that and went to kiss his forehead, but the old rogue refused and pointed to his mouth and said, “Baby, kiss here, dad used your strawberry toothpaste today. It tastes very sweet.”

    Nan Xun shivered around his neck and almost strangled the old rogue.  

    “Dad, this isn’t right. I watched TV and only lovers can kiss each other.” Nan Xun blinked her big innocent eyes, trying to tear off the old rogue’s disguise.

    Li Chen opened his eyes and said, “Baby, we can too. Do you hate it when dad kisses you?”

    Nan Xun shook her head. “I don’t hate it. I like dad kissing me.”

    Humph, happy old rogue.

    Li Chen was very happy indeed. He wrapped Nan Xun’s small mouth and sucked it several times.

    Nan Xun also foolishly kissed his mouth, regardless of his reaction, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

    Li Chen leaned over to her side, his burning breath hit her ear, his voice was deep and low, “Baby, although dad isn’t enlightened. I still think it’s not good to have early love, so baby should obey me and don’t fall in love at school.”

    Nan Xun rolled her eyes in her heart and vaguely said, “I only like dad, so I won’t fall in love. But dad, do you have to secretly send bodyguards to protect me? Dad, please take them away. Now I think that someone is staring at me secretly and I don’t feel comfortable, even though I know that dad wants to protect me.”

    One of Li Chen’s big palm gently stroked her head, he was silent for a long time after he heard her. “Okay, dad promises you, but you must obey.”

    Nan Xun happily rubbed his neck and whispered: “Thank you dad.”

    “Sleep, dad’s baby.”

    Li Chen’s deep and gentle voice seemed to have a hypnotic effect. Nan Xun was attacked by sleepiness.

    When Nan Xun was about to fall asleep, little eight rejoiced: “The evil value just dropped by 5.”

    In Nan Xun’s dream, the corners of her mouth were bent. She counted there was only 30 evil value points left.  

    The next day, Nan Xun, who was in a good mood, ate two more small dumplings. She carried her schoolbag and happily boarded daddy Li Chen’s car. When they separated, they also had a goodbye kiss.

    “Baby, be careful on the road, ah.” Li Chen rolled down the window and shouted.

    Nan Xun waved her hand, “Don’t worry dad, I won’t wander off.”

    When it came to this matter, Nan Xun was very ashamed. She once took the bus to school by herself, but accidentally took the wrong bus. She swore she read the wrong number and wasn’t an idiot, but she really didn’t know which bus to take.

    But this was the reason why he yelled out. He was afraid she would take the wrong bus again.

    By the time she arrived at the classroom, the students were all there. They were reciting the text, words and formulas.

    Nan Xun directly took out a book in front of her, then her eyes were absentminded as she began to chat with little eight.

    “Little eight, ah, the evil value is only 30. You say, if I directly drop my moral integrity and brew sauce with daddy Li Chen, will daddy Li Chen’s evil value suddenly become 0?”

    Hearing this, little eight was very excited and quickly replied: “I think it’s feasible! Why don’t you try it tonight?”

    Nan Xun chuckled, “Baby, it’s not you who will lose your moral integrity, what are you excited about?”

    The void beast was a little cautious and said, “People just think this strategy is feasible. If we eliminate the evil value early, we can leave early.”  

    Nan Xun: “I was just joking with you. I didn’t expect you to actually think so. My 16th birthday isn’t even here yet. You are so anxious for me to die. Little eight, you, I didn’t expect you were such a fucking beast.”

    The void beast humph, “What is moral integrity? Can you eat it? In my eyes, there is only merit when the big boss’s evil value is eliminated. Besides, are you 16? Is that young? Even in ancient time, they already had a family and children!”3think this is foreshadowing since next arc is ancient times…

    Nan Xun also learned to humph, “I tell you, before I was an adult and wanted to dedicate myself to the door, but there wasn’t a door.”4usually when a female passes the door, its when they are getting married and passes the “groom’s front door”…so its kind of sad…her original life she wanted to get married but there was no one to marry! also devote myself is the same as giving one’s virginity to

    One person and one beast were arguing, just at this time, two girls at a table in front of them suddenly had a fierce fight.  

    Nan Xun sat behind the two people and the spit from their quarrel splashed on her face.

    After thinking about it, Nan Xun stood up and tried to calm them.

    She just grabbed the hands of the two female students, but before she could do anything, she was pushed away by both of them.  

    The girls’ fingernails were long. If Nan Xun didn’t duck in time, she would have been blinded by them. However, Nan Xun’s mouth was still hit and cut.

    Nan Xun hissed.

    Suddenly from her lips was blood, it was a gorgeous bright red which looked strange and frightening.

    Nan Xun wiped the blood with the back of her hand.

    She looked at the blood on the back of her hand, Nan Xun only had one thought in her mind: It’s over, Li Chen would be furious after he finds out.

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