The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 86

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Dad, You Hurt Me

    The two female classmates were stunned, they no longer fought or quarreled.

    Everything happened so fast the surrounding people were stunned as well.

    “Li Xiao Nan, you, are you okay?” The two female students were about to cry. They heard that Li Xiao Nan’s family had some background. If the other’s family held them responsible, they would have trouble.

    “No, it’s nothing.” Nan Xun said, her lips spurted blood and she hissed with pain.

    The two female students who were still shocked, quickly helped Nan Xun to the infirmary, but they met Ji Shaoqing, the handsome guy who confessed to her yesterday.  

    Ji Shaoqing was more anxious than they were. He hurriedly picked up Nan Xun and ran.

    “Let me, let me go…ow ha” Nan Xun patted his shoulder. She just hurt her mouth, not her legs. Was this handsome boy funny?

    Ji Shaoqing immediately comforted, “Don’t be afraid, Li Xiao Nan. We’ll be in the infirmary soon.”

    Nan Xun was speechless. Her mouth hurts so much that she didn’t want to talk anymore.

    She should be glad early in the morning, there was no one on the way, or if she was seen by other students, she doesn’t know what gossip will be spread.

    Ji Shaoqing carried Nan Xun all the way to the school clinic. The clinic auntie saw Nan Xun’s bloody mouth and looked at the handsome guy beside her. She thought the young couple was too daring. If the director found out, it was appropriate for them to be suspended for two weeks.  

    She carefully looked at Nan Xun’s punctured mouth, the clinic auntie found that it wasn’t bitten, so she had a better attitude and said, “It’s okay. It will be fine after two or three days.”1She initially thought they were rough kissing and the guy bit her lips too hard while they were making out….

    After she finished, she took a cotton swab to apply some ointment on Nan Xun’s mouth.

    “Come on, hurry back to class.” The auntie urged, but also said to the young handsome Ji, “You’re still young, you still need to focus on learning.”

    As soon as she saw them, she guessed they were a couple, but the more she looked, she felt more confident they were a couple. Unlike those little gangsters who didn’t studied, she reminded them once more.

    Ji Shaoqing’s face suddenly became red and quickly explained: “Auntie you misunderstood, it’s not like this.”

    The infirmary auntie didn’t want to listen to his explanation and let them go.

    Nan Xun thanked Ji Shaoqing. She was afraid that he would carry her again and ran first.  

    Ji Shaoqing chased her from behind, his lips almost reached the root of her ear.

    Nan Xun’s mouth was swollen. She felt guilty all the way home. According to Li Chen’s boundless love for her, she didn’t dare let Li Chen know.

    However, come on, those two people that secretly stared at her must have told Li Chen about it.  

    She just arrived at the door and was ready to enter her fingerprints to open the door. But unexpectedly, the door was opened from the inside.

    “Baby, come in.” It wasn’t Uncle Wang or Aunt Li, it was Li Chen who opened the door.

    He stood at the door with his black face.  

    Nan Xun lowered her head and used her hand to cover half her lips, then vaguely said, “Dad, you’re back so early today.”

    Li Chen’s face darkened when she spoke with her tongue pressed in her mouth. He took Nan Xun in his arms and carried her into the house.

    When Nan Xun noticed the situation and their posture, she hurriedly explained: “Dad, don’t be angry. My classmates weren’t careful. You can’t order others to stop the students from learning or making them transfer. Let alone make them bankrupt.”

    “Baby, put down your hand so dad can see.” Li Chen’s voice didn’t rise or fall but implied with urgency.

    Nan Xun knew that when daddy Li Chen spoke in this tone, no one would try to disobey his orders.

    So, Nan Xun voluntarily released her paw to let him see her sausage mouth.

    When Li Chen saw the red swollen lips, his eyes suddenly sank, and he released a cold air.

    Nan Xun quickly said: “Dad, really, it was my classmates’ accident. Don’t be angry.”

    Li Chen’s concern was different from Nan Xun. He suddenly raised her chin, looked at her lips carefully for a long time, then stretched out his index finger to gently rub the red swollen place. The next moment, the strength in his hand increased uncontrollably. “Baby, it’s said that today a boy carried you to the infirmary, it was the boy that confessed to you last time, en?”

    Nan Xun hissed with pain and said, “Dad, you hurt me.”

Li Chen immediately lightened his strength, but still looked at her darkly.

    Nan Xun cried and explained: “I didn’t want him to carry me. His shoulders weren’t strong at all. I felt like I would fall at any time when he carried me. But dad, I didn’t have time to refuse because my mouth was injured at that time. I was afraid that he would carry me again after the medicine, so I ran away first.”

    “Dad, I promised you that I wouldn’t fall in love last time. It’s true, I don’t like Ji Shaoqing. I don’t like anyone. I only like Dad, ah.” Nan Xun hastily stressed.

    “Baby, dad will believe you for the moment, so, tomorrow go break off your relationship with him, you know, en?”

    Nan Xun quickly cried.

    This hairy guy2hairy like in irritating/angry from the start wasn’t convinced at all!

    Nan Xun knew that no matter how she explained it, Li Chen believed that she has a relationship with Ji Shaoqing, so she could only nod with tears. “Okay, I’ll go make it clear to the other party tomorrow.”

    “Baby listen to dad’s words. Dad loves you so much, how could he harm you?” Li Chen pinched her little face and his words came from the depths of his heart.

    Nan Xun: Old rogue, old pervert.

    When she finished the meal, Nan Xun was unhappy because her mouth hurt, and it hurt to eat. At last, she could only swallow a few spoonsful of porridge.

    Li Chen thought she wasn’t happy because she agreed to his words, but he could indulge her in anything else. This wasn’t the case. Only god knows that when he saw the picture of the boy carrying Li Xiao Nan on his back, he was so angry that he wanted to kill people.

    He really wanted to shoot him.

    His baby was his, her entire body, everything belonged to him, no one was qualified to touch!

    Old Li also saw there was something wrong between the father and daughter. He was inexplicably happy and wanted to hum a tune.

    “Nan Nan, ah, wait a minute for the TV to start, do you want to watch with grandpa?”

    Nan Xun’s spirit was vacant: “Grandpa, please watch by yourself. I won’t watch today. Grandpa, tomorrow tell me what happens.”

    Then, Nan Xun didn’t even look at Li Chen. She took her bag and went upstairs.

    Li Chen slightly frowned.

    Old Li happily said: “Yo, did you quarrel with Nan Nan again? Li Chen, at Nan Nan’s age, it’s the rebellious period. Don’t restrain her all the time. Be careful that it backfires.”

    Li Chen continued to eat, but his movements slowed down.

    Old Li glanced at him. It was rare. Did his son actually listen to his words?

    After Li Chen finished eating, he went upstairs to coax her, but after he opened the bedroom door, he found the bed that should have been raised in the shape of a baby silkworm was flat and there was no one in the bathroom.

    After taking a closer look, there was one missing small bear pillow from the bed.

    Li Chen’s face darkened in a flash.

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