The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 87

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Good Dad, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

    Nan Xun held her pillow and went back to the princess room she hasn’t slept in for many years. Although she doesn’t sleep in it, Aunt Li cleaned it every day, so it was very clean.

    She just rolled on the bed with the quilt in her arms and lamented about her comfort in bed. Then, there was a knock on the door.  

    “Baby, open the door.”

    Nan Xun’s little mouth bent, who asked you to deprive my rights, today, sleep by yourself.

    Nan Xun listened to the heavy knocks on the door. She imagined Li Chen’s thin lips were pressed into a straight line and his face was expressionless. She felt more and more satisfied, but she thought about it and finally opened the door.  

    She looked at Li Chen’s dark and sullen face at the door and Nan Xun said with a smile, “Dad, I’m old enough to sleep in my own room by myself from now on.”

    Li Chen looked at her eyebrows flying with pride and couldn’t help but stroke her forehead. It seems that the old man was right. His baby’s rebellious period has arrived. Just let her stay for a couple of days and let her calm down first.

    Then, Li Chen compromised: “Good, you should sleep by yourself for a few days.”

    He said a few days.

    Nan Xun didn’t notice. She happily jumped in bed, then retracted into the bed. She laid down upright and grinned sharply. “Dad, it’s late. You should go to sleep too. Remember to close the door when you leave.”

    Li Chen softly sighed, walked over and fixed the quilt for her, then he bowed his head and kissed her little mouth. “Baby, good night.”

    “Good night dad.” The happy Nan Xun also slightly raised her head and kissed his lips.

    Both of them were stunned by this kiss.

    Li Chen controlled the corner of his mouth that wanted to bend and softly said, “Dream well daddy’s baby.”

    Li Chen thought Li Xiao Nan was temporarily angry and that she would take the initiative to return. After all, they were used to each other.

    These days, Li Chen had no girl to hold and slept badly. He had dark circles, but on the contrary, Li Xiao Nan was in a good mood every day, her little face was ruddy.

    The happiest person was old Li.  

    Old Li hummed a tune, his mood was so good, he went to the manor to trim the flowers and plants. Finally, he picked two lilies and placed them in a vase on the coffee table in the living room.

    At the dinner table, the family ate a few mouthfuls of dinner and old Li had another bowl.

    Li Chen glanced at old Li and said in a cold voice, “You seem to be in a good mood?”

    When old Li was young, he was also a tough guy. He wasn’t afraid of his son’s low pressure and happily said, “Tomorrow, I’ll ask my old friend to go fishing. I’ll give you Nan Nan. Take good care of her.”

    Nan Xun listened to this and quickly inserted a sentence, “Grandpa, I want to eat crucian carp, bring back more fish, oh~”

    “Okay, Nan Nan. Grandpa will bring you a basket of fresh crucian carp when he comes back tomorrow.”

    Li Chen looked at the two who neglected him and was in a gloomy mood.

    “Dad you have to eat more. I’ll give you a dish.” Nan Xun saw Li Chen didn’t eat much and hurriedly used her chopsticks to place his most hated vegetables in his bowl.

    Li Chen looked at his bowl full of vegetables and couldn’t help but pick up his eyebrows.

    Baby took the initiative to talk to him. She was worried that he didn’t eat enough and gave him food, which showed her anger dissipated.

    “Dad, I can’t eat it. Please help me eat the rest. It’s a shame to waste it. I don’t want to be a wasteful person.” Nan Xun said and pushed the sloppy half bowl of rice in front of him.

    Li Chen, with a steady face, combined Nan Xun’s half bowl of rice in his bowl.

    They didn’t feel embarrassed, anyway, since Nan Xun was small, they often shared a bowl of rice, pear, cake or even chocolate. They have indirectly eaten each other’s saliva countless times.  

    They felt nothing was wrong, but old Li was soured. This kind of sour acidity, he couldn’t eat anymore.  

    “Nan Nan, ah, you eat so little, how aren’t you hungry at night?” Old Li asked with consideration.

    Nan Xun immediately said, “It doesn’t matter, Dad can cook. If I’m hungry, dad will cook for me to eat at night.”

    Li Chen was more relaxed after hearing this. Baby really calmed down. It seems that she will return this evening on her own.

    “Dad, Grandpa, I’ll cut some fruit for you to eat!”  

    Nan Xun happily ran to the kitchen. All kinds of fruits were cut into small pieces and arranged into a flower on the plate, then she took a box of toothpicks.

    “Dad, Grandpa, taste the fruits I cut.” Nan Xun placed the plate on the table and gave them a toothpick.

    Old Li was a bit happy. Was it hard for her to cut fruit? Would it taste different than usual?

    As soon as old Li thought about it, he listened to his son’s praise, “Baby cut fruit so well and it tastes better than usual.”1he lost the race to praise!

    Old Li: …

    Old Li felt his teeth was more sour and went out for a walk so his teeth wouldn’t fall out.

    Uncle Wang left with him and Aunt Li cleaned the kitchen and left. Li Chen and Nan Xun were left in the house.

    Nan Xun sat alone on the sofa watching TV which was very exciting.

    Li Chen came over, now there was no one in the way, he could talk to his baby alone.

    “Baby, don’t be angry with Dad, en?” The tone was very soft.

    Nan Xun was stunned and quickly said, “I’m not angry, why would I be angry with dad?”

    Li Chen saw her sincere expression, it wasn’t perfunctory. He was more confident that she wasn’t angry, so he rubbed her little head, “Let’s go baby, it’s time to wash and sleep.”

    Nan Xun heard something wrong, and immediately said: “Wait dad, did you misunderstand me? I’m not angry, but I still want to sleep by myself, ah.”

    Li Chen’s eyes narrowed immediately.

    “Dad, I’m sixteen years old. I will go to college after the college entrance examination in a few months. I’m already an adult. How can I sleep with dad?”

    When Nan Xun was a child, she was afraid that Li Chen would make her younger brothers and sisters. Later, he wouldn’t pay attention to her, then her words would be weightless. In order to eliminate the evil thoughts through familial affection, it would be equivalent to an idiot talking about their dreams. So, when Li Chen wanted to sleep with her, she happily attached herself to Li Chen.

    But later when she was a little older, about nine or ten years old, she felt that she managed her father-daughter relationship very well. Even if Li Chen made her younger brothers and sisters, her position in Li Chen’s heart would absolutely be first. But when Nan Xun proposed sleeping in separate beds at that time, Li Chen wasn’t happy.

    Nan Xun asked him why and Li Chen simply reasoned: Used to it.

    Then this habit was preserved until now and was getting worse day by day. These past few days, there was no Nan Xun, so Li Chen’s quality of sleep plummet. During the day, he still worked hard, and Nan Xun didn’t look satisfied.

    For her sake, Li Chen has almost became a teenage mutant turtle for her and was really a good “father”.2I don’t really understand the joke but I guess he mutated into a fighting ninja turtle that fights evil? I guess a way to say he restrained his desires to become a good father for her…

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