The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 88

Translated by Novice Translations

Old Rogue, Absolutely Deliberate

    Although Li Chen was a good “father”, but Nan Xun was afraid.

    If she thought about it, a man who held his breath for more than ten years laid besides her every night and thought about stealing her for a long time. It was hard to guarantee that one day he wouldn’t become an animal and deal with her.

    Even if she was destined to lose her moral integrity, he could at least wait until she was an adult, right?

    Li Chen didn’t speak. He silently carried Nan Xun back to his bedroom and firmly implemented his own ideas.  

    Nan Xun resisted to no avail and resigned to her fate.

    Forget it. If Li Chen couldn’t help but touch her, sleep together.

    It seems that in front of Li Chen, she never had human rights. It was sad to think about. Last time, he was finally persuaded to let go of those two “bodyguards”, but before it was implemented, Ji Shaoqing had to butt into her business. She didn’t want to think about it, she was surely ruined.  

    However, Li Chen was so good to her that Nan Xun felt that even if the other party went too far, she could bear it.

    The two of them slept together again and Old Li begun to sigh and finally gave up. He didn’t care.

    In the third year of high school, the average person would be very busy, but Nan Xun was the exception. She was the school tyrant, previously she went to middle school in the second world, and now she was already a professional in taking exams.

    Nan Xun was in the living room, holding a bear pillow in one hand and a big apple in the other which she took a big bite out of.

    “Grandpa, this Xue Guiren is blind. That Li Meiren is so bad. She clearly wants to use him as a springboard, can’t he see?”

    Besides her, old Li pinched a banana and took delight in her words, “Nan Nan, you talk lightly. This Li Meiren has such powerful means and pretends so well in front of the public. In addition, Xue Guiren and this Li Meiren grew up together since childhood. Xue Guiren can’t see that she’s bad. Nan Nan you are so simple. If you went into the imperial harem, you would be beaten into the cold palace in a few days.”

    Nan Xun laughed twice, “Grandpa, you look down on me too much. I’m going to sit on the Empress’s throne properly in the palace, then become the empress dowager, hehe. Then I’ll raise some gigolos first for the emperor to wear a green hat. Who would call a nest of women in the rear palace? The spider spirit and white bone essence are mixed together. If you’re not careful, you’ll be swallowed with no bones left behind.”  

    “Pfff, empress? Gigolos first? Cough, cough…” The old man choked on the banana.  

    Nan Xun promptly rebuked him: “Grandpa, do you despise me or what? Do I look so stupid?”

    Old Li didn’t answer, but little eight suddenly added, “Baby, do you really think you can live in the harem for three days?”

    Nan Xun wasn’t happy, she thought little eight was looking down on her intelligence. “Not for three days, but to become the empress dowager.”  

    Little eight didn’t say a word, as if he was thinking.1Well, Nan Xun gonna go next arc in ancient time in imperial harem! Seal her fate!

    The palace drama just came to a climax. The two sat on the couch and watched intently. As a result, the TV drama ended with Xue Guiren pushed down the river by Li Meiren.

    Nan Xun was so angry that she jumped. “Grandpa, this wasn’t a wonderful place to stop, isn’t this keeping people’s appetite?”2cliffhanger

    Old Li was very calm, “Grandpa has already guessed the follow-up. First, Xue Guiren drowned and the harem became a mess. Secondly, he didn’t die and finally fought with Li Meiren. But it can be seen that Xue Guiren is obviously the star, so absolutely won’t be dead.”

    The discussion between the grandfather and granddaughter boomed. Suddenly, they heard the sound of someone coming downstairs. Old Li glanced at the person coming downstairs and patted Nan Xun on the shoulder. “It’s late. Nan Nan go and take a rest. There will be the college entrance exam tomorrow.”

    Nan Xun oh and quickly ran to the person downstairs, she happily extended her arms, “Dad, my legs are numb, can you hold me upstairs.”

    Li Chen glanced at the old man, picked up Nan Xun and went to their nest.

    “Baby, just now, you want to raise a group of gigolos? En?” Li Chen suddenly asked, the end of his tone rose and scared Nan Xun.  

    Come on, she said a lot of words, dare to ask if that was all he heard?

    Nan Xun immediately complained: “Dad, it’s not right for you to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations, and that was just a joke, don’t take it seriously.”

    Li Chen smiled and said, “Gigolos! You actually know this word, baby is so smart.”

    Nan Xun: “…Dad, I was really joking.”

    “Dad, did you finish your work?” Nan Xun cleverly changed the topic.

    Li Chen said, “Tomorrow, when you finish the exam, dad will pick you up.”

    Nan Xun was stunned, “Dad, are you serious?”

    Li Chen rubbed her head and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, won’t drive.”

    Nan Xun thought he meant he wouldn’t drive the extended version of the luxury car and instead use a more ordinary car to pick her up. So, the next day when she saw the man on the bicycle at the school gate, she was stunned.  

    Li Chen wore a short-sleeved white shirt, dark brown slacks and white sneakers. With one foot on the pedal of the bike and the other on the ground, his stretched legs looked very slender.  

    At this time, everyone just finished the final exam. The gate was full of parents while the school gate was full of students. Li Chen’s appearance was so eye-catching that they couldn’t help but look more as they passed by.  

    Nan Xun heard two girls next to her mutter to each other, saying this was someone’s handsome elder brother. He was so handsome. He was more handsome than the XXX star who was very popular recently.

    Nan Xun walked honorably straight.

    Li Chen also saw Nan Xun, then waved at her. “Baby, here.”


    Nan Xun’s face turned as red as a monkey’s butt.

    Was this old rogue deliberate?

    He was deliberate!

    He was absolutely deliberate!

    She was so embarrassed, he called out to her with such a brilliant smile that everyone looked at him, then saw her from his line of sight. Nan Xun already felt several eyes on her.

    “It turns out that Li Xiao Nan already has such a handsome boyfriend. It’s no wonder that even Ji Shaoqing’s confession was rejected.”

    “Wow, really handsome. His temperament is very good. He’s much more handsome than Ji Shaoqing. Is he a college student?”

    Someone who knew Li Xiao Nan begun to whisper.

    Nan Xun quickly ran to the back of the bike, she hugged Li Chen’s waist with both hands, buried her whole head on him and urged: “Dad, go quickly!”

    Li Chen raised his eyebrows and wasn’t in a hurry to leave, he first asked, “Baby, how was the exam?”

    Nan Xun snorted, especially confident as her small chest was erect. “It was a piece of cake to be admitted into university B.”

    Li Chen looked at her small haughty appearance and raised her chin. He looked and couldn’t help but smile, “Baby, sit still, let’s go.”

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