The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 89

Translated by Novice Translations

Mouth Swollen to a Sausage

    The two passed the crowded streets, slowly riding the bicycle to a place where there were few people. Nan Xun sat in the back and giggled, “Dad, I thought you could only drive a car. I didn’t expect you could ride a bike so well.”

    “Dad still knows a lot of things that baby doesn’t know about.” Li Chen said.

    Nan Xun was about to say the word narcist, only to find her fierce father, Li Chen, rode in a big circle and actually went to the back door of the school.

    “Dad, aren’t we going home?”

    “Dad wants to see your school, baby, don’t you want to see it again?”

    Nan Xun was stunned, she had a chance to see it. Now, she completed the exam and still had to go to the graduation party to take graduation photos.

    Now it was after the college entrance exam, there was no one in school. Li Chen rode the bike with Nan Xun slowly on the small road of the school. There were tall sycamore trees on both sides of the road, which were lush and covered the sun’s heat from overhead. It was very cool.  

    Nan Xun held Li Chen’s sturdy waist and looked at the sunshine coming from the lush foliage. On the trail, there were pieces of light. As the bike rolled over, these small pieces of light were scattered on Li Chen’s white shirt, like some light spots that were dotted on his white shirt, warm.  

    Nan Xun put the tip of her nose close to the man’s back and took in a deep breath.

    Oh, the smell of grass shower gel, also…the smell of sunlight.


    “En? What’s the matter baby?”

    “I like you dad.” Suddenly, Nan Xun gave him a mouthful of sugar.

    Li Chen’s action of pedaling paused, then his voice became very soft at this moment. “Dad also likes you very much. You don’t know how much dad loves you.”

    Nan Xun was shy: short oil, so shy. Is this Li Chen’s confession to me in disguise?

    Little eight jumped to the scene at once to be an eyesore. “Didn’t you say your family’s daddy Li Chen was a pervert? Hmph, now you know how to steal music?”

    Nan Xun was embarrassed: “Little eight, I was wrong. I suddenly found that daddy Li Chen is very good, ah. I almost fell in love with him.”

    Little eight was startled, “You need to distinguish, ah. These are fakes. You can’t fall in love with anyone in these worlds, ah!”

    Nan Xun laughed in her heart, “Little eight, look at you terrified. I was just kidding. I’m a person who have elderly above and young below, okay?”1above are the elderly, below are the young (idiom) to have to take care of both one’s aging parents and one’s children; sandwich generation. This is like a joke, she’s taking care of Li Chen who is her parent and her child who is little eight…

    Little eight: …

    Nan Xun sighed, “I miss my family, ah.”

    Little eight: “So you have to go forward firmly and boldly. There are many leaves in the forest, don’t let them touch you. Our goal is the evil value. It doesn’t matter if we lose the three aspects of moral integrity for the evil value, but we can’t get emotional!”

    Nan Xun said, “Okay, little eight, don’t brainwash me. My heart is clear.”

    “Baby, why don’t you speak?” Li Chen suddenly asked.

    Nan Xun quickly hugged him and said in a muffled voice, “Dad, people are shy.”  

    Li Chen didn’t speak, in the place she couldn’t see, the corner of his mouth was hooked up a bit and his deep eyes were filled with tiny smiles.

    “Dad, you see, the school doesn’t allow students to fall in love with each other in that grove. Those little lovers always sneak into that grove for trysts.”

    Whoosh, Li Chen suddenly stopped the bike. He faintly interjected with an en, “Dad knows this is where that little boy confessed to you.”

    Nan Xun choked. She indeed mention the pot that doesn’t boil.2idiom – to touch a sore spot; to talk about someone’s weak point As a result, Li Chen thought of this matter.  

    Li Chen stopped the bike at one side and took Nan Xun from the backseat.

    “Dad, are you going to the woods?”

    “En, let’s see what this lover’s meeting place looks like.” His tone was faint.

    Li Chen led her to the depths of the forest. There was no one there at the moment and the forest was quiet. A few red and yellow wildflowers were scattered on the green grass. Different fragrances mixed and gave off a refreshing scent.

    “Dad, it’s at the end of the road ahead.” Nan Xun pinched his big palm to remind him.

    Li Chen stubbornly stopped and suddenly turned to look at her.

    Nan Xun was startled. The man’s eyes in front of her were deep and terrible, like two black whirlpools, plundering all her attention, dragging her inside and finally captured her to become his captive.

    “Baby, dad wants to hold you.” Li Chen said. He hotly stared into her eyes, his eyes burning like a raging fire.

    Nan Xun was stupefied for a moment and spread out her arms to him. “Dad hold me.”

    Li Chen looked at her, his hanging hands suddenly clenched and loosened. At the next moment, he violently picked up the girl in front of him, separated her thighs and wrapped them around his waist, then held her against a big tree behind her.

    Suddenly Nan Xun was raised, and she was frightened as she quickly hugged his neck. “Dad, why did you lift me so high? I’m not a child.”

    Li Chen suddenly said, “Baby, dad still wants to kiss you.”

    Nan Xun: Motherfucker, old rogue.

    “I want to kiss dad too.” Nan Xun said sweetly as she kissed his face.

    “Baby, not like this.” Li Chen said.

    Without waiting for Nan Xun to open her mouth again, he suddenly took Nan Xun’s mouth. The next moment, he gave a passionate, burning and possessive kiss.

    Nan Xun’s eyes widened.

    Fucking hell, this pervert, ya, you haven’t revealed my identity yet. You treat me like this. If you do, won’t I be killed by you!

    After half an hour.

    Nan Xun panted, and her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

    “Baby, how do you feel?” Li Chen asked, his voice hoarse.

    Nan Xun replied truthfully: “Dad, can’t breathe. I’m tired.”

    She was held like a koala and he didn’t stop, Li Chen single-handedly dominated her with a kiss: …

    “Dad, my mouth seems to be swollen. Your skin is so thick that it’s not swollen.”

    Li Chen: “…come, baby, let dad have a look.”

    Nan Xun put her mouth closer to him and didn’t hesitate. “Here, it’s all swollen into a sausage mouth.”  

    Li Chen gently sip and kissed both lips, “Baby, it will be fine in a moment.”  

    Li Chen’s mood was a little complicated. Although he did what a man would do to his beloved woman, but his baby didn’t seem to realize that. But if she did and didn’t disobey his command, did she know what it meant?  

    Nan Xun was in a very good mood, she hummed a tune in her heart.

    A deadly pervert and their entanglement.

    Nan Xun slipped off Li Chen’s body and yawned: “Dad, I’m a little sleepy.”

    Li Chen sat on the grass beside her and patted his legs. “Come baby, lie here for a while.”

    Nan Xun’s head rested on his lap, her eyes narrowed, and she fell asleep.

    In her daze, suddenly there was a hard thing on her cheek. She almost poked it with her mouth. Nan Xun touched it with disgust and felt it poking her face. She turned around and went to sleep. She faintly heard daddy Li Chen groaned.3I think he took out his thing and started jerking off..

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