The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 9

Translated by Novice Translations

The Demon King? Frightened to Death

   The long-eared rabbit had just gained control, it realizes the danger, and lets out a sharp cry and runs.

    The man’s bloody eyes slightly slanted, bending five fingers, transforming into an eagle-like claw.

    The long-eared rabbit’s limbs slackened midair, and was eventually caught in his claws, whimpering in horror.

    The man’s bright red eyes swept over the rabbit’s three-petal mouth. His other hand slowly reached its lip, and his fingertips gently passed over it, then he glanced at its abdomen.

    Unbeknownst, the man’s thin lips slightly curved.

    Then, without warning, his slanted lips burst open exposing two sharp poisonous fangs on his gums.

    The man held the long-eared rabbit with his right claw, bit down and tore a large piece of live flesh.

    Instantly, blood dripped, and the snow-white fur was dyed red with blood.

    The long-eared rabbit was dying and struggling in vain and was quickly swallowed into the man’s stomach.

    The man chewed the rabbit meat in his mouth expressionlessly. The thin purple lips were stained with blood. The light shines in the dark and cold night. Illuminating against the beautiful face, he was like a devil who walks into the night and drinks human blood.

    When the long-eared rabbit was swallowed alive with nothing left, the tall and handsome man in black slowly walked towards the enchantment.  

    In the Zuili family, the incomparably strong isolation enchantment was torn by one of his claws, and then he left without a trace.

    At that moment when the man left the boundary, Nan Xun suddenly heard the void beast within her mind. “Damn it! It’s a big boss with an evil value of 100!”

    “…Little eight, you’re still alive. Ah, I thought you were dead? But, when did you learn modern words?” Nan Xun belched and had a mellow taste of wine in her mouth.  

    “Laozi1Laozi (老子) – literally means “your father” but its slang that a man typically uses to refer to himself when he’s in a fight with another person, it’s rude. is alive and well, how can I die?” The void beast snorts.

    Nan Xun cut it off. “How come you didn’t speak when I called you so many times these days?”

    The void beast was silent for a long time before it said, “Laozi didn’t realize how powerful the Demon King in this world was. Laozi felt a strong murderous intent the moment he appeared. If I told you at that time, I would have been perceived by him, and then we would both be finished.”

    Nan Xun listened somewhat confused, “Little Eight, what nonsense are you talking about, where was the Demon King, why didn’t I see him?”  

    The void beast haha twice.

    Nan Xun smelled a bad taste from those two chuckles.

    “You were holding a little white in your arms like a baby…. the long-eared rabbit.”

    Nan Xun was stunned for two seconds. “Little eight, are you teasing me?”

    “Yes, I’m teasing you.”

    Nan Xun breathed a sigh of relief.

    “Oh, do you think it’s possible?” The void beast’s words made Nan Xun froze.

    “The Demon King has vast magical powers, and directly hides himself in the shadow of the long-eared rabbit with a secret method, and then divides his divinity to attach to the long-eared rabbit, so he can control its body.”

    Nan Xun is still somewhat incredulous. “’But why did the Demon King attach himself to the rabbit?”

    “That’s a good question.” The void beast, paused then replied, “It could be…are you full?”2Are you full? (吃饱了撑的) – slang for none of your business. Basically, did you eat so much that you have so much energy to get involve into something that’s none of your business. Little eight is just an asshole.

    Nan Xun: …

    “Little eight, I think I’m screwed.” Nan Xun wiped her face and looked as if she died.  

    The Void Beast said: “Yes, I counted, ha, when you held the Demon King without letting go, he had killing intent, then you would rub his ears and face again. When you had a big meal, you fed him carrots. While you were sleeping and drooling while holding him, the Demon King stared at your neck throughout the night. Then you forced him to drink, his eyes were so fierce that he could have poked a hole through you. Finally, you held his ears and dance in circles with him…”

  1. Laozi (老子) – literally means “your father” but its slang that a man typically uses to refer to himself when he’s in a fight with another person, it’s rude.
  2. Are you full? (吃饱了撑的) – slang for none of your business. Basically, did you eat so much that you have so much energy to get involve into something that’s none of your business. Little eight is just an asshole.

TL Note: RIP the rabbit, it was cute and innocent. Goodbye Xiao Bai (Little White). Supporting character of a few chapters…. Honestly, I think the Villain’s blackening value is already high…. pretty sure he killed the rabbit because it got kissed, but then my speculations may be wrong.

If you guys noticed, I tend to release more when I have comments. Very supportive, 1 chapter takes between 1-3 hours. Ahahah worst case scenario, I get bored and release less frequently.

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  1. Sakuya-hime

    I also think he killed the rabbit out of jealousy.

    And all those scenarios Little Eight described where the killing intent elevated were probably out of jealousy too.

    Poor little rabbit was just an innocent bystander…. (RIP Xiao Bai)

    On another note, that Demon King is actually very scary, I pity Nan Xun so much.

    To be honest I would just play dead at this point lol~

    Thanks for the chapter~

    1. Aki

      I agree! He touched the lips before tearing it apart lol. Good thing she’s incredibly pretty xD

  2. MT

    I honestly thought that Xia Bai was the demon lord, not the Demon King waiting in his shadow. I guess in the original novel the Demon King wanted to track his fiance and ate her because he was displeased his little wife ran away.

    Thank you for translating the chapter, I feel really bad for Nan Xun, she has a pig teammate. I don’t have the mental fortitude to deal with people with a blacken value of 100 and lower it just to give Little Eight some merit points. I know he did it to prove a point, but this is overkill.

    1. Translator Admin

      When you say that, did you expect Little White to be the demon king because of the spoilers? Or was it because of the last couple of chapters? Just wondering, this novel has a large fan base from just that spoiler thread alone. The pig teammates adds a comedy edge to this novel! ahahha

      The original novel? I think you mean the original timeline?

      Also, all the villains have 2 values – 1 is evil value and the other is blackening value. Little White said his evil value is 100, the blackening value is not yet revealed.

  3. midoriha

    actually, i also think he killed the rabbit because it was kissed! loool! but anyway, as i thought, little eight was being silent because of the demon king!

  4. Athiya

    He is too scary! But because of his beauty i’ll forgive him😌😆😂

    1. avatar136


  5. YinofYang

    Thank you for translating! 💜

    Yes…I’m pretty sure you’re right. He totally killed the bunny because she kissed it. Poor bunny!

    LOL, I love how little eight is even scared of the demon king.

    1. Gavinah

      Hahaha was the Demon King peanut butter and jelly! 😂 RIP 🐇

  6. avatar136

    1. Def. think demon king ate cute little rabbit out of petty jealousy bet he doesn’t understand yet though I.e. he doesn’t know he is jealous
    2. Imagining that scene made me think of no face from spirited away like super nice guy but super creepy when eating all the while saying I want sin…..only in this case he wants FL
    3. I really really like FL when she is like oops….didn’t know that rabbit was my target….it’s like finding out you were talking smack about someone you never met to a stranger and then you learn the stranger is the very person you were talking smack….

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