The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 90

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To Look Forward, Hungry Wolf Breaks Through the Cage

    Nan Xun was awakened by Li Chen’s kiss. It would be weird if she didn’t wake up.

    Li Chen saw that she was awake, released her lips and smiled deeply. “Baby, it’s late. It’s time to go home.”

    Nan Xun rubbed her eyes and almost forgot where she was. She was picked up by the man and directly held out of the woods. Then she was placed on the back seat of the bike.  

    Li Chen stepped on the bike and slowly took his girl off campus and rode all the way towards the Li home.

    Because the distance was quite far, the sky was dark.

    “Dad, the stars are coming out, so bright.” Nan Xun looked at the night sky and pointed to the stars that slowly shined on her body, which was extremely bright.

    “Baby don’t move. If you want to see the stars, let’s go to the top floor to see them when we get home.”

    Nan Xun oh, obediently sat still and began to sing, “Fafeiwa, fawafeiwa…”1This is the same song she sung when she was drunk in the first arc to the white rabbit

    She said she wanted to see the stars, but after she returned, she forgot. After dinner, she sat in the hall with old Li to watch palace drama.

    “Grandpa, you actually guessed right. Xue Guiren didn’t die, then she began to tear Li Meiren. The female lead’s halo is beginning to work!” Nan Xun was a little excited.2Oops made mistake previously, for Chinese they use a generic “you” term which is non-gender so it was never specified what gender this person was

    Old Li said: “Look, it’s beginning. Behind the dozens of rallies, there are various of tricks and intrigues.”

    Li Chen with a black face watched the grandfather and granddaughter discuss the plot with great enthusiasm. Suddenly, there was an impulse to smash the huge crystal-clear TV.

    Later, when Nan Xun went to sleep first, old Li called Li Chen to talk.

    As soon as the doors were closed, old Li smashed the inkstone on the table.

    Li Chen’s head moved slightly to avoid the object and frowned, “What are you doing?”  

    Old Li was very angry with him. “I told you to be a little more restrained. You treat laozi’s words as wind? Look at Nan Nan’s mouth. It’s almost swollen into a sausage. Aren’t you afraid that other people will know she has an abnormal father?”

    Li Chen disagreed and lightly said: “You should be glad to have a son with strong self-control. Otherwise, Nan Nan wouldn’t just have a swollen mouth.”

    Old Li was angry when he heard this. What’s more irritating was that he couldn’t do anything.

    All the properties and forces of the Li family, in the dark, has been firmly grasped by Li Chen. Before, he was happy to be free. Now he wants to take back his rights and clean up the boy.

    Unfortunately, he can’t get it back now.

    Everyone in the Li Group knows there was a very young chairman, who was more handsome than the stars and has strong working ability. However, the chairman of the Li Group always leaves on time every day. The other day, he started to leave early. Recently, he simply disappeared, and it’s said he requested a long vacation.

    Li Chen did ask for a long vacation. His baby had finished her college entrance exam and is now on summer vacation. He had to take time off to accompany her on a graduation trip as a reward for choosing university B.

    At that time, he knew that Nan Xun was going to apply for university B. Her teachers were very anxious and angry. With her achievements, she could apply for the top university T in the country. Even if she wanted to stay in this city, there was also a university A that was ranked second. But Nan Xun insisted she wasn’t interested. Several teachers specially invited her parent to come to school for this matter.

    When they saw the young Li Chen, the teachers thought he was just her brother and Li Chen didn’t deny it. He directly said, “I respect any decision made by Nan Nan, and that’s what family means.”

    The teachers’ persuasion failed, and they were regretful.

    This summer vacation, Nan Xun and Li Chen had a crazy time. Li Chen originally had a cold temperament, but all his gentleness in his life was given to Li Xiao Nan. Li Xiao Nan had a crazy time and could go play with him.

    When they returned from their trip, Nan Xun jumped on the bed and rolled happily.  

    The void beast who has been silent for a long time, suddenly made a noise, “Dear, did you have a good time?”  

    Nan Xun hurriedly said she was happy.

    “Daddy Li Chen’s evil value is only at 20 points. Don’t you think you should lose your moral integrity at once? You say, if you lose it, won’t the evil thoughts become 0. If you finish this task early, you can ask for two things in the next world.”

    Nan Xun wasn’t tempted by his sugar-coated bullets and firmly said: “Although the ancient woman was 15 years old and have the hairpin, even if they were considered as adults, how could it be the same as modern time? I’ll wait until I’m an adult to lose my moral integrity.”3The hairpin ceremony is when they changed their hairstyle to show they are now considered unmarried women aka an adult

    The void beast grumbled, “Pedantic.”

    Nan Xun immediately said: “You’re not pedantic, so you go brew sauce with Li Chen.”

    The void beast: …

    Nan Xun’s college life will begin soon, but it seems there was no difference between her university life and high school life. Because she was close by, she could go home every day. Then in the evening, she lies in the quilt with Li Chen and chat with him. Before going to bed, she gives another mouth-to-mouth goodnight kiss.

    Every morning, Nan Xun could see Li Chen go to the bathroom. She had been alone for a long time. One day, when she thought something was wrong, she knocked on the door. As a result, Li Chen replied in a charming and very low husky voice, “…baby, I’m fine.”4He’s jerking off his wood in the morning

    Nan Xun heard this and was too scared to knock on the door anymore.

    The void beast inexplicably smiled, “Dear, all of a sudden I look forward to it, oh.”

    Nan Xun was a little confused, “Little eight, what do you expect?”

    The void beast rudely answered, “Ai oh, I look forward to the day when the hungry wolf breaks through the cage and devours the prey. Oh, that picture is cruel. But don’t worry, I will automatically block my five senses, especially my eyes and ears.”

    Nan Xun increasingly wanted to make little eight into a meatloaf.

    Because Nan Xun’s life basically revolved around Li Chen, even if the university divided the dormitory, she didn’t stay overnight and will go home on time every day. Because of this, several of her roommates always make fun of her, saying that she was a little child that hadn’t grown up yet.  

    However, Li Xiao Nan skipped two grades in middle school, she was two years younger than them. Everyone took care of her.

    At noon, Nan Xun took a lunch break in the dormitory. At this time, everyone wasn’t sleeping, so they began to chat.

    They chatted and talked, and Li Xiao Nan was somehow mentioned.

    “Nan Nan, ah, what do you think of the big grass next door?” A person suddenly asked.

    Nan Xun was stunned for a moment. “You mean Ji Shaoqing?”

    Another person said with a smile: “I heard that Ji Shaoqing and you were high school classmates and he’s been chasing you since high school?”

    Nan Xun actually didn’t expect Ji Shaoqing to attend this university. In the beginning, because of Li Chen’s strict “family education”, she went to find Ji Shaoqing alone and explicitly refused him.

    She was convinced that his big boy pride wouldn’t be willing to hear her words.

    Ji Shaoqing always thought she would apply for university A, so he was surprised to see her at university B.

    At that time, he also said, “Nan Nan, you have me in your heart, or why would you apply for this university?”

    It was so narcissistic.

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