The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 91

Translated by Novice Translations

Come on, Ah, I’m so Scared

    At that time, Nan Xun hurriedly explained, “I just think this university is close to home.”

    Ji Shaoqing didn’t believe her at first, after all, this reason sounded too ridiculous.

    Nan Xun really didn’t want to implicate him, because Li Chen’s possessive desire was terrible, so she made it clear once again that she wouldn’t fall in love.

    Although Ji Shaoqing was somewhat sad, he was repeatedly rejected, and he rarely contacted her since then.

    “That…you think about it, we are just ordinary classmates.” Nan Xun clarified with several roommates.

    Several roommates that wanted to hear gossip suddenly wilted.

    Nan Xun then added, “I won’t fall in love when I go to university. My father won’t let me fall in love.”

    Several people were stunned at first, then they laughed loudly.  

    One person laughed and tears came out. “Nan Nan, your father is right. You’re still small. Don’t casually fall in love.”

    Nan Xun thought she was probably saying the opposite.

    In short, Nan Xun became the little white rabbit in everyone’s eyes, especially cute and simple.

    The little white rabbit grows up day by day, getting closer and closer to adulthood.

    Nan Xun’s heart suddenly quickened. “Little eight, why is my heart racing recently? I always have palpitations. I won’t suddenly die, right?”

    The void beast comforted: “It’s nothing. You’re just too nervous. This is a normal reaction. Relax, relax, just loosen your heart knot, you’re not missing a piece of meat.”

    Nan Xun listened to his words and her heart suddenly jumped more.

    She shouldn’t have asked little eight, really.

    These days, Nan Xun slept in Li Chen’s embrace, she could feel his hot skin which was very frightening.

    Come on, ah, she was really scared.

    When the void beast saw that she was flustered, he was in a good mood and changed the topic, “Dear, don’t forget that today is Li Chen’s birthday~”  

    Nan Xun sighed, “Even if I forgot my own birthday, I don’t dare forget his. When have I forgotten about his birthday?”

    Nan Xun’s birthday was very close to Li Chen’s, which meant she will soon be 18 after Li Chen’s birthday, which was really a sad thing.  

    In the afternoon, there was only one big class. After class, Nan Xun rode her bike to a famous ceramic shop nearby.

    This ceramic shop allows customers to create their own ceramic. Nan Xun spent a whole afternoon the other day, under the guidance of the ceramic teacher to knead a ceramic cup.

    At the bottom of the cup was her and Li Chen’s names. After the cup was baked, she also engraved two cute cartoon cats on the top of the cup, kissing each other mouth-to-mouth, which looked especially cute.

    The shopkeeper already packed the cup. Nan Xun held it in her arms like a baby and exclaimed, “I’ve never been so heartfelt towards a person, this time if Li Chen’s evil value isn’t lowered, I’ll take his surname.”  

    The void beast: “…In this world, your name is Li Xiao Nan, you already have his surname.”

    Nan Xun took things home and wanted to go back early to surprise Li Chen, but she answered the phone at this time. After that, her face changed.

    “Don’t worry, don’t worry. I think I have the VIP card. You, wait for me!”

    Nan Xun abandoned her bike and stopped a taxi. She hurriedly said to the driver, “Sir, go to Twilight at the business center.”  

    The driver gave her a subtle look.

    Not everyone can enter Twilight. Those who can enter Twilight are those who have strong identities. But not being able to enter, doesn’t mean that outsiders doesn’t know. In fact, there were many people who knew about Twilight. But most of the time, they could only look at the luxuriously decorated door when they pass by, because they don’t have a VIP card to enter and exit freely.

    Nan Xun knew the driver misunderstood her and quickly explained: “Sir, one of my female classmates has been cheated in Twilight. I must hurry and save her!”

    When the driver uncle heard this, he became serious. “Little girl, it’s useless to go alone. You have to call the police.”

    “If this is a big problem, it’s not good for my classmate. Uncle, you can rest assure. In a while, I will call my dad. Once he’s there, no one will dare bully me.”  

    The driver uncle saw she had a plan in mind and didn’t talk nonsense. He immediately drove to the business center.

    When Nan Xun arrived, several roommates hurriedly cried at the door.

    “Nan Nan, do you really have a VIP card?”

    Nan Xun said nothing and immediately took out her cellphone and dialed a number. “Uncle Zhao, it’s Nan Nan. I want to enter Twilight. Please let the people blocking the way let me in.”

    At the other end of the phone, Zhao Minghao dropped the cigarette from his mouth with a patter.

    He glanced at Li Chen who sat across from him and at the same time, took a look at several other friends. At last, he glanced at Yu Manshan, the beautiful girl who sat beside Li Chen. Suddenly, he felt his cellphone was a little hot.  

    Today was Li Chen’s birthday, because everyone in the circle knew that Li Chen never returns late, so he gathered everyone and chose a time in the afternoon to celebrate.  

    The eldest young lady of the Yu family found out and came here uninvited and brought a few little sisters. No, everyone had a good time and several of them looked at each other.

    The location he naturally chose was his site, Twilight and the most luxurious box.

    When everyone saw him pick up the phone, he looked a little strange. They stopped the game and asked, “Brother Zhao, are you checking up on your little mistress?”

    As soon as the words came out, everyone laughed loudly.

    Li Chen also slightly raised his eyes and looked at Zhao Minghao.  

    Zhao Minghao’s hand suddenly trembled and he accidently press…the speaker button.

    Then, the soft, sweet and anxious voice came out, “Uncle Zhao, are you listening, ah? I want to enter Twilight now! You be careful if you don’t let people outside let me in. I’ll look for my dad and tell him you took liberties with me last time, humph!”  

    Zhao Minghao was shivering all over and he looked sideways. The man sitting on the sofa was expressionless and stood up with a shudder. His face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

    “Hello? Uncle Zhao? You really don’t care about me? Then I’ll tell my dad about when you secretly poured me an alcoholic drink.”

    Zhao Minghao wanted to slap this little ancestor from saying anything else, then hurriedly said, “Nan Nan, wait a moment, uncle is in Twilight, I’ll immediately pick you up!”

    After Zhao Minghao left, a group of people rushed out. Li Chen was faster than him. The gloomy expression made Zhao Minghao scared and guilty.

    He and Yu Manshan joined together to handle Li Chen. They not only secretly muted his cellphone, but also just added something in his drink. Li Chen can’t leave here, once he left, the consequences would be unimaginable.1So I don’t know if his friend is an asshole for drugging his friend…or if he was concern for LC because he hasn’t had a woman for years nor had fun since he goes home strictly everyday in the afternoon. I’m hoping he drugged him so he can stay out and party and just enjoy women, so as a good friend?

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