The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 92

TL Note: I’m going knocked this down to less releases for the time being so I can finish <<Seeking Good Temptation>>. This is going to be at least a 3 year project for me but my other series I have can easily be done in less than 6 months if I can knock them out of the park. It will go back up to daily releases as soon as I complete some of the “backlog” series.

Hehe…on the bright side still releasing often in my opinion…

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Angry, Li Chen Beats People

    Yu Manshan grabbed Li Chen’s sturdy hand from behind and hurriedly said: “Li Chen, you can’t go. Let Zhao Minghao send Nan Nan back. It’s your birthday today. Are you going to spoil everyone’s interest?”

    Li Chen waved his hand and stared at Zhao Minghao coldly and walked out with his coat.

    Zhao Minghao quickly followed and glanced back at Yu Manshan, who lost her soul.

    She has given up too many things for Li Chen. She was only one year younger than Li Chen. At the age of 30, she wasn’t married. She has been waiting for him for so many years. Wasn’t what she done enough? She didn’t care that Li Chen had a daughter, she was willing to be a stepmother. Why can’t he accommodate her?

    Today, she was shamelessly out of her mind. She thought of this kind of dirty trick, but in the end, she can’t make people stay. Ultimately, she doesn’t know which cheap woman….

    Nan Xun also opened the phone while talking. She waved her cellphone to the two tall men in black who blocked her. She angrily said, “Now, you know the relationship between me and your boss? Even when he sees me, he calls me great aunt. How dare you block me?”

    The men in black who blocked her quickly gave away. Nan Xun took several roommates and quickly ran in.

    The decoration inside Twilight was very luxurious, but few people were in the mood to appreciate it.  

    “Which room is Xiaohe in?”1Wtf? This person name is little cereal…

    “When Xiaohe felt dizzy and wasn’t well, she sent me a text message, she’s in a private room called Shuitianyise.”

    Nan Xun found Shuitianyise, directly lifted her leg and kicked the door to the private room.

    When they saw the scene inside, the few roommates who had little knowledge had already screamed.

    Nan Xun didn’t say anything. She stepped forward and kicked the man who was committing a crime.

    Fortunately, few people arrived in time and Xiaohe wasn’t substantially hurt. However, she looked at the traces of dog bites on Xiaohe’s neck and Nan Xun was so angry that she directly punched and kicked the man.  

    The man wanted to fight back but found he couldn’t beat the little girl in front of him. Soon he was beaten black and blue.

    Several roommates behind her were shocked by Nan Xun’s ruthlessness.


    Li Chen hurriedly walked in front while Zhao Minghao trotted after him and quickly called the manager to ask, “Did you see a beautiful little girl enter a room?”

    When the manager heard the word, “a”, he thought about it and pointed to a private room. “There’s a young woman in a white dress who entered Qianli Chanjuan.”

    As soon as Li Chen heard the words of wearing a white skirt, his eyes became more gloomy and he rushed towards the private room called Qianli Chanjuan like a storm.

    The door to the private room was unlocked. After Li Chen kicked the door open, the ugly scene inside made Li Chen’s lust break open.

    He didn’t see what the woman under the man looked like, but when he saw her exposed white dress, he lost his judgement at that moment.  

    Li Chen’s face turned black and blue with a flash in his head, then his mind blanked. He quickly walked to the man and woman who were addicted to lust and didn’t even notice him. With his arms extended, he directly grabbed the man’s neck and lifted him up. Then swung him to the ground and hit him hard.

    The man saw blood on his face the next moment and fainted before he could scream.

    Zhao Minghao was shocked and said in a loud voice: “Li Chen! You can clearly see that woman isn’t Li Xiao Nan!”

    When Li Chen heard this, he slowly turned to the woman he didn’t look at. When he found the strange face was distorted with fear, he was shocked.

    His hands were still trembling and stained with blood.

    “Not baby…” He murmured and rose slowly.

    Li Chen’s eyes were vicious, and he turned to the manager who led the way. The manager was cold and sweaty, then said: “In the time period of young Li’s speech, except for this woman, there was a group of young girls. There was also a white skirt among them. They went straight to Shuitianyise as if they were looking for someone.”

    This time a few people just arrived at the door of Shuitianyise and heard Li Xiao Nan’s vigorous shouting and swearing.

    Zhao Minghao breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to pat Li Chen on the shoulder, but he felt air. The man had already pushed the door in.

    Then Zhao Minghao followed, just like Li Chen, he took half a step before he stood still.

    Zhao Minghao’s eyes were so big while staring at the little girl in front of him who was like a little leopard with teeth and claws, where was the cute kid Li Xiao Nan from his memories?

    Before, when he saw Li Xiao Nan, he thought it was incredible, because Li Xiao Nan was so cute, how could a person like Li Chen have such a cute daughter?

    At that time, he once suspected that Li Xiao Nan wasn’t part of the Li family.

    But now, tsk tsk, look at this little girl’s ferocious beating. Now, he doesn’t believe she’s not from the Li family.  

    “Nan Nan, Nan Nan stop! Someone’s coming!” When the frightened roommates saw Li Chen and Zhao Minghao, they suddenly regained their senses and quickly turned to Nan Xun and reminded her.

    Nan Xun cried out, “Ah?”, then finally smashed another fist to make sure the scum man’s face turned into a pig’s head, then she stopped.  

    She suddenly raised her head, and the bangs soaked with sweat swung along with the movement of her head. Her big bright eyes, with a never before fierce look, stared straight at the door.  

    After seeing his face, Nan Xun jumped up and quickly straightened her skirt, she smoothed her messy hair, put her hands behind her and drew a circle on the ground with her foot. Then she sweetly cried, “Dad, how did you come here so fast?”

    Since Li Chen sent someone to protect her secretly, the stalker will surely inform Li Chen of the news that she went to Twilight, but Nan Xun didn’t expect the other party to come so soon.

    Nan Xun was wrong about this. Li Chen did send people to keep an eye on her, but he was in the VIP room on the second floor just now and his cellphone was muted by someone so he couldn’t hear the news.

    Li Chen quietly stared at Nan Xun, his look was a bit strange, and there seemed to be something fermenting in his burning eyes.

    Under the dim light, Nan Xun couldn’t see his face clearly and she was a little flustered.

    “Little Eight, I suddenly have a bad feeling. Do you think Li Chen will be scared when he sees my strong side, then the evil value will bounce back to 100?”

    The evil value rebounding was something that had happened before and little eight cried on the spot, “Ying ying ying, please tell me, I’m afraid.”2ying ying ying – cute crying sounds…

    “Baby, come, come to Dad.” Li Chen suddenly opened his mouth, his voice as gentle as ever.

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