The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 93

Translated by Novice Translations

Hee Hee, Must be Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Nan Xun braced herself and went forward. She didn’t dare look up and quickly recognized her mistake. “Dad, I was wrong. Don’t casually hit people.”

    Li Chen didn’t answer. His big palm grabbed her small fist, pulled her up and left.  

    Zhao Minghao saw this and suddenly thought of something. He wanted to open his mouth to remind him, but suddenly Li Chen looked back at him and couldn’t say.  

    It was a very meaningful look.

    Zhao Minghao’s heart thumped.  

    It shouldn’t be what he thought?

    Did Li Chen know that Yu Manshan drugged his wine?

    Did he still drink it when he knew there was something wrong with it?

    Zhao Minghao was in a trance when he arranged people to ensure that several of Li Xiao Nan’s friends were sent away safely, then thought about the problem.

    Nan Xun was dragged all the way out by Li Chen. The wind blew and the waves rolled, but she didn’t fall.

    “Dad, Dad, I was really wrong. Please don’t be angry…” Nan Xun admits her mistake the entire journey, trying to save her cute little lady image.

    However, Li Chen didn’t seem to hear her words. At first, he dragged her away. Later, he just picked her up and rushed out.  

    Although there were few people at this time, it was hard to guarantee that no one will see. Nan Xun struggled in Li Chen’s arms. “Dad, it’s better to let me down. It’s not good to be seen by people.”

    Suddenly, Li Chen came close to her ear, his breath hotter than her beating heart. His voice was low and seductive, “Whatever other people think, only dad cares about you.”

    Nan Xun breathed a sigh of relief, “Dad, you’re not angry?”

    Li Chen suddenly smiled, and his voice became more muffled. “Why would dad be angry? Baby just now was so charming. Dad likes it very much.”

    Nan Xun listened to this and her whole body shivered.

    “Little eight, little eight, do you think Li Chen is normal now?”

    The void beast’s voice was a little excited and immediately said, “According to my experience over the years, your daddy Li Chen has been treated with aphrodisiac!”  

    Nan Xun was dazed. Li Chen held her out of Twilight and a person opened the door for them.

    Li Chen couldn’t wait to cram Nan Xun into the car, then he slammed the door shut. He turned around and went to the driver’s seat. When he stepped on the accelerator, the car rushed out.

    Nan Xun hurriedly grasped the car’s handlebar, and looked terrified: “Dad, can you drive slower, did you drink? We can’t drive after drinking, we’ll get into an accident! How about Zhao lao, the driver? Why didn’t he drive dad?”  

    Li Chen continued to step on the accelerator, his face unchanged. “Baby, don’t worry, dad only drank a small cup, it’s okay.”

    He was a good drinker. No one could make him drunk. In fact, he will never allow himself to become drunk. No one could calculate him under his eyes.

    Naturally, the reason why Yu Manshan succeeded was because he indulged it.

    He didn’t think about it initially, but when he found out that Yu Manshan put medicine in his wine, he pushed the boat with the current.1To take advantage of the situation for one’s benefit He had enough self-control to not lose consciousness because of the medicine. What he wanted was an excuse to eat Li Xiao Nan.

    Look, baby, it’s not dad’s fault. Dad was also calculated.

    He couldn’t wait, it’s been too long.

    Today was his birthday. Why couldn’t he give himself a big meal? If his dream was fulfilled today, he will have no regrets in his life.2His one and only dream is to eat his daughter…

    Li Chen’s blood boiled, he has strong self-control and wasn’t afraid of any drugs. But when he thought about the person he wanted was right behind him, he felt a fire course through his body and ran straight to his lower abdomen.  

    Several times, Li Chen’s car almost hit a wall and Nan Xun was scared.

    “Little eight, I won’t die without finishing the task in a car accident, right?”

    The void beast comforted her. “Think more, your daddy Li Chen’s car skills is first-class, it’s not a problem to star in an internationally acclaimed car racing movie.”

    The car drove all the way to the Li family’s other villa. Li Chen hurriedly opened the door and carried Nan Xun on his shoulder into the house.

    Li Chen’s appearance made Nan Xun very afraid. Although she had anticipated this day for a long time, now Li Chen’s state was a little violent. She was afraid that he would ruin the flowers by accident.

    Just now, when Li Chen dragged her the entire way, she clearly felt the burning fire from his heart through his hot palm. Li Chen’s sullen eyes looked as if he would swallow her at any time.

    Nan Xun was worried but found that Li Chen’s movement were suddenly calm. He carried Nan Xun upstairs and put her on the bed, then sat down. His somewhat reddish eyes looked at her directly and softly asked, “Baby, did you drink wine secretly, en?”

    Nan Xun quickly explained: “Dad, last time Uncle Zhao picked me up, he gave me a drink, I didn’t think about drinking myself and only took a sip. Really! And this time, I went to Twilight because my roommate was cheated to go there by a scummy guy. That scummy guy wanted to do something bad, so I…”

    Li Chen slightly picked up his eyebrows and didn’t seem to care why she went to Twilight. He turned to the glass wall cabinet in the hall and took a bottle of red wine and two tall glasses.

    Nan Xun’s eyes were fixed on Li Chen. He opened the cork and filled the expensive red wine into the two glasses.

    “Baby, don’t you want to drink? You’re going to be an adult soon. Dad allows you to drink.” Li Chen didn’t tense nor talk slow, but calmly handed her the glass.

    He didn’t urge and looked at Nan Xun.

    “Dad, do you really want me to drink?” Nan Xun asked, in fact, she likes to drink red fruit wine, but Li Chen was very strict. Before that, she secretly followed her cheap uncle, Zhao Minghao, to drink some.  

    She saw that Li Chen wasn’t joking and Nan Xun took the glass and took a sip.

    It was so strong that part of her face started to heat up, then burn.

    Nan Xun quickly pushed the wine to Li Chen’s side. “Dad, this wine is too strong. I won’t drink it.”

    Li Chen took the glass and drank a few more sips along the edge of the cup where Nan Xun drank from.

    Nan Xun looked at his beautiful curved lips from the spot she just sipped from. He was dyed ruddy red and rosy by the red wine, and suddenly felt his body was burning more.

    “Little eight, ah, what kind of drug did Li Chen really take? I don’t think he did, ah.” Nan Xun said.

    The void beast hei hei. “Don’t you think he’s in a rush like he was a moment ago on the road?”  

    Nan Xun: “…Just was, but now he isn’t, did the effects subside?”

    The void beast hei hei, “You’re so calm on the surface, really first-class, but in fact, you’re about to explode. But you’re willing to deceive yourself, then make sauce~”

    The last syllable was lengthened and the mood rise.

    Li Chen drank and looked at the girl in front of him. His baby has grown up and looks so charming. In a moment, his heart flashed with a lot of pictures that was about to happen. Before it could happen, he felt he couldn’t breathe well.

    Because he was so excited, he almost suffocated from excitement.

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