The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 94

Translated by Novice Translations

Not Bad, Very Comfortable

    Li Chen directly stared at Nan Xun. His eyes roamed from her forehead, eyebrows and eyes to her mouth, then the white beautiful neck, to the deeper part of her skirt. He suddenly drank all the wine in the cup, grabbed Nan Xun’s waist with one hand and held her on his leg.

    “Wait, wait, I have a present for you.” Nan Xun struggled for a while.

    Li Chen heard this, took a deep breath and let her down.

    Nan Xun unpacked the contents onto the table and took out the ceramic cups inside.

    Nan Xun smugly bumped the two cups and the two cats kissed each other. “Look, I made it myself. Our names are on the bottom of the cup. Do you like it?”

    Li Chen looked at the girl who smiled from the bottom of her eyes that were crooked into a crescent shape, then at the two carton kittens who pouted and kissed each other.

    Suddenly, he grunted, then swallowed.

    “Baby, I like this gift very much, but can I ask you for another one?” Li Chen asked.

    Nan Xun said, “As long as I have it, no matter what you want, I will give it to you.”

   When Li Chen heard this, he began to release a burning and overbearing atmosphere from his body without hesitation. Then he suddenly put his hand around the back of Nan Xun’s head and pressed her against him.

    At the next moment, the overwhelming passionate fiery kiss was released unscrupulously.

    The beast that has been locked for many years came out of the cage, roaring and shaking the earth.

    Soon, Nan Xun was quickly stripped like an egg without a shell.

    “Nan Nan, be obedient, I’m going to love you.” Li Chen said and kissed.

    Then, Nan Xun saw many stars, Chang’e and the Jade Hare from thousands of miles.1Chang’e is the lady in the moon (Chinese mythology) and Jade Hare is the moon.  It was like she was high in the sky, in a spaceship, she was so uncomfortable from the oxygen deficiency. Fortunately, Li Chen took a few breaths from time to time and she didn’t suffocate to death.

    Afterwards, Li Chen held her in his arms and kissed her skin, not even letting her toes off the hook.

    Nan Xun secretly scolded the old rogue and fell asleep.

    Li Chen licked her crystal white earlobe and sounded intoxicated in her ear. “Nan Nan, I love you…”

    The next day, when Nan Xun woke up, the old rogue was gone. Her body was very fresh, it should be that yesterday, Li Chen cleaned her body.

    Nan Xun was like a dead fish lying in bed, her whole body felt it was run over by a truck and her bones were shattered.

    “Ba’er ah, I tell you, if the evil value doesn’t go down, I want to directly die.”2She changed his nickname to Ba’er…Xiao/’er/A’/Ah’ is all the same for intimacy. Ba means eight in Chinese.

    Nan Xun took the initiative to call him and the void beast immediately sensed it and released his five senses. He said with some shyness: “Dear, I’m sorry for you.”

    Nan Xun was shocked. “Wasn’t the evil value reduced at all?”  

    The void beast quickly said: “No, it did. The evil value dropped to 2 points.”

    Nan Xun breathed a sigh of relief. “Baby, you scared me. Then, why do you say you’re sorry for me?”

    The void beast said in a small voice: “I was so happy yesterday that the evil value dropped so much. I wanted to share the news with you. As a result…I forgot to continue to shield my five senses. So, I saw the picture of you entangled together. Short oil, so shy. Daddy Li Chen’s figure is really great and really powerful~”

    Nan Xun: “…I want you to be afraid, I’ll make you into minced meat sauce!”

    The void beast was so aggrieved. “People weren’t deliberate. Anyway, you were below. Daddy Li Chen smothered you to death. I didn’t see anything that I shouldn’t see.”3Implying he didn’t even see her naked body, so he didn’t see things he shouldn’t have seen. AKA void beast is a male, so seeing naked guys is okay

    Nan Xun was so tired that she used the quilt to directly cover her head.

    She covered herself to death.

    As soon as she closed her eyes, she thought of what happened last night. She could feel that Li Chen was a little overexcited. Now it was a miracle that she was lying in bed.

    Nan Xun suddenly heard footsteps and couldn’t help but wrap herself tighter and cover her head to death.

    A big palm pulled it down and exposed her little head.

    Li Chen leaned over and asked for a lingering kiss. His thumb gently rubbed her face and said, “I have already granted you sick leave. You stay and have a good rest at home for two days. It’s already ten o’clock. What do you want to eat? I’ll personally cook for you.”

    It took a long time before Nan Xun answered with reddened eyes. “You…I…we, last night, we, we…” She was close to tears.

    Little eight secretly clapped his hands, “Yo he, acting is becoming more and more exquisite.”

    Nan Xun: …

    Li Chen took the person wrapped in the quilt into his arms and kissed the tip of Nan Xun’s nose, then affectionately said: “Nan Nan, first tell me, did you hate what I did to you yesterday?”

    Nan Xun thought about it, shook her head and truthfully replied, “Not bad, later very comfortable.”

    This sentence made Li Chen’s body instantly congested.

    “You really…will be tortured to death sooner or later.” Li Chen took a deep breath.

    Nan Xun had no face and innocently asked little eight. “Did I said something I shouldn’t have? I just really described how I felt.”

    Little eight: “No, it’s daddy Li Chen. He’s too dirty and wants more.”

    Li Chen hugged her for a moment and explained: “Nan Nan, I have no blood relationship with you. Dad wants to be your lover, not your dad.”

    Nan Xun didn’t appear very surprised. She looked at the man in front of her and saw several golden beans rolled down from his narrowed eyes.4He’s not crying…think of the golden beans rolling down from his eyes (since NX is sitting on his lap and is below him) as lasers focusing in on her

    “I, actually, I already knew for a long time, but I was always so afraid that you would suddenly not want me. So, I always pretended to not know.”

    Nan Xun sniffed and stuffily said: “I overheard dad and grandpa talked long ago. Dad, you don’t want me because of this?”

    Li Chen was very surprised. He was a very vigilant person. When he talked with his old man, he made sure that Li Xiao Nan wasn’t nearby, but now his baby said she already knew?  

    However, Li Chen didn’t have time to think about these problems. He felt that his baby was afraid and uneasy.

    “Silly girl, I like you so much. It’s too late, I love you, how can I not want you? Although we won’t be father and daughter any longer, you will be the woman I love most.” From time to time, Li Chen pecked and kissed her little mouth, saying affectionate words that he would never say in his life in order to comfort her uneasy heart.

    Nan Xun was very satisfied. From the bed, she stuck out her two white arms from the quilt and wrapped them around his neck and rubbed him with the tip of her nose. “Dad, remember what you said.”  

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