The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 95

Translated by Novice Translations

Furious, Li Xiao Nan Disappeared

    “Baby, my name is Li Chen.” Li Chen suddenly said.

    Nan Xun faltered for a long time and called out in a low voice. “Li…Chen.” The little face was blushed with shame.

    Nan Xun who was soft and prone, let Li Chen dress her, then Li Chen went downstairs with a puddle in his arms. He placed her on the dining chair and went to the kitchen to cook.

    Soon, Li Chen came over with a pot of kelp rib soup, then carefully and thoughtfully filled a bowl for her and even raised the bowl to feed her.

    Little eight: “This one-stop service is really…tsk tsk.”

    Nan Xun: “Don’t be jealous of me, if you have the ability, come and lose your integrity, ah.”

    Little eight: …

    The next day, Old Li, who went out to travel with his old friends, came back. At a glance, he saw the subtle changes between the two, and his heart was complex, ah.

    He had expected there would be such a day, but he didn’t expect Li Chen would be such a beast. It was only a few days before Nan Nan’s 18th birthday, but he still managed people.

    What he was more troubled about was that this beast was his own.

    On Nan Xun’s birthday, Li Chen asked her if she wanted to invite her classmates to visit her home. Nan Xun quickly shook her head and said she wanted to spend time with dad.

    Little eight was stupid and quickly asked: “Don’t you like to laugh happily, but refused so simply, this is unlike you, ah.”

    Nan Xun hummed: “We’ve been together for so long and you still don’t know Li Chen’s virtues after all this time? He’s digging a hole for me. If I say yes happily, even if he nods his head on the surface, I’m sure he will be upset. Can’t you feel people’s happiness, anger and sorrow? Isn’t Li Chen stealthily happy now?”

    Little eight: “…Yes.”

    Li Chen prepared a super luxurious multi-layered cake and a romantic candlelight dinner for Nan Xun. Nan Xun had enough to eat and her stomach was bulging.

    “Dad, I’m full,” Nan Xun said.

    Li Chen looked at her, his eyes resembling a wolf, “But baby, dad’s not full.”

    Nan Xun hurriedly pushed the cake that she gnawed out of shape in front of him, “This is for dad to eat.”

    Li Chen didn’t move and directly stared at her. “Baby, dad doesn’t want to eat this.”  

    Nan Xun: This beast!

    Then, a certain animal carried Nan Xun upstairs. That night, he ate people thoroughly from the outside to the inside, from top to bottom, from front to back.

    These unscrupulous days lasted for more than two months. Nan Xun sat in the school library in a daze.

    “Little eight, ah, Li Chen’s evil value hasn’t dropped at all?” Nan Xun asked the void beast.

    The void beast anxiously said, “Yes, not even 0.1! What’s the matter with your daddy Li Chen? Now that he’s very happy and satisfied, why isn’t the evil value falling?”  

    Nan Xun thought: “You say, do you think it was because I was too easy to get?”  

    The void beast thought, “It’s very possible.”

    Nan Xun snapped her finger and pointed out, “Well, let’s make a big escape.”  

    ·1I’ve been deleting these random periods the previous chapters cause they look funny….but just decided to respect the author and leave them…

    Li Xiao Nan was gone.

    Li Xiao Nan would return home on time every day but didn’t return today. At first, Li Chen thought something delayed his little baby, until the people who secretly protected Li Xiao Nan said the miss was gone.

    The two bodyguards in black knelt on the floor and shivered.

    “Old Li,2So, this is Li Chen but he inherited the old title, its similar to godfather in English…ye means either grandpa or old gentleman we have been monitoring the miss’s every move according to your instructions. On the way back, she went to the public restroom. We waited outside, but we didn’t see her come out for a long time. Then we rushed in and found the miss was gone.”

    Li Chen turned his thumb, his eyes were cold and his face dark.  

    No one knew that he looked calm on the surface, but his heart had already ignited the sky with anger.

    He knew his recent methods were a little radical. He unscrupulously pulled out some old cavities in the group, which may hurt the interests of some people, especially those who followed his father, but it was better than if they were against him. If they hurt his heart, he will make those people unhappy and happy to die!

    Li Chen used his remaining reason to arrange for a search. Most of his manpower was devoted to track a few old people who have conflicts of interest with him. The rest guarded places where Li Xiao Nan often haunted.  

    The high-intensity work lasted for a whole month.

    The lights in the living room weren’t turn on. Li Chen sat in the corner of the sofa, puffing clouds from his mouth, casting a dark shadow on the ground which looked lonely.  

    Old Li turned on the light with a “pa”, and saw what Li Chen looked like. In the daytime, he handled his official business as if nothing had happened to him. But in the evening, his whole person collapsed.

    The hall was filled with acrid suffocating smoke. Li Chen sat on the sofa with his eyes slightly narrowed. The ashtray in front of him was full of cigarette butts and there was a cigarette between his fingers. The smoke rose from his fingers.

    “Li Chen, ah, Nan Nan hasn’t been found yet?”

    Li Chen didn’t speak.

    Old Li hesitated for a moment and said: “You should have seen that Nan Nan has been abducted by your enemies, but…she left herself.”

    When Li Chen heard this, his body finally froze. He turned his head and looked at old Li. His eyes were as sharp as a torch and he said in a deep voice, “Nan Nan won’t leave me. I love her so much. Why would she want to leave me?”  

    Old Li said: “Why were you together? You should know better than anyone. Did Nan Nan really love you or mistakenly regarded it as fatherly love? She may have heard some gossip and finally found out she was abnormal with you. She couldn’t bear the blow for a while, so she ran away from home. Give Nan Nan some time and she will come back when she thinks it over.”

    Old Li said this, patted him on the shoulder and left.

    Li Chen looked up at the dazzling crystal lights on the ceiling. His red eyes seemed to flash with blood under the light.

    Was this really the case?

    Li Xiao Nan accepted him so easily, but simply took this as father’s orders? She habitually obeyed him, or habitually pleased him. In her heart, she was more eager to return to their original father-daughter relationship?  

    However, this was impossible.

    He has lived such a big life and never actively pursued a woman. Li Xiao Nan was the first and last.

    He didn’t want it, even if he was wronged, he wouldn’t eat.3He didn’t want other women is what hes talking about Just like the woman who called herself Li Xiao Nan’s mother, when she gave him medicine, he would rather bear the burning pain himself and let his personal doctor come cure him and wouldn’t take the calculating woman to bed.

    He gave the woman his own bodyguard. It was funny that woman thought she got what she wanted, to be the wife of the Li family’s young master with a child.

    He thought to himself that Li Xiao Nan’s fate couldn’t be avoided, as she was born with a predestined affinity. She was born to belong to him!

    Li Chen was silent. Suddenly, he slowly smiled deeply, and his eyes flashed with an icy light.  

    “Baby, do you want to reconnect with me as father-daughter again? I tell you, it’s absolutely impossible. This time you were too unscrupulous. When dad finds you, you must be punished…”

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