The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 96

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Slower, I’m Afraid

    “Fuck! Not good, not good, I don’t know what happened just now. Your daddy Li Chen’s blackening value jumped to 100!” The void beast suddenly screamed.

    Nan Xun, who was eating a large bowl of noodles on the side of the road, almost spewed it out from her mouth because of his ghostly roar.

    “What’s the fuss, it’s not like the evil value rebounded to 100. Blacken it. I only care about the evil value.” Nan Xun took a piece of napkin and slowly wiped her mouth gracefully.

    The fussy void beast: …

    Once again, the void beast was conquered by Nan Xun’s powerful heart.

    He thought Nan Xun didn’t understand the meaning of the word, “blackening”. Anyway, it was Nan Xun who would suffer this time. Anyway, when the moment of hardship arrives, would Nan Xun still not care about it?

    Before, the void beast always thought Nan Xun was particularly stupid, but now he can confirm she is stupid. She had prepared things to escape and didn’t dare take the different gold cards Li Chen gave her. She left with only one hundred yuan.

    Nan Xun first shook off the tail that was secretly stalking, then went to find Li Rong Rong, who once had a close relationship with her. This woman was now amazing. Then after seeing her, Li Rong Rong prepared a fake ID card for Nan Xun and provided a small sum of money.

    Nan Xun could use this money for at least ten years without doing anything but eat and drink. But in order to avoid Li Chen, Nan Xun specialized in eating at roadside stalls. Even if Li Chen was dead, he wouldn’t think of this. His spoiled baby has only eaten delicacies but went to eat these things.

    More than that, Nan Xun also changed her hair style. Her long hair turned into shoulder length resembling a student, and she wore an old dress with a pair of black frame glasses. The whole person looked very dull.

    No one could imagine it was Li Xiao Nan a month ago.

    Nan Xun, who was full of food and drink, directly carried her bag to the destination, a famous scenic spot in S province.

    The void beast said, “You’re a wastrel, all your money has been spent for traveling.”

    Nan Xun hummed: “Do you think Li Chen is a vegetarian? I just have a perfect plan. Within three months, Li Chen will find me. Anyway, the final result is the same. Why should I grieve? And you think, a fugitive, would she be in the mood to go sightseeing? This is the opposite of what I would do. Li Chen can’t guess I’m going around now.”

    The void beast was speechless.

    “Don’t forget the task.” The void beast said dryly.

    Nan Xun was flying free for another month.

    On this day, the weather was clear and cloudless. Nan Xun was lying on the prairie, her heart resting on her arm, looking at the boundless blue sky, her eyes squinting comfortably.

    The surroundings were very quiet, she could hear the sound of the wind. The warm wind brushed her face and made her itch.

    When people are quiet, it was always easy to think of something that was sealed in their hearts.

    She thought of Xue Ming, the man who carried her on his back and walked on the hillside planted with demonic flowers. It was a very beautiful magical flower. The black petals were dotted with little red dots. The small glowing insects flew in the night sky, illuminating the red dots on the magic flowers. The red dots flashed with the spiritual insects in the night, like countless red stars.

    The night was beautiful, and the man’s shoulders was very wide and solid.

    She also thought of the paranoid ghost Fu Yu. Every night, he held her tightly in his arms as if he held the most precious treasure in the world.

    Then she thought of Li Chen.

    She thought, then thought of everything, all this she blamed on this familiar feeling –during pancakes, a sense of trepidation echoed from the depths of her soul. There were some things she didn’t want to think about, because the more she thought, the more it fetters.

    Da da da.

    Nan Xun seemed to hear the sound of a horse running. She sat up and looked into the distance, and soon saw a small brown spot.

    Someone came over on horseback.

    All of a sudden, the void beast interjected, “I wish you good luck.”

    Then Nan Xun could see the man.

    She didn’t expect Li Chen to come so soon.

    The man didn’t change into riding equipment and wore a casual suit.  

    The horse stopped more than 20 meters away. The man jumped down from the horse with his long legs and approached her.

    The sun was behind the man, his expression was in the shadow and couldn’t be seen, but Nan Xun saw his curled hands, his taut long legs and tight muscles. He walked with great strides, bigger and faster.  


    Nan Xun swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

    After her eyes wandered around, Nan Xun suddenly raised the corners of her mouth into a smile, then ran towards people and began to express her yearning. “Dad, I miss you very much—”

    The void beast almost choked to death on his own saliva.

    What a fickle woman. Oh no, it should be said that Nan Xun’s ability to adapt to the situation was too strong. Look at this smiling face, how sincere.

    Nan Xun rushed to Li Chen. When she was about to collide into him, she jumped onto him with her legs hooked onto his waist and her hands around his neck. Her face rubbed his side. “Dad, Dad, I miss you, I miss you every day for the two months I was away.”

    During the conversation, Nan Xun sneaked a glance, looking at Li Chen’s mouth that slightly hooked at the corners and her heart jumped abruptly.

    To suffer, when he smiles like this, it meant someone was going to be unlucky!

    Now there was only two people here. Who was the unlucky person besides her?

    Nan Xun hugged Li Chen tighter. “Dad, why are you here? People was preparing to go back.”

    Li Chen didn’t speak or return her embrace. After a long time when Nan Xun was about to slide down from him, he stretched out his hand and held her little buttocks.  

    Then he held her with one hand and walked back in silence.

    Nan Xun was held up by him, then heard Li Chen’s “driving” sound. The horse under him started to gallop with their legs spread apart and ran across the prairie.

    The speed was a little fast and it was very bumpy.

    Nan Xun clung onto Li Chen. “Dad, slow down. I’m afraid.”

    Li Chen glanced at her slightly and finally said his first sentence, “Baby, you were really disobedient. So, I will punish you now.”

    After that, he embraced Nan Xun against himself and lifted her skirt.  

    There was a horse running across the prairie very fast, then immediately afterwards, a flower opened, and someone was crying.

    Nan Xun was carried back to the car by Li Chen. She didn’t know what happened in between, she really didn’t know a thing.

    Nan Xun asked little eight if anything happened in the middle of the journey. Little eight ah, “I don’t know. Ah, I couldn’t see or hear anything during the whole journey, ah. The entire time, daddy Li Chen was making pancakes. And the pancakes were made, there was different pancakes from the strength ah, angle ah and posture ah.”  

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  1. Choco Cookie

    How come she doesn’t know what happened on the horse ride? Did she black out? And the thing with the horse was kind of random X’DDD Hahahhaha; why did Li Chen ride on a horse to her?

    1. Novice TL Admin

      You really dont know? He raped her on the horse, so while he was pumping her, the horse ride was super bumpy and causes more vibration? Theres alot of hentai of strap ons while horseback riding and things like that. It’s a real fetish.
      She probably blacked out because the sex was too intense for her. She was in a prairie, probably Li Chen thought of that sexy punishment beforehand.

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    OH MY 😳! Admittedly, I was a little confused about the horse thing too. It’s even funnier now that I know that lol. I suppose Li Chen is a man of many…talents 😅. Thanks for updating! This story is one of my favorites 😍❤️!

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    I’m… not sure that’s.. anatomically possible… but if anyone could achieve it, I guess it’s a yandere on this level!

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      The Japanese could achieve it. You don’t know how much trauma I suffered when I accidentally watch a compilation japan porn video, and how I felt awed at how flexible the bodies of the actors and actresses are.

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