The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 97

TL Note: Sorry guys, I was being a couch potato all day today. Haha didn’t do anything and manage to only get 1 chapter out today. Anyways, for my readers who can’t read in between the lines – the horse scene was a rape punishment for Nan Xun. The sex was so intense she blacked out. With his thrusting and the horse vibrating them and her little sister simultaneously – it was too much for her to bear. That’s why the text says he opens up her skirt, and a flower was pierce (her flower hole) and a woman’s screams was heard, then lots of pancakes. Anyways sharing a review I found on NU below. Thanks, I really appreciate comments and reviews (cough only nice ones). I actually am the type of person who gets easily discourage.

Translated by Novice Translations

Nan Nan, Murder Him to Take Revenge

    “Baby, awake?” The familiar voice was above her head with a trace of hoarseness.

    Nan Xun found herself in his arms, so she sat up, forced out a hehe, then began to change the subject, “Oh dad, why did you change the car, it’s so small, where does the bodyguards sit, ah?”

    In the original limousine, there were four bodyguards that sat at the end. There was no way Li Chen wasn’t protected closely. With his position, he was still a gangster since his ancestors mixed with them. He didn’t feel at ease without any bodyguards.

    But this time, in order to find someone, Li Chen didn’t even bring his bodyguards.  

    “They move in the dark.” Li Chen faintly replied.

    Nan Xun saw his cold appearance and understood he was still angry. Although he ran a few laps, he was still angry.1few laps aka pancakes laps!

    Nan Xun obediently stopped talking and planned to go to sleep. However, just as she closed her eyes, Li Chen’s face suddenly changed, and he pushed her down onto the seat.

    The next moment, Nan Xun heard gunshots and her eyes widened.

    “Li Chen!” Nan Xun shouted.

    Li Chen touched her head. “Don’t be afraid baby. You lie there, don’t get up.” Even at this time, his tone wasn’t urgent.

    “Zhao lao, continue driving.” Li Chen said in a deep voice.

    The driver Zhao lao obviously saw the scene. As soon as he turned his hand, the car swiveled back and forth on the road, so that the people following him couldn’t aim at their target.  

    Li Chen took out a black pistol with a silencer from a dark box, aimed it at the rear glass window, then focused at a point and fired several shots in succession.  

    Nan Xun heard the harsh brakes screeching from a distance. It seemed that the driver was killed by Li Chen and one of their tires burst.  

    At this time, the bodyguards who followed Li Chen in the dark had already started a gun battle with the people in the car, and there were the sounds of gunshots for a long time.  

    When the gunshots finally stopped, Li Chen suddenly said, “Zhao lao, turn around.”

    Zhao lao cursed softly, “Old Li, someone certainly leaked your whereabouts!”

    Li Chen’s eyes became extremely cold, but because of the ignorant girl, he slightly restrained his killing intent in his eyes.

    He held Nan Xun in his arms and gently patted her back. “Baby don’t be afraid. Nan Nan don’t be afraid. The bad guys have been caught. Dad will take you to look.”

    The scene was very chaotic. A small truck with a flat tire. Seven or eight men in casual clothes were lifeless, their chests were like a wasp’s nest covered with bullet holes. The only one alive was kicked to kneel on the ground by the bodyguard in black.

    “Old Li, look, is this sole survivor going to be tortured?”

    Li Chen suddenly hooked his lips and held Nan Xun to his chest, imprisoned her in his arms, then softly whispered close to her ear: “Nan Nan, this man was about to kill dad just now. Do you think he should be damned?”

    Nan Xun’s tongue was a little knotted, “Deserve, damned.”

    Li Chen was like the devil and lowly mumbled in repetition, his voice sounded in her ear, in a bewitching way: “Nan Nan come kill him to get revenge for dad, okay, en?”

    Nan Xun’s expression froze, and quickly said: “Dad, it’s better to send this bad guy to the police station.”

    Li Chen listened to this, laughed out loud and pinched her little pink face. “Nan Nan is so cute. We have to do things according to the rules of the road. The police shouldn’t wade in muddy water.”

    He said, then handed the pistol in Nan Xun’s hand, held her waist from behind, “Come, Nan Nan, kill him, kill him to avenge dad.”  

    Nan Xun’s hand was shaking. She could hardly hold the gun.

    The man looked at the muzzle of the gun she held and yelled, “Old Li, you can’t kill me, you don’t know who wants to secretly kill you!”  

    Li Chen disregarded him and only patiently taught the girl.

    “Quickly, Nan Nan. If you do well, dad will reward you.” Li Chen said with enthusiasm.

    Come on, Nan Xun was about to cry.

    Li Chen reluctantly sighed, “Nan Nan is really not obedient. If it can’t be done well, come, dad will help you.” At the end of his words, his big palm suddenly encircled Nan Xun. She was unprepared when the trigger was pulled by their fingers.

    Then there was a peng peng thump, the gun shot the middle of the man’s forehead and heart.2the thump is the guy falling to the floor fyi

    Nan Xun watched the big living man fall down in front of her. He twitched on the ground a few times, then took his last breath. Her breathing became fast and her heart pounded.

    “Handle it here.” Li Chen coldly ordered.

    Until she was picked up by Li Chen into the car, Nan Xun’s mind was blank.

    “Ying ying ying, little eight, I killed, what should I do, ah, ying ying ying…”

    The void beast comforted her. “It’s not you who killed, it’s your daddy Li Chen who killed. He was the one who pulled the trigger. Don’t think too much. Besides, there were a lot of human lives that person extinguished with his own hands, consider it as removing a harm from society.”

    Nan Xun was still stunned for a while. The high tension just now made her physically and mentally tired, and she soon fell asleep.

    She didn’t know how long the bumpy road was, finally, it quiet down. In a daze, Nan Xun felt cold on her feet and heard a tinkling sound.

    Nan Xun mumbled, turned over and continued to sleep.

    When Nan Xun woke up, she looked at the long gold chain which was fasten on her ankle and her whole person was confused.  

    “Little eight, what happened when I was asleep?”

    She didn’t know why, but the void beast’s voice was very excited, “Ye3Referring to himself as the same as Old Li…grandpa/old gentleman…and IMO godfather actually saw the legendary little black house play with my own eyes!4Little black house – psychological term that refers to a completely enclosed space without sound and without light. From my own eyes, I saw how delicate the foot chain is, ah. I estimate that daddy Li Chen had someone make it since a month ago. Oh right, something must have occupied his mind while you were gone. He’s afraid that you’ll run again, so he tied a chain to your leg. Hee hee.”

    Nan Xun raised her ankle chain and looked at it. Then she put it on her teeth and bit it. She cried out, “Little eight, it’s pure gold!”  

    Little eight: ……

    Is there something wrong with this woman’s focus?

    “Such a long one, and it’s all gold, ah. It’s worth a lot of money. What’s more, you can see how delicate the foot chain is polished, ah. If I can take it when I go to the next world, it would be fine.”

    Little eight: …

    The most “satisfied” thing he met in his life was Nan Xun, a person with great nerves.  

    The length of the chain was particularly suitable. It restricted her two or three steps from the bedroom door, but Nan Xun couldn’t reach it. She bent her body 90 degrees, but still couldn’t reach the doorknob.

    Nan Xun was glad the chain was long enough for her to use the bathroom.

    Surrounded by silence, Nan Xun roared a few times, and no one responded.

    It was useless to be alone in such a big villa, old Li wasn’t here, as if it was only possessed by Li Chen.

    She was the only one left in this whole big villa alone, perhaps…with a beast.

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    Oh gosh; he forced her to kill a person…made her pull the trigger; that’s kind of messed up and dark XD
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        I also cry at the end of this arc it broke my heart as well as World 5. World 5 is my favorite arc so far.

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