The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 98

Translated by Novice Translations

High, This Move was too High

    Nan Xun touched her hungry stomach and said to little eight: “If Li Chen doesn’t come back, I may starve to death.”

    Little eight said, “I have pigu pills, but after I give it to you, you probably won’t feel like eating.”1pigu pills are what Taoists uses to eat while they are fasting

    Nan Xun: “Then give me one.”

    Little eight immediately replied: “No, what will you do if you don’t want to eat anymore?”

    Nan Xun: “Absolutely not. I have a big belly. It’s okay to eat two more bowls of noodles. Good little eight, no problem, give me one to eat~”

    Little eight: “……Okay.”

    The coquettish woman really made it difficult for the beast to refuse.

    Nan Xun, who had eaten the pigu pill, tumbled around in bed bored.

    Little eight asked, “What are you doing?”

    Nan Xun said, “This is a very soft and comfortable bed, I’m afraid I can’t sleep in the next world.”

    Little eight oh, “Of course, should sleep more.”

    Nan Xun was surprised “Little eight, why does it sound like you’re a little flustered.”

    “Don’t panic. I’ve already thought about the next world. Your birth isn’t very good.” Little eight finished and hummed a song.

    Nan Xun had a bad premonition, but little eight didn’t reveal the next world despite her life and death.

    She didn’t know how long it took, but when night fell, Li Chen finally came back.

    Nan Xun stared at the door. When the door opened with a squeak, she dashed towards the visitor and tried to pounce into his arms.

    As a result, she forgot she had a chain on her ankle and almost fell to the ground. Thanks to Li Chen’s quick two strides, she was in his arms which saved her from eating the floor.

    Nan Xun hugged him and said with a very aggrieved expression. “Dad, where have you been? I haven’t seen you all day.”

    There was a bit of tiredness between Li Chen’s eyebrows. Nan Xun guessed that something had happened during his absence.

    Li Chen didn’t say a word, just took her to bed, then began to frantically make pancake.

    The cake was baked repeatedly and shrieked.

    Come on, she was going to die.

    Finally, Nan Xun cried and became a dog, she was nestled in his arms and said, “Dad, I was wrong, I’ll never run again.”

    Li Chen hugged her, kissed her earlobe, and said in a deep voice: “Nan Nan, if you do something wrong, you’ll be punished. This punishment isn’t over.”

    Nan Xun regretted it and her intestines were green.

    However, there was no medicine for regrets in the world.

    “Dad, can you unlock the foot chain first. I have some pain.” Nan Xun looked at the man beside her with tears in her eyes.

    Li Chen took her foot and looked at it. He really saw red marks. He frowned slightly and thought for a long time. He took out the key from his pocket and opened the lock with a snap.

    At this moment, Nan Xun was so moved that she immediately hugged Li Chen and gave him a big kiss, “Thank you dad!”

    Li Chen stroked her beautiful little face, his eyes were very gentle and said, “You can take it off when dad is here, but when dad isn’t here, Nan Nan still has to wear it.”

    Come on, what else can Nan Xun say.

    She rushed over and rubbed her face on Li Chen and said very cleverly, “…I’m sorry, it’s okay as long as your happy.”

    Afterwards, Li Chen went to the dining room with Nan Xun, and personally cooked two bowls of noodles. The father and daughter both ate one bowl. Although neither of them talked, the atmosphere was very warm.

    Only after eating half a bowl, Nan Xun couldn’t eat. After eating the pigu pill, she wasn’t very hungry.

    Li Chen looked at her faintly, “It wasn’t to baby’s taste?”

    Nan Xun surveyed the overcast eyes and hurriedly shook her head and continued to eat a big mouthful. Her heart was full of tears.

    Little eight snorted in a small voice, “It’s worth it.”2Mocking her cause earlier she said she could handle it

    Nan Xun: …

    When they finished eating, Li Chen was washing the dishes and Nan Xun suddenly hugged his waist from behind.  

    Li Chen paused.

    “Dad, are you still angry that I left without saying bye?”

    The tip of Nan Xun’s nose rubbed against his white shirt and her voice was stuffy, “Dad, I can explain. I like dad very much. No, I love dad, but I wasn’t sure if my feelings towards you were abnormal. I was more worried that dad didn’t love me. If I can’t love him for a lifetime, I’d like to stay as a relative, so you can never abandon me. Dad, do you understand? I was just worried. I love you so much. Dad you’re so kind and I don’t know what to say. I was afraid that one day dad would suddenly not love me…”

    At the end, Nan Xun sobbed softly.

    It seems it took Li Chen a while to digest this passage because he kept the previous position for a long time without moving.

    At some point, he suddenly turned around and looked at the little sweet mouth in front of him.  

    With a thump, his heart beat abruptly.

    Nan Xun was frightened by his scarlet eyes!

    After a careful look, those eyes weren’t red, but more blood-red. The more she looked at that red, she felt a sense of relief.

    Li Chen stretched out his long arms and pulled her into his embrace. He could probably break Nan Xun’s small waist if his strength was a little stronger.  

    “The evil value dropped by 1 point, there’s only one point left!” Little eight’s voice suddenly interrupted at this time and sounded extremely excited.

   “Come on, go on, say all kinds of love endearments! Don’t stop, don’t stop!!” Little eight was so excited that he wanted to take over Nan Xuns mouth and repeat love phrases.

    When Nan Xun heard the evil value decreased, she suddenly felt she could fight 300 rounds with her light body.

    So, instead of listening to little eight, she hugged the man in front of her and shyly said, “Li Chen, I still want you.”

    Little eight: …!

    What the fuck! Fucking hell!

    High, this move was too high. What’s the point? Fight with the demon directly!  

    The meaning of Nan Xun’s sentence was very obvious. Li Chen inhaled a deep breath and couldn’t wait to hold her and walked straight to the bedroom.

    When the two demon fought halfway through, little eight couldn’t help but cry out, “Dear, the evil value is zero! We did it!”

    After saying this, little eight continued to block his five senses. Just now, he just wanted to report the progress and didn’t open his ears and eyes, so he couldn’t hear or see anything.

    But even so, the experienced little eight has already guessed which stage the two people’s battle was at. It must be the most intense and hottest. The earth was shaking, the auspicious clouds were floating, and the birds were singing the entire time.

    Knowing that Li Chen’s evil value was eliminated, Nan Xun had some thoughts. At some point, she held Li Chen’s arm firmly.

    Thank you, Li Chen.

    That night, Nan Xun was sleeping sweetly with Li Chen who was blackened nearby.

    Li Chen didn’t sleep. He always looked at the woman in his arms. His eyes were gentle and watery, sometimes dark and deep, but without exception, they were warm as a fire.

    When Nan Xun woke up the next day, Li Chen disappeared.

    Nan Xun moved her foot, jingling and the gold chain was fastened on her foot.

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      No it flashed blood red briefly at that moment and return to his dark black color…I’m assuming his eyes are black. Cause always described as dark

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    So he’s definitely always the same creepy-ass soul, right? Is he… transmigrating with her? Or is she deliberately only put in worlds with him in it?

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