The Villain Has Blackened Again – Chapter 99

Translated by Novice Translations

Blocked the Bullet, It Really Hurts

    Nan Xun yawned, took the hot milk and bread from the table and began to eat, then asked little eight, “What has Li Chen been doing recently? Why is he always gone?”

    Little eight who was in a good mood, knew everything, “Your daddy Li Chen spent a lot of energy to look for you during this period and didn’t manage the secret forces. As a result, some people with ill-intentions united and dug a hole. But you can rest assure that daddy Li Chen is very powerful. Within five days at most, these people can no longer afford to create waves.”

    After a pause, little eight tentatively asked, “Shall we leave the world now?”  

    Nan Xun made a move and whispered: “Give me two more days.”

    Little eight was silent for a moment and replied good.

    That night, when Li Chen came back with Nan Xun’s favorite pastry, she could see some fatigue between his eyebrows, but the moment he saw Nan Xun, all of it disappeared.

    “Nan Nan, I dealt with everything. I’ll be with you tomorrow.” Li Chen took Nan Xun in his arms and spoke tenderly and affectionately.

    Nan Xun docilely leaned on his arms and suddenly said: “Li Chen, let’s go out tomorrow.”

    Li Chen smiled and asked, “Where do you want to play baby?”  

    Nan Xun answered, “We can go anywhere, as long as you accompany me.”

    The next day, Li Chen took her to the shooting range they often frequent.

    Nan Xun proficiently loaded the gun and aimed it at the bull’s eye.

    Right in the heart.  

    Li Chen hugged her from behind and his large palm rubbed her waist, his thin lips kissed her earlobe, smiled and lowly said: “Indeed, my baby was really taught by me. The marksmanship will soon be on par with me.”  

    Nan Xun had some doubts if this wasn’t an open shooting range, Li Chen would probably breed some dirty ideas.

    After having a good time, they walked hand in hand.  

    At this time, little eight’s voice suddenly rang, “What the fuck, this isn’t good! There’s a traitor here aiming at daddy Li Chen. There’s a sniper ambush in the dark! Now, he’s going to shoot!”

    Nan Xun’s face greatly changed. At that moment, her body reacted first in response to her brain. She rushed to Li Chen and firmly stood in front of him.  

    The next second, she heard her heart explode.  

    Her body fell backwards, and she saw Li Chen’s stunned expression. But after a second, the man’s eyes shrank, and he pulled her into his arms in a panic. He cried out, “Nan Nan! Li Xiao Nan!”  

    Nan Xun’s mouth constantly had blood rushing out. Her hands tightly grasped the white shirt in front of Li Chen’s chest. “Li…Chen…”

    She originally wanted to say, “you have to live well”, but the results were these two words that were swallowed.

    Come on, the TV was full of lies. Why did she lose her breath and couldn’t finish speaking? People on TV could say many words of farewell before they died!

    Nan Xun’s soul was drawn from the body. She looked at the man holding Li Xiao Nan’s body and clearly saw the light in his eyes rapidly fading and becoming hollow.

    Li Chen lost Li Xiao Nan, as if he had lost… the whole world.

    Little eight cried on the side, “I’m sorry, dear. I forgot to shield your pain just now. Was it very painful ah?”

    Nan Xun quietly looked at Li Chen, en, then said, “…Very painful.”

    After a pause, her eyes suddenly moved away from Li Chen and faintly said, “So, you should compensate me in the next world.”

    Little eight: “Don’t worry child. Brocade garments, jade meals, don’t worry about food and clothing. Cough, I know you don’t want pancakes and spaceships. The next world meets your conditions.”

    Nan Xun nodded. “Let’s go.”

    Nan Xun’s soul was twisted in the dark. This time, one person and one beast seemed to spend extra time in the dark. At last, at a certain moment, it was bright and she and little eight arrived in the next world.

    It was just that Nan Xun didn’t taste what she wore in this world and heard a pa, exceptionally crisp.

    Then her head was smacked on one side, her face was burning, and her mouth was suddenly filled with blood.  

    Nan Xun’s heart was filled with fire, she wasn’t a person who easily suffered. She saw the woman’s hand that slapped her in front of her. Then she waved her hand and pa pa twice on the woman’s face. She was thrown to the ground and was dazed on the spot.

    “Audacious! You cheap person have the cheek to injure zhen’s favorite fei!”1fei is regular concubine/consort. Also zhen is how emperor’s refer to themselves in sentences A sharp shout unexpectedly sounded.

    The next moment, Nan Xun flew high in the air, then landed on the ground with a peng and spat out blood.

    Little eight quickly helped her block the pain, but even with the pain blocked, the injury still remained.

    Nan Xun didn’t dare move her body casually. She thought her bones might be broken. She slowly looked up at the man and woman in front of her while lying on the ground.  

    The woman’s clothes were gorgeous, with gold hairpins and flower pearls inserted on her head and glass bells on her ears. Although there were two bloodshot palm prints on her face, it wasn’t difficult to see the face was very delicate. She hid in the man’s arms and wept as if greatly wronged.  

    And the man, Nan Xun was stunned after she saw his face.

    The man was very good-looking. He wore a red five-clawed dragon robe and had a high nose. It seems that his eyebrows gave a strong sense of heroism. However, his eyes were full of disgust. After watching for a long time, Nan Xun could see a trace of killing intent and hatred.

    The man glanced at her coldly and indifferently said: “Qin guifei2senior concubine managed to lose her virtue today and is demoted to the cold palace for striking the beauty. She must enter and shut herself to ponder over her mistakes, zhen commands that no one can visit!”

    Then, Nan Xun, who was still confused, was rudely carried by two eunuchs to the cold palace. There was no one in the cold palace except her little personal servant girl, Cuihuan, who she brought into the palace.  

    Little eight hehe and ridiculed mercilessly. “Didn’t you say you could leave in three days? You impulsively slapped Li Shu fei twice and was beaten into the cold palace?”

    Nan Xun directly scolded the beast, “Damned little eight, you let me be slapped in the face as soon as I wear it. You should hope I don’t find you to settle the debt! You are fully aware of my temper and definitely knew I would return a pa pa twice, but unexpectedly you let me wear this at this time?”3Quick Transmigration – QT novels always translate as wear meaning transmigrated into or wearing the host/body

    What’s more, what about the brocade garments and jade meals? What about a good identity? As soon as I came, I became the abandoned fei in the cold palace, where is the brocade garments and jade meals!”

    The more that Nan Xun said, the more little eight was at fault.

    “Inside… you really did grow up with a golden spoon? You are the great general Qin’s di granddaughter,4di is the firstborn of the main wife don’t you know your grandfather? He has many pillboxes.5pillboxes are like forces He and the late emperor fought together to beat down the world! Laoye zi is a person of virtue and prestige. No one disrespects him, even the late emperor.”6Laoye zi – my old father; polite appellation for an elderly male

    Nan Xun immediately heard and asked, “You know that you’re talking about the late emperor, right? Is the current emperor the late emperor ah? Is he? I ask you, doesn’t the tyrant think Qin laoye zi is powerful and wants to eradicate him?”

    “Short oil, you’re suddenly so smart, I’m not used to it ah.”

    Nan Xun: …

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