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TL Note: So, I found this oneshot on JJWXC a couple months back and finally got around to translating it. Originally, the author intended for this to be a series but decided to just leave it as a oneshot…so the summary doesn’t really apply to the oneshot since the story isn’t entirely fleshed out.

Translated by Novice Translations 

Proofread by snax – Das slutty one shot that was promised. 

  Guagua and Yaoyao has been together for seven years and it was the so-called seven-year itch.1Seven-year itch originated from the American movie “Seven-year itch” released in 1955. This phrase in Chinese means that love will enter a dangerous period after seven years Everyone around them thought the two would be together for a long time, but the outcome was greatly disappointing.  

  ——Guagua cheated. 

  This was nothing. In this circle, there weren’t many determined to love unwaveringly. After all, heterosexual people still get divorced even if they have children. Not to mention, there was no guarantee of love between the same sex.  

  It’s not difficult to break up after the affair and find another love. 

  But after all this, the development of the matter was a surprise, 

  ——Yaoyao refused to separate! 

  After Guagua proposed a break up, Yaoyao still refused to separate, she said very firmly that she loves her and wasn’t willing to leave her.  

  Under the guise of Yaoyao’s lenience, Guagua quickly became more unfaithful. Yaoyao silently guarded a table of dishes every day, weeping brokenheartedly, but she still couldn’t revive her lover’s heart.   

  Then, Guagua was engaged! 

  Thunder from a clear sky2Thunder from out of the blue basically ah, Yaoyao thought Guagua would miss her at least a little, but unexpectedly she was going to get married!  

  And to a man! What a joke! Didn’t you say that you will only love me in your whole lifetime?! 

  The heartbroken Yaoyao rushed out of her house, then wandered the streets in confusion and despair, hoping to find the girl who smiled like the sunshine.   

  She was still thinking of that person’s3This uses the character 那个人 which means the girl of one’s dreams, her soulmate smile even when a truck suddenly crashed into her and until last breath, 

  —Bright as the light. 

  Yaoyao died, her soul floated in the air, watching the sweet marriage of the man-woman pair, her numb lips suddenly pulled into a smile.  

  You don’t love me, but I love you ah. 

  I can’t leave you behind, but I can imprison you ah and I’ve become a ghost and won’t let you go, Guagua.  

  When Yaoyao opened her eyes again, she could still feel the burning sensation of the sun shining on her body. She wasn’t alarmed, instead she opened her cellphone, July 1, XXXX, 

  Very good, at this time she hasn’t renounced her right of inheritance. She was still the sole heir in the family. 

  She hasn’t given up all her accomplishments in order to have Guagua. She was still the omnipotent cat demon with nine-lives. 

  Yaoyao smiled softly and sent a text message, thinking that she would see her delicious dessert in a moment. 

  She went to have a meal, took a bath, and when she came out wearing a bathrobe, she saw the person on her bed. 

  She was still asleep because of the drugs, so she quietly laid on her bed. Yaoyao couldn’t remember the last time she laid so quietly on her bed. 

  If loving you hurts me, and I can’t stop loving you, then I can only make you afraid of me, so afraid that you’ll never dare to leave me again; I can imprison you, threaten you, and eliminate all your escape routes. 

  You can’t retreat. 

  Yaoyao smiled gorgeously, she tied up her beloved person, took out a bottle of medicine from the package delivered by the servant, then took out four pills and stuffed them in Guagua’s body and counted the time. She sat and waited for her beloved to wake up.  

  When Guagua woke up, she felt her entire body was hot all over. Her confused eyes looked around in a daze, until she heard a woman’s laughter. 

  Followed by the whistling of the whip, 

  ”Ah—!” The unexpected pain caused Guagua to cry out, the woman smiled again, and the whip landed on Guagua again.  

  ”Honey, be good, and you will suffer less.” 

Author’s Notes: 

This article is a spoof,4a humorous imitation of something, typically a film or a particular genre of film 

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    I feel obligated to mention that although self quarantine is difficult, domestic abuse is no good. Lesbian community already has a real problem with this, so let’s all keep it to fiction alright.


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    I’m a fan of bdsm but I want some consent >\\\<

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