This Princess Punishes Your Nine Generations – Chapter 11

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Executive Summary: Imperial princess dian xia said: Very good, still learned to run away from home.  

Regent Jiejie Said it’s Time to Run Away

  According to historical records, the big Ming dynasty in the tenth year of Xuanwu, that summer had fine sunny weather with sun that shone brightly. The Regent dian xia personally represented the big Ming Dynasty as an ambassador who received the sea princess disguised as the sea emissary. They had met in the back hall of the Regent’s palace for a long time, reminiscing on the old story of the two countries’ joint attack on the nomadic people and discussed the business affairs of Tatar country.  

  The two were old childhood friends. The Regent dian xia was very pleased to take out the treasured Yunyue tea and have the sea princess taste it. She smiled and laughed, they recalled many childhood anecdotes and exchanged their deep inner thoughts. Finally, the guest and host were joyous and reluctant to part.

  — 《Donghai University Student Forum • The Old Affair of Big Ming’s Regent Lu Wu Shuang》


  Every time they met, they would start a strange conversation— quarreling and arguing, then shirking various responsibilities on each other. Every time, the reasons for transmigrating must first be theoretically explained, then the topics range from the trade disputes between the sea country and big Ming to the everyday life of fishermen and the common people in the sea country, then they would mock and ridicule each other. In short, they would cite any possible evidence to prove that one was right while the other was wrong, then they would draw the conclusion – who was better.

  Come on, listen to their dialogue, they had the same shortcomings but laughed and mocked each other, ah!

  In fact, what the hell, their argument was like floating clouds, ah, fleeting. In fact, it was just two women who “trampled” on each other because their physical strength was too low, so they stepped on each other to seek psychological balance.

  In this world, it can be said that these two people hate each other the most. One hates the daughter of her boss Qian who used to deliberately make trouble for her and was arrogant and bossy. The other hates her father’s worker. In short, they naturally view the other as displeasing to the eye.   

  But they were helpless, this was a different world, both sides were the most intimate with each other.

  What kind of intimacy? Let’s say, just quarrel.

  Why was quarreling wrong? They scold each other for a long time. In fact, people who were outsiders couldn’t understand a word!

  What was the best way to quarrel? All the allusions, eye movements and even the inexplicable Martian language from swearing was clearly understood as profound meanings.

  Therefore, just for the sake of quarreling, one couldn’t help but miss the other person who was also from Earth, ah! What’s more, they collude with each other all day long to bully warlords, vassals and nomads by means of trade and planned to plunder people’s wealth into their own family’s money bags!

  She remembered the time when they were reunited, the two people who had bright lives in the modern world were in a precarious situation. It was called a life of mutual suffering…

  Ok, not to mention how quickly time past when these two people talked, they didn’t realize that there were two high-ranking people drinking on the roof, while talking about diplomatic relations between the two countries, they set up the next list of warlords to be bullied by the sea country and big Ming. It is said that after the two heads of the state left, ah, the guards, ah, offered incense, ah, what the hell. They watched the two honorable deities leave and hurriedly return to report to their respective masters to offer their humble apologies while trembling with fear. They successfully appreciated their masters’ wonderful facial transformations that was a wonderful sight to behold.  

  After a strange silence for a while…

  “Ah!” Sister Zhuge, the sea princess, was the first to unconsciously look at the sky and said, “It’s a little late. Wangye, I’ll leave first.” With a serious face, she cupped her hands with courtesy then led a number of servants to quickly leave. Originally, these imperial bodyguards were elites she had brought from the sea. According to the usual practice from former days, they had to fight against the Regent’s bodyguards and compete.

  But now they both selectively forgotten about this matter and went back home. Soon, the Regent, who was still packing, received an eye-catching report that the sea princess who was disguised as the sea emissary, had left her duty to a minister and went directly back to the East China Sea with her personal guard.

  The Regent jiejie on the other hand cursed, “Chicken-hearted, serves her right, live like that for a lifetime.” Then she slipped out of the imperial city from a secret tunnel, “she was incognito through Hedong road in plainclothes to Heishan county along the secret flooded river” in the name of dashing to run away…

  “Very good, also learned how to run away from home.” After receiving the report, the imperial princess dian xia, changed her gown, rode her horse while sneering. It was like this fourteen years ago, with her most elite subordinates, she pointed to the direction of Heishan county and ordered, “Go.”


  The Regent jiejie was running from home…oh, on the way to Heishan county, she mingled with people incognito and admired the familiar and strange scenery. The memories from fourteen years ago were slowly revived…

  Fourteen years ago.

  The Kunpeng Dynasty was founded more than 900 years ago. The imperial court was corrupt. His Majesty, the emperor was no better than King You of Zhou. The world was in turmoil. In the north, west and northeast, he was hard pressed by several barbaric countries step by step. In the south, there were dozens of small-scale bandit alliances. In the west, there were endless pirates and dozens of uprisings.

  And Zhao da xiaojie’s father, Zhao Chengye, was one of the generals from the imperial court that were dispatched to eliminate the bandits.

  In this year, Zhao Chengye led five thousand military troops to fight against the 30,000 thieves led by Sun Wu in Heishan county near the sea.

  In the past, every few days, there was news from Zhao Chengye. But this time, more than half a month has passed and there was no news of Zhao laoye.

  If Zhao Zhi’s eldest brother was alive, it would have been arranged by him. However, Zhao Chengye’s first wife only had one son and one daughter, and his eldest son was murdered. There was only the legitimate daughter Zhao Zhi. After Zhao Zhi, there was a younger brother who was only three years old, who later became the foolish emperor of the Ming Dynasty. There were four shu meimeis in addition to Zhao Zhi. Furthermore, there was a first tang xiong1 Tang xiong – older male patrilineal cousin and third tang di.2 Tang di – younger male patrilineal cousin  

  The tang xiong was the lecherous and timid Zhao da shaoye.

  The second uncle was secretly shirking. He was afraid of danger, but was short-sighted, he was eager for his gege to die on the battlefield and was always pressed by his first wife to scheme and seize his gege’s family property. In the event that second uncle and tang xiong worked hard, why should Zhao Zhi work hard?  

  Zhao Zhi listened to Lu Wu Shuang’s instigation and thought for a long time. Then she decided to go and find her father. That night, she gathered 40 trustworthy guards, the horses were assembled and prepared to leave the next day.

  That night, Zhao Zhi was ready to sleep, but saw the beautiful maid who used to warm her bed was missing. These days, she was worried about her father. Lu Wu Shuang suddenly provided her with an idea, which made her heart feel more dependent towards Lu Wu Shuang. She always felt more comfortable looking at that woman who always smiled and flattered her.

  Zhao Zhi was just about to go look for her when suddenly a cyan shadow appeared from the compartment. She looked up and saw a beautiful young man with a small mustache and a sharp sword in his hand. He stood in front of her quietly with bright eyes.

  Zhao Zhi glanced at her oval buttocks and reminded her: “Don’t take earrings.” If it weren’t for her red ears, she was like an upright gentleman who wasn’t infatuated with the fox-spirit Lu Wu Shuang.

  Lu Wu Shuang: “…”

  When Lu Wu Shuang reflexively touched her ears and found nothing, she realized the little princess dian xia played her.  

  Why did Lu Wu Shuang, the coarse henpecked male, dare tease the imperial princess dian xia from time to time, was she blind? This was the reason for the long-awaited play of her being teased by the blackened imperial princess dian xia who harbored hard feelings, ah. —

  Zhao Zhi along with her 40 most elite guards and Lu Wu Shuan who was a burden that didn’t have the strength to truss a chicken, set out from Zhao’fu to Heishan county through Hedong road.

  Lu Wu Shuang clearly remembered the former Zhao Zhi who rode on a horse and stood taller than a person, she faced the golden sunshine with her face that gradually cleared with ambition, her face was firm and unrepentant. At that time, Lu Wu Shuang was just a flower that lived in this turbulent world. She was charming and beautiful but couldn’t withstand the wind and rain.

  Therefore, Lu Wu Shuang couldn’t understand the profound meaning of Zhao Zhi’s words. She was unable to take her eyes off the young Zhao Zhi who held the whip pointed towards Heishan county and ordered: “Let’s go.”

  Just for a moment, by this mere 15-year-old girl’s demeanor, it stirred the lake in her heart.

  1. Tang xiong – older male patrilineal cousin
  2. Tang di – younger male patrilineal cousin

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