This Princess Punishes Your Nine Generations – Chapter 3

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Executive Summary: You’re already my people, dare change your affections, punish your nine generations.

Dare Change Your Affections, Ben Gong Punishes Your Nine Generations

  Her highness the princess talked about Lu Wu Shuang’s accomplishments, who was a temperamental beauty. But in reality, her highness the princess’s eyes only saw her lover1 In the eyes of a lover appear (idiom) beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the results made her lover more beautified.

  In these days, the Regent, Lu Wu Shuang was really a unique royal sister. This elder sister was actually once a secretary to a president and lived 27 years in modern society and was a smooth and slick girl. After wearing Lu Wu Shuang, she took over the 16-year-old body of others. Moreover, the original owner was a budding beauty to the point of fish sinking and goose alights2 Fish sink, goose alights (idiom) female beauty captivating even the birds and the beasts . When she transmigrated and wore the original, she had some confusion but the combination of her and her body’s good looks resulted in this beautiful temperament woman.

  There was also a reason for the death of the original owner. The reason was because the Zhao’fu second branch’s eldest shaoye3 Shaoye – young master of house forcibly robbed her from her ordinary household, killed her parents, two brothers and one sister at Yamen4 Yamen is the name of the housing area and since they were from an ordinary family – they lived in a neighborhood. So, her family was killed in her own hood. home. The original owner was heartbroken, preferred to die and cut herself to commit suicide.  

  This shaoye was also a coward who was afraid of getting into trouble, when he saw a person’s death, he promptly rolled and crawled to run away, regardless of the corpse. So, Lu Wu Shuang, who wore this body for unknown reasons, happened to be the turtledove that occupied the magpie’s nest5 The magpie made a nest and the turtledove dwells in it (idiom) to reap where one has not sown. It’s a very smart idiom since she took over the old host’s situation and reaped what she didn’t’ even “earned”. . She was bewildered and wandered around for a long time, then accepted the fact that she had transmigrated. She washed away the blood and changed into the new silk gown that the eldest Zhao shaoye left on the bed. She slowly got up to leave the big inner room.

  When she came out, she happened to encounter the Zhao’s da xiaojie6 Da xiaojie – eldest daughter of an affluent family , Zhao Zhi, who was the future imperial princess, her highness. She rushed over as soon as she heard that her tang xiong7 Tang xiong – older male patrilineal cousin kidnapped a woman from an ordinary family.

  She was a secretary in modern society, in addition to her main job, she had to work part-time, either as an escort or a pimp. Lu Wu Shuang wasn’t a clean-living and honest woman, but she couldn’t climb the bed of her big pot-bellied president. So, she naturally took a part-time job as a pimp. She also has some skills to observe others’ words and facial expressions. Also, she had to deal with the president’s wife and mistresses. She has seen a lot of things, such as the divine Mary Sue, Lolita, the royal older sister queen and the vixen seductress, so she had figured out many ways to deal with women.

  Therefore, when Lu Wu Shuang saw her highness the princess for the first time, she thought about how to exploit the fourteen-year-old little Lolita princess to survive in this world. Lu Wu Shuang, after all, was a twenty-seven-year-old soul. No matter how sultry she was in her mind to craft plots and machinations, she could pretend to be a light and eternal Taoist. In the corner of her eye, she saw a plum tree in full bloom and without a word or movement8 Without a word or movement (idiom) remaining calm and collected; not batting an eyelid , immediately walked quietly to stand under the pear tree and counted the time to kick the trunk hard while people didn’t pay attention.

  When the little princess walked into the courtyard at that time, she caught sight of an immortal fairy under the pear tree, in the sunshine with flower petals swirling in the air, it was like a dream. She smiled at her with the flowers swaying, her beauty could ruin and overturn the country.

  At that time, Lu Wu Shuang had put in a lot of effort, the timing was so accurate, the expression was so good, the performance was perfect, how successful to look at flowers in the fog9 To look at flowers in the fog (idiom) blurred vision , to tempt the item! With her intuition, this method was absolutely in line with Zhao da xiaojie’s taste! Absolutely!

  But this modern girl obviously can’t talk to this ancient young lady. Her highness the princess, the great Zhao da xiao jie at that time, was very dignified at a very young age. Her star-like eyes were cold and reserved as she swept her eyes over Lu Wu Shuang and slowly spat out a sentence: “This person’s manner is very suspicious, capture her!”

  Lu Wu Shuang’s astonishment lasted only a split second, but suddenly vanished. She mocked herself with some indifference and helplessly smiled at the princess and let the servants take her away. What she thought in her heart was that this old lady worked so hard, give a response, okay?  

  Her highness the princess watched her leave, and once she was no longer visible, she stretched out her hand to cover her chest and wondered why her heart had jumped so fast compared to other days.

  Afterwards all day long, her highness the princess looked at Lu Wu Shuang’s face. But what kind of reasonable and tenacious person was her highness? It only took a moment, she investigated Lu Wu Shuang’s identity and origin. Half a day later, the fourteen-year-old Zhao da xiao jie waved her delicate hand and two big men with a back of a tiger and waist of a bear, dragged her tang ge back to his hometown in Hedong.

  In Zhao’fu basement, it was always dark. Only the vent on top can let in some light to indicate whether it was day or night.

  To be honest, even Lu Wu Shuang who was born in the countryside has never been in such an environment. The dirty and damp floor smelt of urine. There were a few clusters of moldy straws. She trembled as she heard rats running everywhere.  Without moving for a while, she felt cockroaches, or something crawling on her body and couldn’t be beaten away.

  Lu Wu Shuang can only stand in the middle of the cell and didn’t dare to sit down, plus she was tired and hungry and wanted to cry.

  She didn’t know how long it was – in Lu Wu Shuang’s perspective, it felt like a century long. Although later, her family’s Zhi’er told her that it was only half a day – and finally she heard someone’s footsteps approached along with the light. Lu Wu Shuang was so moved that she wanted to cry. She vowed to let her go and she would never play anymore tricks. She would rather hold onto the little princess’s thigh and suffer. It can be inferred from this episode that his majesty the current emperor like to hold his older sister’s thigh while in pain. Actually, he dared to learn this from the Regent.

  The small sinister room was the Regent’s psychological shadow.

  Zhao Zhi arrived.

  Under the light, by her side were the Zhao guards and Zhao Zhi looked at Lu Wu Shuang in the cell from head to toe. Lu Wu Shuang’s white robes were wide and showed her softness. Even in the cell, she still stood straight and tall and looked at Zhao Zhi’s eyes like seeing hope in despair, her lovely pear blossom eyes were full of tears and she looked pitiful.

  Zhao Zhi’s eyes flickered a few times, and didn’t break eye contact with Lu Wu Shuang’s eyes, she gazed fixedly at her while the jailer opened the cell.

  Zhao Zhi took Lu Wu Shuang’s hand and pulled her dazed self to leave the cell and return to her yard.

  In the two people’s memory, this was the first time they held hands, and the memory was profound. Even after her life and death experiences, even after many years, she will not forget the first day of their first encounter. The little princess Zhao Zhi held the hand of the future Regent tightly and walked into the strange world, this monstrous and multicolored world was lifted through a surging tide.

  “In this way, her highness the princess picked up the lost little minister and return to the government to make her a civil servant. Thus, more than ten years later, this little minister became a courtier that worked like an ox for her highness the princess…” Lu Wu Shuang, a part-time Taifu10 Taifu – teacher , said earnestly and sincerely. “So, your majesty, you can also go and find those lost subjects and pick them up and place them beside you, so they can play with you in this world. In the future, you will also have loyal and devoted little ministers like me who will belong to your majesty alone!”

  Get rid of this Regent, you don’t have to abduct his majesty the emperor to gossip! This was outrageous!  

  “Uncle Huang means that Uncle Huang belongs to elder sister alone?” The emperor, who sat upright motionlessly on the dragon’s seat smiled like an innocent and sensible child.

  “Yes.” This was described by some of her family’s disciples as a traitor who duped one’s sovereign to seize the young monarch. The treacherous court official touched his majesty the emperor’s head. “This little minister belongs to her highness the princess.”

  “Uncle Huang, is zhen stupid?” At the age of nearly nineteen-years-old, his majesty was anxious to cry.

  “Of course not. Your majesty is very clever, the little ministers are extremely stupid. Your majesty, you’re the younger brother of her highness the princess, you’re the most intelligent person in the world! No matter who it is, they won’t deceive your majesty, isn’t that so?”

  The silly emperor smiled with a simple and honest smile and said with a different kind of self-confidence. “Yes, Uncle Huang, those people are stupid. They always say something they don’t know, but zhen knows whether its a truth or lie, and who like or don’t like zhen. Sister Huang also said that zhen is very smart!”

  “But zhen doesn’t know how to find a lost minister. Zhen will get lost.”

  “Your majesty won’t get lost. All the things in this world belongs to your majesty. How could your majesty get lost? Where your majesty goes, is your majesty’s court.” The Regent guided patiently and systematically, “Your majesty, the lost subjects will wait for your majesty at some place and look at your majesty with sincere eyes. At that time, your majesty will approach and say –”

  “What would zhen say?”

  “Just as your elder sister said to me.”

  “Would that be okay?”

  “En.” The Regent replied. At first, the little princess was full of pride and indifference, in order to cover up her pity from the bottom of her heart, she said, “You have nowhere to go, stay with me.”

  “En! Zhen knows!” The child emperor imitated the imperial princess’s expression and said coldly and arrogantly, “You are already zhen’s person, dare change your affections, punish your nine generations!”

  The Regent’s smile was stiff on her face. She knew that this child was very stubborn. Did he have to remember his elder sister’s every word? Could this sentence be said to a minister?

  The Regent had tears in her heart but couldn’t help but think of the princess who often recently says, “Lu Wu Shuang, dare change your affections, Ben Gong punishes your nine generations!”

  So, a smile once again rendered on her face, for a long time.

  1. In the eyes of a lover appear (idiom) beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  2. Fish sink, goose alights (idiom) female beauty captivating even the birds and the beasts
  3. Shaoye – young master of house
  4. Yamen is the name of the housing area and since they were from an ordinary family – they lived in a neighborhood. So, her family was killed in her own hood.
  5. The magpie made a nest and the turtledove dwells in it (idiom) to reap where one has not sown. It’s a very smart idiom since she took over the old host’s situation and reaped what she didn’t’ even “earned”.
  6. Da xiao jie – eldest daughter of an affluent family
  7. Tang xiong – older male patrilineal cousin
  8. Without a word or movement (idiom) remaining calm and collected; not batting an eyelid
  9. To look at flowers in the fog (idiom) blurred vision
  10. Taifu – teacher

Guys, I am so mindblown, I thought this was a sweet fluffy innocent yuri between two women from ancient time that discovered same-sex love. But, one of them is a transmigrator who purposely seduced the princess!! What!!! Such a twist!!

Wow this chapter was very good. Chapter 2 I won’t lie, I didn’t like it because I think that chapter was very technical and didn’t convey to English readers correctly the meaning…haha. This one is much more straightforward! Man, if this whole series was like chapter 2, I would have probably thrown the white flag and dropped this series since I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed it.

Also, please look at my new teaser series, Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again. I am still thinking if I should pick this up or not…

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    Also His Majesty is pretty cute, diligently taking his big sister’s domineering words to heart.

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