This Princess Punishes Your Nine Generations – Chapter 6

Translated by Novice Translations

Executive Summary: The princess and Regent is a married couple that quarrels, from the army’s pressure in the border, escalated at last to use the besiege equipment.

Ben Gong will Satisfy Your Desires, Raid Your Family

 However, after “producing” poetry for so many years, even if the previous generations outstanding secrets were known by Lu, she basically emptied her inventory.

  What should she do now? Literary text won’t do, furthermore there’s the military, ah!

  The Regent immediately took out the token and found the branch leader of the Swallow Gate in the capital.

  These days, there was a sect called the Swallow Gate. According to folklore, all the sect members of Swallow Gate were known for their lightness technique. They leaped onto roofs and vault over walls as if they tread on the ground.

  In fact, the Swallow Gate was just one of the intelligent agencies founded by Lu jiejie in the early days. It’s better to explain that their ability to leap onto roofs and vault over walls were due to the completed flying claws and steel wires used by them. After founding the country, the Swallow Gate continued as one of the big Ming Dynasty’s intelligence departments, it exists at the public expense by subsidy, and occasionally robbed the rich to help the poor, this private profit was considered a bonus.

  So, Lu jiejie quickly seized the equipment from Swallow Gate at last, she dispatched herself to withdrew nearby. A flying claw was thrown up, she climbed, ah, climbed, ah, with great difficulty climbed halfway. When she raised her head, she saw the princess dian xia personal maid sitting on top of the wall with a smile on her face.

  Lu jiejie smiled elegantly and courteously: “Jing’er, is it you?”

  Aunt Jing grinned, that single eerie smile reflected the sunlight which made people feel frightened. “Son-in-law, I’m sorry. Oh, the princess has an oral order— ‘The big Ming Dynasty’s law states that entering a royal woman’s palace door will be punishable to go to war for forty years and imprisonment for three years. Whoever enters without ben gong permission will be killed by ben gong without mercy.’ Son-in-law, what will you do?” 

  Faced against this supporting character, who knew her gender and had more than ten years of friendship, Lu jiejie smiled bashfully. “There are people with eight elements1 Eight element – Taoism calls it supreme realm. Also, in this paragraph, she refers to herself in the third party as people. who wants to steal and also rush into the palace. People with eight elements just wants to play wind instrument outside the palace hall.”

  Aunt Jing suddenly realized, nodded and touched a pair of oversized scissors and smiled.

  Lu jiejie’s face turned green. “Jing’er meimei, people are very weak, people have eight martial art skills, people are delicate as a flower….” The Regent readily acted coyly towards Aunt Jing who had goosebumps all over her body.

  However, this is indeed the case.

  Compared to the imperial princess, Zhao Zhi, Lu jiejie was a “delicate” military counselor.

  The imperial princess was regarded as the backbone by the literati, but her martial arts were excellent. Also referred to as “Zhao’s Orthodox” which was highly praised by Confucian scholars as possessing “righteousness of a royalty”, “plus might over the whole world”. First, she was a “high-ranking military counselor”, later she was responsible for military affairs and led the troops into campaigns. The Regent was regarded as the first military leader who was actually weak in martial arts and was a “delicate” scholar.  

  “The princess dian xia said that she only likes your face, fall down on your butt, it’s not important!”

  Then, the big scissors cut the steel wire of the flying claw, click, Lu jiejie’s delicate buttocks fell onto the ground.

  Hurrah! Zhao Zhi, you bully people! When you were on top in bed last night, you pinched it at that time and clearly said that you were fond of people’s butts! Liar! Telling lies! After using it, you turn your face and don’t recognize people!

  Lu jiejie was so angry that she ran outside the palace and shouted for a group of imperial bodyguards. She rushed to the Shufang palace gate with a wooden siege ladder.

  Along the way, people outside the palace looked at each other, they thought to themselves, was this an attack on the imperial palace? Rebellion? We, we, we, we are foolish, what did it look like? Again, what did it look like?

  When the ministers saw that the intruder was the Regent, they were dumbfounded. In the end, should they go back and write a memorial to present to the emperor to impeach the Regent? Nevertheless, to accuse the Regent for misconduct and perhaps impeach the Regent?

  The imperial bodyguards were more nervous and tenacious. Their attitude was a little normal. They were hesitant, should they go persuade the Regent to calm down, or abide the law and block her from Shufang palace hall gate? Or perhaps…follow her to enjoy watching the bustling scene?

  There were some extremely clever people who secretly speculated a conspiracy theory: “You are stupid! What’s the propriety? What is it? The Regent arrives every few days and makes drama. One day, she will really usurp the throne and recruit a large army to come to the city. I’m afraid the guards will not be able to withstand that! No one will stop her when she enters the palace!”  

  After entering the imperial palace, the officials, imperial bodyguards, eunuchs and palace maids followed in succession to watch the Regent’s “feat” from afar.

  The height of the siege ladder was much higher than Shufang Hall’s courtyard wall. It’s possible to climb to the top directly by leaning it against the wall. Lu jiejie climbed up the wall again. She looked down and saw Aunt Jing holding onto a long pole and stabbing at the siege ladder. Worthy of being an intimate servant girl of the imperial princess dian xia, her martial arts were extraordinary, the position was accurate, and the agility of the hits was enough to call her a master arts expert! Just a poke made the siege ladder fall outside the wall.

  Immediately afterwards, the Regent fell….

  Fortunately, she wasn’t alone this time! Not alone! Behind her, there were countless imperial bodyguards with high martial arts skills that acted as a meat pad and were able to catch her.

  Well, okay! She can’t climb the wall! She will knock against the door!

  As a result, Shufang Hall gate was…

  The imperial princess dian xia and the Regent dian xia was a husband and wife pair that quarreled with each other. The pressure from the army, escalated to the use of siege equipment.

  Fortunately, the princess dian xia prevented everyone from knocking against the door in time. She saved the loyal and devoted who were loyal to the end and fulfill her monarch responsibility at the door.

(TL Note: The clever people thought the Regent was going usurp the throne by entering the palace, but the princess proved everyone wrong by acting casually and calming down the loyalists.)

  “Lu Wu Shuang!” The princess dian xia stood at the gate while gnashing her teeth, she looked outside the palace hall. The wind was thin and light, like the old Regent jiejie who was possessed by all the great ancient and modern scholars. “You can come in!”

  Lu jiejie slowly shook her hand and followed her in with a proud face.

  Look, she won, right?

  However, the previous generations Laozi once said it was a blessing and a curse that both brought disaster and happiness, but Lu jiejie entered. However, the princess dian xia flipped out at that time, what she does / love to do is not so wonderful.

  The imperial princess dian xia stretched out her hand towards the curtain and tore off a white silk cloth. She quickly twisted it around the Lu girl’s wrist again and again, she then pulled her towards herself.

  ”Lu Wu Shuang, you are very good!”

  She saw Zhao Zhi had a smile that wasn’t a smile on her face, Lu girl was like a little sheep caught in a wolf’s mouth, “Prin, Princess, what do you want to do?”

  “Oh? Just a moment ago, didn’t you say that ben gong likes you….en?” The meaningful eyes of the princess dian xia slipped down onto the girl’s waist and pinched people’s tender buttocks.

  ”You, how do you know?”

  ”You are Dengtu Zi2 Dengtu Zi – mention in chapter 1; famous lecherous character. , don’t you just want to have a good time?”

  Lu girl wants to cry.

  ”Who is Dengtu Zi now? You are a pervert! Mensao!3 Mensao – its like the CN equivalent to a tsundere. Outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside. Zhi’er, let me go! Ah, Zhi’er, let’s not play S&M?”

  “Shut up! Noisy!” The princess dian xia was dignified and boss people around in bed.

  According to the general script, at this time, the imperial princess dian xia, shouldn’t you say, “You shout, ah, shout until your throat hurts, no one will come save you”?

  The Regent girl bit the sheets and said, “You are highly skilled at martial arts and bully ‘delicate and tender’ others. It’s not fair, ah, it’s not fair. If you have the ability, let me go and benwang will compare skills…people come, ah, help, ah, the imperial princess eats so strongly—”

  “Yes, Lu girl, it’s all coming out. You’d better be obedient, okay.”

  ”My Shuang’er, didn’t you let ben gong raid your family? Ben gong will give you this honor!”

  1. Eight element – Taoism calls it supreme realm. Also, in this paragraph, she refers to herself in the third party as people.
  2. Dengtu Zi – mention in chapter 1; famous lecherous character.
  3. Mensao – its like the CN equivalent to a tsundere. Outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside.

Also, in the end, Regent was tied up, while princess bullies her several times in sex to make her gush out while Regent screams to be let go so she can compare skills.

So, one of the things I struggle with in this novel is the pronouns, so now its completely confirmed that the Regent is a “man” in the eyes of the world and only some people knew she was a “woman”. That’s why in a previous chapter a lot of women wanted to be her wife in hopes of becoming the empress once she usurps the throne. And the ministers are always afraid that she will become the new emperor, etc. etc. Also, for ancient China, how two women can openly love and sleep with each other, cough in the guise of a male concubine to the imperial princess.

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