This Princess Punishes Your Nine Generations – Chapter 7

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Executive Summary: Within the snow-white curtain canopy, Lu Wu Shuang’s steady gentle breathing and the imperial princess dian xia soft gasps were absorbed.

Calm and Collected Fifteen-year-old Little Princess

  Within the snow-white curtain canopy, Lu Wu Shuang’s steady gentle breathing and the soft gasps of the imperial princess dian xia were absorbed. The imperial princess dian xia leaned on the pillow, closed her eyes and held Lu Wu Shuang’s right hand.

  This hand was not the same as it was ten years ago. Although it was slender, there were thick calluses on the belly of the index finger, middle finger, and the inside of the first knuckle of the ring finger. This was evidence of holding a pen all year long. When they had first met, Lu Wu Shuang’s delicate hands were smooth, bright and clean.

  Zhao Zhi slowly opened her eyes and looked at Lu Wu Shuang’s complexion and dispersed black hair after she had scattered the green silk and torn off her false beard. Compared with fourteen years ago, she was an inexperienced young little girl but was as charming as a young married woman. But she was still as beautiful as before.

  The thin pink lips showed the nature of this person’s fickleness and lack of justice; the slight high bridged-nose represented the person’s rebellious temper; her eyes were closed tightly, leaving only the long and beautiful eyelashes, but Zhao Zhi can feel how much selfishness and cunningness were buried in that fox’s eyes without looking. But her thin lips, her nose, her eyes that people love and hate, all people indulge in it and the love seeped into the bone marrow.

  Now, this birch leaf pear tree who was full of vigilance against her, slept by her side unexpectedly like a child without any precautions. At this time, Lu Wu Shuang, no longer have the gentle smile that was able to deceive people all over the world and all her defenses were gone. If she didn’t fully trust and love the other, she would have never shown her sleeping face.

  “Wu Shuang…” Zhao Zhi’s fingertips gently tapped the thin lips that once had seduced her with graceful flowery words, but now she didn’t mind taking all the trouble to say words of love from her thin lips daily. The owner of these red lips, every day and every night, would honor her promises repeatedly without interruption. She would say words of love, offer kisses, and for the rest of her life give her love to her unique and unmatched princess dian xia.


  Fourteen years ago.

  Lu Wu Shuang who attended the College of Language, had no background, but when she was about to graduate, during her second year, she mixed with many accomplished chairmen and secretaries. This clearly displayed her ability to discern what others thought from their body language as well as being flexible and taking advantage of the situation. These capabilities allowed her to survive in any strange circumstances.

  Before Lu Wu Shuang transmigrated into this world, the host encountered Zhao da gongzi. After she transmigrated, she was locked in a dungeon and bitterly experienced the possibility of a world without human rights. Did Lu Wu Shuang understand what she needed to do? When one should yield, they should yield, what kind of integrity and dignity can even be compared to one’s life?

  Therefore, when Zhao Zhi accepted her as a servant girl, Lu Wu Shuang pretended to be a little reserved and docile, she immediately lowered her eyebrows and called her “master”, which was very clever. She knew that her first sense of crisis last time had saved her. How could Zhao da xiaojie accept her as a servant girl so easily without the “fresh memory” of that chance encounter under the blossoming pear tree?

  Lu Wu Shuang stayed in Zhao’fu and gradually learned about the world. The more she understood the world, the more she understood how difficult it was to live in this world and was even more rejoiced that she was accepted by Zhao da xiaojie.  

  The Kunpeng Dynasty existed for more than nine hundred years, this huge and ancient empire was no longer able to move forward. Last year’s flood tore open the last of the imperial court’s loincloth, and countless peasants throughout the land begun to rebel on a large-scale. There were many who conferred themselves as generals, princes, stronghold leaders and chiefs… all kinds of strange titles emerged endlessly. All of this, in turn, prompted the big officials to strengthen themselves under the banner “to send armed forces to suppress” rebels. The more they fought against the rebels, the more rampant they were.

  Commander-in-chief Zhao was one of the generals sent to suppress the rebels.

  Zhao Zhi has grown up from a young age to understand the absurdity of this world. In order to gain a foothold in the upcoming turbulent times, Zhao Zhi took off her long dress, put on a beard, practiced martial arts and helped her father managed the household duties.

  As the personal servant girl of the da xiaojie of the governor’fu, under the banner of managing the da xiaojie’s affairs, they may have been more influential than ordinary officials. Although, Lu Wu Shuang was not a personal servant girl, she was close to Zhao Zhi. It was also amazing. She was the servant girl to Zhao Zhi, which was thousands of times safer than wandering in these turbulent times!

  In those days in the workplace, Lu Wu Shuang understood the profound truth, that is, for the boss, there must be value, and the value must be used in order to stabilize one’s position. She always pursued – the needs of the boss as a valuable employee.

  As Wu Shuang jiejie had graduated from the Chinese Language Department, she can make glass, use gunpowder, act, refine soap, make refined white sugar and all kinds of high-tech products. It was the time of rebellion, it was called transmigrating as a good-for-nothing waste, ah, good-for-nothing!1 This is a joke since so many CN novels is transmigrating or reincarnating as a good-for-nothing waste that usually are overpowered. So, she considers herself as one of those.

  She became the original owner, who was in a state of desperation. After transmigrating, the original owner became fucking amazing, she wore the original owner’s face and made a living. In peacetime, people can recite poems and songs casually, which deemed them as a talented girl. It’s amusing to marry an official’s son (?) and stay at home as a livelihood, but it was important that she was inside the inner loop of the servant girls to have everything go her way. She served Zhao da xiaojie very carefully.

  Zhao Zhi drank water and she handed her tea. When Zhao Zhi went to sleep, she warmed her bed…when Zhao da xiaojie studied different types of calligraphic styles, she immediately was eagerly attentive to dedicate herself in order to have herself desperately recruited in the company. When Zhao da xiaojie studied martial arts, she promptly took out money from her personal purse to the gatekeeper to entrust that person to find coal to supply Zhao Zhi to make a sword. When Zhao da xiaojie studied the art of war, she promptly offered <<The Thirty-Six Stratagems>>, as well as various historical classic case examples of battles. For example, the Three Kingdoms period narrative, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties war histories….

  In this impoverished and different world, there was no Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods, or the Three Kingdom period. Those countless classic cases of war also don’t exist, so the final years of the Kunpeng Dynasty, all the major warlords were armed with weapons on their bare arms and sleeves. Whoever had more soldiers would win, and whoever had more strength would have the advantage. Some of the rare summaries of classic war cases and military training strategies were tightly clenched in the hands of various aristocratic families that prevented it from being leaked. So, when Lu Wu Shuang presented the most simplified version of <<The Thirty-Six Stratagems>>, Zhao Zhi, who looked cold from morning to night and owed her three hundred liang silver, couldn’t help but be emotionally moved.

  In a word, in order to please Zhao Zhi, it can be said that she had exerted all her abilities. In order to survive, even if she had to devote her life…en, with the exception of this, all other requirements can be satisfied, and all strategies can be employed.



  A little 15-year-old meimei was still so mature, don’t you think so?!

  As the one who is taught, she looked calm and collected as if she was the one who knew everything, Zhao da xiaojie had the ability, don’t you think so?!

  A young girl will give her jiejie such a big pear all day long, don’t you think so?!

  Some people were born with intelligence. Some people were gifted in evil in some convenient or aspect, just like the martial arts chivalry story that was unnecessarily exceptional which was a rare book that the Shaolin Longfist was talented in studying martial arts and proclaim hegemony in the martial arts circles. While there were some people like in the <<Nine Yin Sutra>> who couldn’t even defeat the four ghosts of the Yellow River and other cannon fodder after ten or twenty years of training.

  Zhao Zhi was classified as the former. This made her, who carried dignity for fourteen years be wholly surprise that a peer from modern society could be resourceful. How would she feel about the narcissistic Lu jiejie, who was backed by five thousand years of learning at home and abroad? Not to mention that during that period, she collected several nests of bandits in secret by combining theory with practice.

  In the face of a child genius prodigy, even a transmigrator with a strategic mind can only gaze at the ocean and lament one’s inadequacy, ah, to look at the heavens, ah.  

  Zhao Zhi, fifteen-years-old was like a silent little leopard. She sat quietly in her chair. On her desk, she spread out the art of war book that was handed down by the Zhao family from generation to generation. It’s said that the book is handed down to males and not females in the family. She had a cup of green tea residue that was lukewarm in her hand. She looked at Lu Wu Shuang, who was talking about the advantages of camouflage clothing in front of her, she didn’t say anything and slowly drank the tea.

  1. This is a joke since so many CN novels is transmigrating or reincarnating as a good-for-nothing waste that usually are overpowered. So, she considers herself as one of those.

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