This Princess Punishes Your Nine Generations – Chapter 9

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Executive Summary: Regent jiejie, you dare not bully the princess dian xia, but run to bully and scold the “formidable princess”.

Little Marquis Ning’s Wild Vision

  This morning in Xuande Hall, the Regent’s face was calm and collected while she looked down at Jing Zhaoyi who knelt in front of her and shivered.

  She opened the first memorial to the emperor.

  Jing Zhaoyi was the mayor of the capital. After the emperor’s relatives founded the country, it was possible to bump into people on the road and for them to be an official due to their meritorious deeds. It was difficult for anyone to stir up trouble. It was also difficult for anyone to catch a mountain and don’t know who were offended. If you don’t catch the imperial princess and Regent, you will be punished. Therefore, it was the most difficult thing to do in this capital. Jing Zhaoyi wasn’t smart enough to judge the situation and wasn’t competent.   

  “There was a large number of assassins that mixed in the capital, and you know nothing about it! Did you wait until the assassins fought in the palace? Did you know about it?” If it wasn’t for the intelligence of Swallow Gate, Lu Wu Shuang might still be completely kept in the dark. Where was this? This was the capital of big Ming!

  Jing Zhaoyi knelt down and didn’t dare speak, but kowtowed.  

  Opened the second memorial.

  “How many years has it been since the last flood in Hedong? What’s going on this year? Two countries flooded! What is the magistrate doing? Magistrate, what about the two countries? Where’s the silver that was meant to be used for developing the riverbank? Was it embezzled?”

  The assistant minister of the Ministry of Works said he would investigate the matter carefully.

  The third…

  The fourth…

  The Regent jiejie in Xuande Hall was circled by cabinet ministers. Then she got up and went to gongzhu’fu in Shufang palace hall. Several major military affairs needed to be discussed with the imperial princess.

  The cabinet ministers were sent away by the woman, who was like the God of Plague, they suspected she was in menopause which came more than a decade early. They all exhaled and cursed her angrily that she deserved to be taught a lesson by the princess!

  There was a small garden between Xuande hall and Shufang palace hall. Little Marquis Ning liked the fluttering butterflies there.

  Little Marquis Ning has a good mother and father. Therefore, she didn’t have to do anything to successfully join the ranks of the second-generation officials of the Ming Dynasty. She wasn’t an ordinary second-generation official, but the second-generation official of the most honorable founding general, Marquis Ning family.

  Little Marquis Ning was seven years old. Her father, Lu Dashan, was the most trusted right-hand man of the Regent. Originally, Lu Dashan was just a gatekeeper of the Zhao family, but he was smart and hardworking. Lu Wu Shuang forged iron with a fan, she set a fire with her wind and caused him to devote himself to war. At the time of founding the country, he successfully climbed the position of a high ranking general and became renowned throughout the country as the Regent’s number 1 henchmen.

  Little Marquis Ning’s mother was Zhao Jingzhu, the famous aunt Jing. Jingzhu was an old maidservant besides the imperial princess. According to the palace regulations, married woman couldn’t serve Zhao Zhi, but Jing’er wasn’t an ordinary person, ah. She followed the imperial princess since she was a child. She followed her into the army during the war. She was injured several times from saving the imperial princess. Most importantly, Jingzhu was the Regent and imperial princess’s matchmaker! Aunt Jing was powerful!

  As the only daughter of Marquis Ning and Jingzhu, the only successor of the Marquis, it was standard in the capital, how can she not have an X bull?

(TL Note: Subtly saying, she doesn’t have a thing down there so how can she be successor to Marquis title…)

  The five-year-old little Marquis Ning had a good relationship with the foolish 16-year-old emperor and even played and threw stones together.

  The silly emperor said, “You You, I want an empress. I heard an empress can accompany me every day.”

  “Don’t you have a large number of concubines?” The shrewd little Marquis Ning despised him. “What about an empress, who did you listened to? Who said that?”

  “The Regent.”

  Little Marquis Ning gnawed her teeth hatefully and scolded: “Don’t listen to that bad uncle wang’s rubbish, that scoundrel! That thief dared snatched auntie princess, that scoundrel! An empress is not fun at all! Those who aren’t smart enough will die in the harem in a few days!”

  “You You, you’re so good, you’re so smart. Shall I take you as my empress?”

  “Absolutely not!” Little Marquis Ning opposed, and it was a fierce refusal.

  When she was five years old, little Marquis Ning was as firm as Lu Dashan, she was dressed in black and held a black weapon. Her back was as straight and tall like the previous dynasty Lu Dashan who was determined to “Sweep the court of treacherous villains and return the emperor a well-ordered government” when he was young.  

  However, when she spoke the next sentence, it seemed different from the former Lu Dashan when he was young.

  “In the future, ben xiaojie will inherit father’s title, Marquis, and make meritorious deeds and drive away the treacherous minister, the Regent from auntie princess! Let uncle wang eat vegetables! Let uncle wang go out to play in the snow! Then let the princess hold me to sleep!” The five-year-old said happily, she was bouncing and vivacious, dancing and gesticulating for joy, then ran away.

(TL Note: uncle wang refers to the Regent, that’s just how they address her in ancient titles. Also, for the uncle wang to eat vegetables, no longer eat meat, aka no sex! Plus, this passage was said by the young Marquis and refers to herself as da xioajie – young miss. Also, the princess always refers to herself as ben gong, so she taught little marquis to say ben xiaojie or she picked it up).


  The emperor looked back at her with adoration. His little playmate was actually going to save Huang jie1 Huang jie – means emperor’s sister; forgot this footnote on chapter 1. from the terrible Regent’s hands! Ah, I really look up to you!

  Two years later, little Marquis Ning was seven years old and became the emperor’s companion.

  A few days ago, she showed off a talking parrot in front of the emperor.

  “Look, this is my great general!” Little Marquis sat on the shoulder of an imperial guard and pointed to the iron cage in a different imperial guard’s hand. In the iron cage, a parrot the size of two palms squatted and a chain as thick as a finger was tied to its foot.

  Little Marquis, Lu Ting Ting, whose nickname was You You, “You”, describes a deer’s bleating, which meant the little guy was as cute as a deer. She was pink and mellow, wearing red brocade, wrapped in peacock feathers and a pair of snow-white deer boots on her feet. She looked smart and cute. It was no wonder several influential people in the Imperial Palace were totally submissive towards her.

  The emperor stared at the colorful parrot and was unable to take his eyes off it.  

  The little Marquis proudly said: “My great general is very amazing! Great general, say hello to emperor gege!”

  The parrot flapped its wings and opened its mouth and said: “Formidable princess! Formidable princess!”

  Little Marquis Ning’s face turned red.

  The emperor blinked.

  Little Marquis Ning waved her hand and asked the nearby imperial guard to serve a handful of millets to the parrot and teach it: “Long live your majesty, long live your majesty.”

  The parrot crushed the millets with its mouth and immediately called out with no moral integrity: “Long live your majesty! Long live your majesty!”

  Little Marquis Ning made a face and kicked her delicate embroidered shoes. She ordered: “Say, scoundrel Regent! scoundrel Regent!”

  The parrot repeated: “Say, scoundrel Regent! scoundrel Regent!”

  “Gegege…” Little Marquis Ning nodded contently.

  “My great general is very powerful, isn’t he? If auntie princess heard this, she would be happy!”

  At this time, a familiar voice suddenly sounded close by: “Oh, Yong’er, You You, what are you two playing with?”

  All the eunuchs, palace maids and imperial guards saluted one after the other: “See wangye for a thousand years.” Even the imperial guard holding little Marquis Ning put her down and knelt.

  “Taifu.”2 Taifu – teacher; remember the Regent is the personal teacher of the emperor. The emperor obeyed palace etiquette and didn’t dare to move.

  “Uncle wang.” Little Marquis Ning’s small mouth tooted reluctantly and unwillingly.

  “Well-behaved.” The Regent smiled and nodded, then looked at the parrot beside her with surprise. “This? This bird looks good, ah!”

  Little Marquis Ning was proud—this parrot was personally raised by her3 (TL Note: her – she refers to herself as ben gu niang – this girl. Using the “ben” to refer to herself again like the princess) and was naturally beautiful.

  Then she listened to the Regent’s next words: “This looks more than two pounds, it’s just right for stew.”

  Little Marquis Ning immediately jumped, and her expression was near tears: “No! Not food! This is my parrot!”

  The Regent smiled and stroked her head, then said: “Well, won’t eat. Who dares to eat our You You’s parrot?”

  “Hmph.” Little Marquis Ning turned and opened her hand towards the parrot, “Great general, say, scoundrel Regent!”

  The parrot looked at the Regent. The Regent smiled and looked at the parrot.

  After a few breaths.

  “Formidable Regent! Formidable Regent! Formidable Regent!” The general instinctively felt the female creature in front of him was very dangerous. Her eyes were the same as his natural enemy, the snake.

  People: “…”

  “Haha.” The Regent was amused, smiled and nodded proudly, then commented: “This parrot is good, smart, keep it.”

  With that, the Regent was in a good mood and walked to Shufang palace hall, humming a popular song.

  The eunuchs, palace maids and imperial bodyguards were motionless and stared at the floor.

  The Regent dian xia, you are one person above ten thousand, what the hell, threatening a bird? Don’t dare to bully the princess dian xia, but run to bully the parrot who said, “Formidable princess”?

  Little Marquis Ning’s face was red with anger, she pointed to the parrot and scolded: “You useless bird! Don’t need you!” The little Marquis turned her eyes and said, “Emperor, I’ll sell my great general to you!”

  However, the emperor who was psychologically younger, wasn’t purely a fool. He unwillingly said, “I don’t want it. It’s afraid of the Regent as I am. What use would it have?”

  Little Marquis Ning said, “Didn’t you see how smart it was just now? This dead bird, just train it. If you teach others, teach them to scold the Regent. And oh, it will say ‘formidable princess’. You see, if auntie princess hears it, she will be happy.”

  The emperor suddenly nodded and happily said, “Give me the great general! I’ll let it talk to make Huang jie happy, ah.”

  “Good, ah. I’ll exchange the death-free gold medal with you.”

  So, the emperor and little Marquis Ning exchanged their respective things. The Regent jiejie bullied a parrot who said, “formidable princess”. All three felt they made a profit.  

  From this, the truth can be seen. Women who like overbearing princesses, aren’t they afraid of their stomachs hardening from a bellyful of evil tricks…?  

  1. Huang jie – means emperor’s sister; forgot this footnote on chapter 1.
  2. Taifu – teacher; remember the Regent is the personal teacher of the emperor.

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