Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Chen Man could only say a few simple words, but it was more terrible than all her nightmares. Jiang Xichu closed her eyes and couldn’t sleep anymore.

  Chen Man always does what she said. She has a good temper and was easy to discuss things with, but it was for the small things. If something big happened, no matter what others said, she wouldn’t change her mind.

  Jiang Xichu’s breathing was very light. If she didn’t carefully look, she wouldn’t even be able to see that she was still breathing. Her breathing became lighter, her heartbeat slowed, and her confused brain gradually cleared. She didn’t know how long it took, even the sky turned dark blue to indicate that it was before dawn. Jiang Xichu opened her eyes and looked at Chen Man beside her.

  Chen Man had fallen asleep, half her face was stuck on the soft pillow and there were several strands of hair scattered around her ears. Jiang Xichu carefully stretched out a hand and gently pulled her hair to one side. Then, she slowly moved over and clung to Chen Man’s side.

  It’s so warm…

  Jiang Xichu pursed her lips, then closed her eyes.

  —It doesn’t matter.

  —I will do it and I will defeat all accidents. I will keep you safe all the time. Let you stay with me and continue to live in this world.


  The next day, president Chen and secretary Jiang took time off together. No one knew what they did. At nine o’clock in the morning, when the door opened, Chen Man and Jiang Xichu appeared in a warm and comfortable clinic.

  This clinic was located in the center of the city. It was an absolute prime location, there were two floors total. The first floor was the reception and family waiting room and the second floor was the diagnosis room.

  Jiang Xichu didn’t make an appointment, but the doctor here knew Chen Man since she was a child. This doctor was Chen Man’s child psychologist. It wasn’t that Chen Man had any psychological problems, but her parents wanted to prevent issues before it happened, so they took Chen Man to see the doctor regularly.

  The doctor’s surname was Liu, she was 51 years old. If you only look at her face, no one could tell that she was 51 years old. Because she looked very young, just like she was in her thirties.  

  Chen Man nodded to Dr. Liu and greeted her, then she closed the door and left. Only Dr. Liu and Jiang Xichu were left in the huge room. The latter was a little nervous. When they sat down, she couldn’t help but straighten her back. To be honest, she didn’t feel sick. She just felt stimulated and will be better after a while. It doesn’t matter if she didn’t see a doctor. She came to see the doctor today just to have Chen Man feel at ease.

  Dr. Liu saw her resistance and conceit, but said nothing, she just smiled gently at her, “What do you want to drink?”


  After two hours, Jiang Xichu came out of the room. Dr. Liu came out with her, then said in a light voice: “You can wait for a while, then I will talk to Chen Man about some precautions. Don’t worry, you’re in good shape, you don’t need to take medication, but there are some things that needs more attention from cohabitation.”

  Jiang Xichu also smiled, “Okay, that’s troublesome.”

  “Haha, you’re welcome. This is what I should do.”

  Chen Man stood aside and quietly listened to them. Jiang Xichu went to Chen Man and gave her a comforting look, then went downstairs. Chen Man looked at her back and felt that she looked much better than when she had first arrived, she didn’t know if it was an illusion.

  Dr. Liu waved at Chen Man, “Man Man, come in.”

  Dr. Liu also watched Chen Man grow up. Chen Man wasn’t so distant from her, so as soon as she walked in, she anxiously asked: “How? How is she suffering from depression?”

  Dr. Liu shook her head slightly. “It’s not depression, but the situation isn’t very good.”

  Chen Man’s eyes widened, and her face turned ugly.

  “At present, mild to moderate mental anxiety isn’t serious, but we must pay attention to the situation. Otherwise, it will become severe and cause more problems.”

  Chen Man grabbed the clothes in front of her. The edge of her coat was wrinkled by her. She forced herself to calm down, then asked calmly, “What medication are you going to prescribe?”

  “Don’t prescribe medication.” Dr. Liu looked at her quietly. “As I already said, this is mild to moderate, not so serious. Most psychological problems stems from the knot in the heart. If it doesn’t affect normal life, there isn’t a need to take medication, just untie the knot in her heart.”

  Chen Man frowned. “But she didn’t look right last night. Doesn’t she need medication?”

  “It was a stress reaction and she’s not abnormal every night, right? When I just chatted with her, I could see that she is a young person who is positive and look forward to life and is willing to live a good life. This is a good signal that she is willing to get better and to be treated. The patient actively cooperating is more important than any medicine.”

  Chen Man pursed her lips. “What should I do then?”

  Dr. Liu smiled. “Of course, accompany her, and take her out to relax properly. Not to say to relax all the time, it should be combined with work to rest properly, sometimes work is a kind of relaxation. In short, she needs you very much right now. In the future, she will work hard for you. Pay more attention to her so she can feel your company and care, she will get better faster.”

  Speaking of this, Dr. Liu leaned back. “Of course, this is the first stage of treatment. Our purpose is to let the patient restore their health. We can’t rely on you too much. Wait until the second stage and let her slowly recover her independence.”

  Chen Man felt more surprised and strange. She pointed to herself, “When I’m with her, it’s useful?”

  She has been with Jiang Xichu the entire time, but Jiang Xichu has become like this now.

  Dr. Liu didn’t understand and tilt her head, “En? What do you mean?”

  It was difficult for Chen Man to say, “I shouldn’t have such a big role…I’m just her friend. The person she relies on the most isn’t me. Shouldn’t I send her to the person she cares about the most?”  

  Dr. Liu stared blankly, “Ah?”

  Chen Man still thought, “Her parents have passed away and now there is only one stepmother and one half-brother left in her family. She has a bad relationship with her family and has no contact with them. Her family isn’t good, if it’s friends…I’m the only one left, but she doesn’t depend on me at all. Sometimes she’s bothered by me.” Chen Man suddenly shut up, after a while, she looked up. “She…she recently fell in love with someone. Would it be more effective to let her stay with someone she likes?”

  Dr. Liu was stupefied for a long time. The person she likes, isn’t it you?

  Dr. Liu frowned and asked her: “But, Man Man, don’t you like her too?”

  Dr. Liu said “too” because she had just talked with Jiang Xichu for such a long time. She had discovered that Jiang Xichu’s heart knot originated from Chen Man and her unusual feelings towards Chen Man. In order to protect the patient’s privacy, she didn’t say anything. When Chen Man heard this, she thought that Dr. Liu had misunderstood with the word “too”. She could see that she like Jiang Xichu but took for granted that Jiang Xichu also liked her.

  Chen Man sat in a cramped manner in a hurry. After a while, she smiled wryly, “You can see that. Don’t tell her. She doesn’t know that I like her, and I don’t want her to know.”

  Dr. Liu: “……”

  After a long time, Dr. Liu came out from her silent state and looked at Chen Man inexplicably. “Why?”

  Chen Man humbly lowered her head, “Because I’m just her friend, she doesn’t like me.”

  Dr. Liu: “…”

  Where did this melon baby1Melon baby (gua wazi) – it’s a joke used to people close to you saying silly or stupid; usually used to people in love. come from?

  1. Melon baby (gua wazi) – it’s a joke used to people close to you saying silly or stupid; usually used to people in love.

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