Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  Afterwards, regardless of Chen Man’s questions, Dr. Liu only emphasized one sentence, “Accompany her more.”

  Chen Man muttered in her heart, how could she accompany her? She goes to work with Jiang Xichu, work together and go home together all the way, how could she accompany her more?

  President Chen thought for a long time and finally understood.

  In the evening, Jiang Xichu was stunned and watched Chen Man’s actions, she placed all her things into her bedroom. Chen Man saw her look and eloquently said. “Dr. Liu said that I needed to stay with you more. In this case, you will live with me until you get better. We will eat, sleep and work together to create a better tomorrow.”  

  …What, was this decentralizing?

  Jiang Xichu looked at her funny, but Chen Man didn’t realize it. She was still unpacking her clothes, Jiang Xichu goes over and helped unpack her clothes together. All the work was finished, and Jiang Xichu slowly walked to Chen Man and looked at her, a little wife organizing clothes by category. She squatted down beside her and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

  Chen Man’s movements stopped, she looked at Jiang Xichu strangely, Jiang Xichu face and eyes were innocent.

  “Why did you want to say sorry to me?”

  Jiang Xichu blinked, “Because I worried you.”  

  Chen Man thought about it and turned her head back. “En, then you feel sorry for me.”

  Jiang Xichu: “……” I want to hate her.

  Chen Man slowly folded a pair of jeans. “If you feel guilty, then hurry, hello, so you won’t ever have to be sorry for me again.”

  Jiang Xichu chuckled. “En, I will definitely get better.” After all, she wanted to live a good life with Chen Man.

  Chen Man seemed to have some feelings. She looked at Jiang Xichu, who looked at herself with sparkling eyes. Chen Man’s cheeks turned red and she was silent. She bowed her head to hide her ears, pretending that nothing had happened.

  At the same time, she felt a bit strange, Jiang Xichu had never seen her like this before.


  Jiang Xichu didn’t sleep last night. Chen Man slept for a while, but the total time didn’t exceed four hours. So this evening, they didn’t even talk and fell asleep. In the middle of the night, Jiang Xichu was awakened by a nightmare. Almost at the same moment that she had woken up, Chen Man woke up with her. They looked at each other and Chen Man’s worries was very obvious. Jiang Xichu couldn’t help but shrink to her side. Chen Man immediately reached out and embraced her within her arms.

  It didn’t take long for Jiang Xichu to fall asleep again. Chen Man sighed silently. After a while, she fell asleep.

  Living with Jiang Xichu, Chen Man knew why Dr. Liu told her to pay more attention, otherwise the situation would become more serious. Because she has nightmares every night, there was almost no nights that she didn’t.

  The only thing that made her happier was that after she woke up, Jiang Xichu wasn’t as stimulated as that day. She always blinked and was hazy for a while, then she could fall sleep again and slept soundly.

  Chen Man didn’t know if it was because she saw her. She still searched for various ways to cure nightmares using the internet.

  After reading a lot, she felt that it wasn’t reliable. Chen Man twisted her neck and sat in the office for a long time, she suffered from cervical spondylosis.

  It was lunch break. Jiang Xichu was chatting outside with the other secretaries. Chen Man walked out of her office and slowly walked into the secretary office, which was full of laughter and smiles. She didn’t know what secretary Li said to make everyone else laugh.

  They saw that Chen Man was approaching, secretary Li and secretary Yang hurriedly called out to president Chen. Jiang Xichu had her back towards her and turned her head and saw Chen Man. She smiled more brightly than when she heard the joke. “How come you came out?”

  Chen Man looked strangely at her. After a while, she quickly turned and raised her feet to leave.  



  The other three secretaries immediately turned to Jiang Xichu and silently observed her face. Sure enough, Jiang Xichu’s face blackened.

  The other three secretaries: “…”

  So say! President Chen, did you eat a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder to unexpectedly dare ignore secretary Jiang’s words, ah, ah, ah, ah!

  Chen Man returned to the office and frowned. In the afternoon, she did nothing and frowned for the whole day thinking.

  Jiang Xichu was still upset with her behavior that afternoon. When they returned home, she heard Chen Man ask what was for dinner. Jiang Xichu snorted, “Eat the southeast wind.”

  Why not the northwest wind? Because it was summer, the air was blowing from the sea to the land, from high to low pressure, so their dinner was the warm southeast wind.  


  Chen Man silently turned around, drove to the door of a restaurant, and decisively said to Jiang Xichu: “The southeast wind is too big, yet no matter how full, let’s eat this tonight!”

  Jiang Xichu wanted to continue wearing her cold face, but she saw Chen Man’s serious explanation and couldn’t help but laugh.

  After that, the anger couldn’t survive.

  When ordering, Chen Man was also absent-minded. Suddenly, she moved her eyes from the menu to Jiang Xichu’s face and her mind turned, and she had an idea.

  “I’d like to order some blueberry yam.”

  Jiang Xichu looked at her inexplicably, “If you want, ah.”  

  “But I can’t eat it all, it’s too big.”

  “Then you can pack it and bring it back tonight.”

  “It’s not delicious to take it home,” Chen Man asked tentatively, “Or would you like to eat it with me?”

  Blueberry yam was a dessert. The white yam flesh was covered with a layer of blueberry sauce, the taste was very ordinary. In fact, Chen Man didn’t like it very much, but this dish was the best answer to the questions in her heart.

  This dessert was not a ball-shaped dessert like a potato ball, but a large plate of gooey paste. It can only be eaten with a spoon. If she went outside to eat, Jiang Xichu would be unlikely to touch this dish because of her cleanliness habit. She hates to eat such a dish with others. No matter how its divided, it still makes her feel unclean.

  Chen Man waited nervously for Jiang Xichu’s answer. The latter frowned and looked reluctant. Chen Man’s heart sunk, but Jiang Xichu’s face changed a little. “Okay, let’s eat together.”

  What the fuck.

  What! The fuck!

  Chen Man immediately bowed her head and hid her shocked face behind the menu.

  The person Jiang Xichu likes…wasn’t it her?!?!

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