Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  “Even if I don’t like you, your place in my heart can’t be replaced by anyone. Besides, I still like you.”

  Chen Man heard Jiang Xichu words and was stupefied for a long time. At last, she suddenly reacted, her face turned blood-red. She turned her head and pursed her lips. After a while, she turned her head back.

  She mumbled a few words, but Jiang Xichu didn’t hear it clearly. She smacked Chen Man’s side and then placed her ear towards her, “What did you said? I couldn’t hear you clearly, speak louder.”

  “I said,” Chen Man took a deep breath and finally worked up the courage to increase her volume. “I want to kiss you…”

  There were five words total, each said in a lower volume than the previous. Jiang Xichu looked up at Chen Man with surprise. She never known that Chen Man was so coy like a little daughter. She thought that Chen Man was a slacker. Every day, she would just stay on the sofa after work, hold a big bag of junk food and watch those old TV shows.

  Jiang Xichu felt that this kind of Chen Man was rare and made her secretly feel satisfied, as if she was Chen Man’s mistress. Her words switched on Chen Man’s happiness.

  Jiang Xichu couldn’t help but smile, she generously said, “Okay.”

  As soon as Chen Man’s eyes lit up, she immediately rushed over, then Jiang Xichu regretted it.

  Chen Man was definitely a dwarf with words, but a giant in action. No matter how shy and awkward she was just now, when it came to action, Jiang Xichu discovered that she couldn’t master initiative but be swept away by Chen Man.

  Under Chen Man’s urging, Jiang Xichu opened her mouth obediently and the feeling of their intertwined lips and teeth was so wonderful. Jiang Xichu had the feeling that all of her cells were awakened. She closed her eyes and soon stopped thinking about who was taking initiative.

  Whoever did, it was comfortable.

  At the end of the kiss, they whispered to each other a lot. They saw that it was late, and Jiang Xichu turned off the main light in the room and was ready to go to bed. Chen Man laid besides her, flipped pancakes over and over, she refused to sleep. Jiang Xichu, who was in a state of drowsiness, was indifferent and ruthless, she didn’t care about the demon around her. She just wanted to sleep quickly.

  But after burning pancakes for a while, Chen Man rubbed against her again and carefully asked, “Xichu, are you asleep?”  

  Jiang Xichu opened her pair of rather unhappy eyes and stared at Chen Man silently.

  As soon as Chen Man saw, her scalp tightened, she quickly showed a flattering smile, “Don’t sleep, don’t sleep, that…I have something to ask you. If I don’t, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

  Jiang Xichu restrained her impulse to get angry, she impatiently gathered her hair, then closed her eyes, “Say.”

  Chen Man silently roasted her in her heart. Jiang Xichu, who had insufficient sleep, looked very similar to a big sister from the underworld and had her eyes closed. Right now, if she opens her eyes, she could frighten a person to death.

  Chen Man softened her tone, for fear of saying something wrong, she didn’t want to offend the big sister from the underworld and get beaten by a pillow.

  “Let’s…is this a relationship?”

  Jiang Xichu waited patiently for a long time. As a result, she had to wait for such a nonsense question. When she stretched out her arm, she picked up the extra duck-down pillow on the bed. Chen Man looked at her with horror, glided away half a meter and immediately pulled herself out of Jiang Xichu’s attack range.

  Jiang Xichu’s movements was sluggish, she didn’t want to beat people, but when she saw this scene, she felt a little itchy.


  Finally, Jiang Xichu swallowed the old blood1Old blood – old anger silently, turned over angrily, held another duck-down pillow in her arms, then dazedly fell asleep.

  Chen Man at the other end of the bed was at a loss. After 20 minutes, she silently went back and continued to ask cautiously: “Xichu, did you fell asleep?”  

  Jiang Xichu: “…”

  Don’t stop her, today she must beat Chen Man until she screams!

  The next day was the weekend. The two didn’t go out to play, they stayed home and enjoy the rare leisure time. As Jiang Xichu described Chen Man, she held a big bag of chips, laid on the sofa to watch a dog blood love drama that was popular in the north and south 20 years ago, she laughed while watching. Jiang Xichu was in the study, she went to check something on the computer. At 11 o’clock in the afternoon, she emerged from the study.

  She went to the kitchen to pour water. At the same time, Chen Man’s cellphone rang, and Chen Man grabbed the phone with ease and glanced at it casually. It turned out that Jiang Xichu had transferred money into her account.

  Chen Man wasn’t clear and opened the account that didn’t have much money on it initially. Chen Man casually spent more money at random than what was the account’s balance, but she was still stunned, and her eyes widened.

  Because the money was more than 200,000 yuan, it was Jiang Xichu’s net worth which was all her savings.

  Chen Man’s thoughts were correct. This was all of Jiang Xichu’s savings. After turning over all this money, Jiang Xichu had a little more than 2,000 yuan left, it was barely enough to buy food this month.  

  Jiang Xichu acted normally, she carried a glass of water and went back to the study. Chen Man hurriedly put on her slippers and put the cellphone to her face. “What’s with this situation?! Why did you give me so much money?!”

  The more that Chen Man thought of it, the more she thought something was wrong. Jiang Xichu wasn’t stingy, but she wasn’t generous. It was even more impossible for her to easily give all her money to her. Was it… Chen Man sucked up a breath of cold air, was Jiang Xichu doing something illegal? Buying and selling, was this dirty money that hasn’t been laundered yet?!

  It can be said that president Chen’s imagination was really rich.  

  Jiang Xichu faintly looked at her, with a light voice she sounded, “Give it to you, isn’t much.”  

  Chen Man glanced at the string of numbers on her cellphone again. She looked at Jiang Xichu in disbelief. “What do you want to do? This much money isn’t needed, won’t you get sick and aggravated?”

  Jiang Xichu: “…”

  Chen Man thought it was the reason, she pulled Jiang Xichu’s wrist and wanted to drag her out. “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the doctor.”

  Jiang Xichu pulled her hand back with a helpless expression. “I’m fine! I’m in a much better state now, can’t you see?”

  It was also true that Jiang Xichu had made a lot of progress recently, Although the changes were subtle, they were obvious when accumulated together. But Chen Man still didn’t understand, “Then you are…?”

  Jiang Xichu held the lavender crystal cup in her hands. She took a sip of the slightly hot water and smiled, “I’m your wife, now it’s yours.”

  Chen Man was dumbfounded instantly.

  Jiang Xichu smiled and shook her hands in front of her eyes. “Hey, so excited, that you can’t speak?”

  Chen Man was shaken back from her mind, she looked at Jiang Xichu at a loss. “All, all for me…”

  Jiang Xichu nodded as if she was taking things very seriously, “En, after I give it to you, I will be very poor. I hope that Chen Man can give me a proper raise, so that I won’t have to starve on the street.”

  As soon as she heard the issue of a salary increase, Chen Man’s response was the same as most capitalists, demanding payment was the same as one’s death.

  She turned her head coldly and picked up her cellphone. She was afraid of Jiang Xichu’s repentance and muttered, “What salary, the president belongs to you, also asked for a raise, such a heartless woman.”

  Jiang Xichu: “…”

  All capitalists were evil.

  Jiang Xichu shook her head and turned to leave. As soon as she walked two steps, she heard a small voice behind her. “I raise you, and you ask for a raise. What’s the point of a raise? It’s better to think about how to bring the sheep home than to collect the wool from it.”

  Jiang Xichu chuckled and said nothing.

  Was the stick method necessary?2 (TL Note: It refers to the stick and carrot method) With a gentle wave, you don’t even need to give green grass. Chen Man the sheep had already followed her home.

  She looked at Jiang Xichu’s back that return to the study, Chen Man quietly looked at the open door, then returned to the sofa. The dog blood love drama was still playing, but Chen Man’s line of sight no longer follow the TV. She stared at the cellphone dark screen for a long time and her face was serious.

  However, after being serious for less than three seconds, Chen Man laughed. She quickly kicked off her inconvenient slippers, then rolled on the broad sofa, she rolled excitedly several times.

  When she sat up with her cellphone in her hands, her hair turned into a bird’s nest. She smiled and kiss her cellphone screen. Then, she reached for the chips she hasn’t eaten and returned to her previous state of watching TV.

  1. Old blood – old anger

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