Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  Secretary Yang roared and the whole office shook for three seconds, then it was silent for another three seconds. Li Shuyun was the first person to react. She quickly pulled away from the people in front and walked to secretary Yang: “Are you the leader? I want to report an issue about your company’s Jiang Xichu that she disregards her family and abuses her mother. This is such a serious matter, shouldn’t you take care of it?”

  Li Shuyun’s words were heard in the secretary’s office and secretary Xiao Zhou frowned. She hurried to the door and swiped her card on the sensor. After swiping, she whispered, “Indeed outrageous!”

  Among all the people present, Jiang Xichu was the most calm. She knew Li Shuyun best and knew she won’t leave unless she obtains results today. So, she went back to the desk and picked up the phone to call the security team. But the phone wasn’t dialed yet when there was another riot outside.

  Chen Man’s cold voice arrived: “What happened?”

  Jiang Xichu was stunned with the receiver still on her ear. She stared at the other two secretaries. “Wasn’t Chen Man inside?!”  

  Secretary Li thought for a moment, “No, just now the finance department called president Chen out, it seems there was a matter regarding purchasing.”

  Jiang Xichu couldn’t imagine the scene of Li Shuyun and Chen Man facing each other, she left the phone to go out, but at the same time, the outside dialogue continued.

  Li Shuyun looked suspiciously at Chen Man. It seems that she should be the leader, because after she appeared, everyone looked and made way for her.

  Li Shuyun asked: “Who are you from here?”

  This question was rude, Chen Man involuntarily frowned but still answered, “I am the president.”

  President, wasn’t this the biggest person in leadership?

  Li Shuyun became spirited at once. She went to Chen Man in tears and tried to catch her hand, but Chen Man avoided her. “President, you have to judge between right and wrong for me. Jiang Xichu, that girl, has money but doesn’t want to help her family. I’m her mother, because the family can’t open the pot. I came to her for help, but she said that she wouldn’t give me a cent and didn’t recognize me as her mother. You say, what kind of person is this, has no conscience. She doesn’t even care about her mother. How could she work hard for others…”

  Chen Man realized that this person before her eyes was Jiang Xichu’s stepmother. Chen Man’s face became colder. She interrupted the other’s bitter complaint. “Wait, I have worked with Jiang Xichu for many years, I remember she has no mother.”

  As soon as Li Shuyun’s face stiffened, she changed her words: “I am her mother, but not her mother, a stepmother. Although I didn’t give birth to her, I also raised her for many years. Ah, how can this not be recognized?!”

  Chen Man’s expression was unchanged and continued to look at Li Shuyun indifferently. Her eyes were too cold, and Li Shuyun started to retreat subconsciously.

  “Jiang Xichu raised herself on her own as if she had nothing to do with you.”

  Upon hearing this, Li Shuyun understood that the president obviously was protecting Jiang Xichu and knew a lot of things about her. It wasn’t good to fool her. She saw that her bitter complaint was exposed, Li Shuyun’s neck was tied and looked like a dead pig who wasn’t afraid of boiling water. “It’s not appropriate for you to say that. You’re not part of our family. How do you know if I raised Jiang Xichu? She ate from me for so many years, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t see it!”

  Chen Man glanced at Li Shuyun with slight disgust, then turned to the security guard nearby and said, “Remember, secretary Jiang is an orphan and is an only child. She has no family except our company’s people. Those who dare to pretend, are liars. Hurry up and get rid of this liar.”

  “Just in time, secretary Yang is present. You go contact the legal department and draft a lawyer letter for me. This aunt broke into a private place, disturbed other people’s normal work life and have a very serious adverse impact on the mentally vulnerable. For this situation, we must not tolerate.”

  Secretary Yang was stunned for a few seconds, then quickly responded with a smile and promised: “Okay, I will do it!”  

  Li Shuyun was stunned to hear that, then when secretary Yang left to go, she quickly grabbed secretary Yang and looked at Chen Man in shock: “Wait, who broke into a private place, who impacted the mentally vulnerable, you, isn’t this a company! This is no one’s home!”

  Chen Man picked up her eyebrows: “This building belongs to me. It’s my private place. I don’t sleep well these days. The doctor said I have an anxiety disorder, so I’m mentally vulnerable.”

  With that, Chen Man waved impatiently, “Hurry and get rid of it.”

  With the president’s words, the rest of them weren’t afraid. Before, they didn’t dare touch Li Shuyun, as if they were afraid of touching porcelain. But now, if they touched porcelain, it was because of their president’s shrewdness.


  Chen Man quickly walked to the secretary’s office, only to find the door couldn’t be opened. Behind the glass door, Jiang Xichu stood there. She quickly swiped the card to open the door. Chen Man saw Jiang Xichu standing in front of her and was slightly shocked. Soon, her expression returned to the original cold and rigid appearance.

  Her eyes turned to one side indifferently, but from time to time she turned back a little, then glanced at Jiang Xichu.

  Chen Man walked into her office, but the door wasn’t closed yet, and she heard the cheers and screams from several secretaries outside. Secretary Xiao Zhou was the youngest and her tone was the highest. She felt that she could shatter glass.

  “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah president Chen is so cool!”  

  The fans cheered but not Jiang Xichu, she crossed a group of excited secretaries and opened the door to Chen Man’s office and walked in.

  Chen Man stood still, but she didn’t go to the desk. She saw Jiang Xichu walking towards her with light steps and a very happy smile. Chen Man couldn’t help but smile. She stood in the same spot, raised her face and proudly looked at Jiang Xichu.

  Upon receiving the hint, Jiang Xichu smiled and trotted over, she pecked Chen Man’s lips lightly and then praised without disguise: “Awesome! So cool!”

  Chen Man was extremely praised that she couldn’t tell which way was North. Jiang Xichu boasted ah, how rare she was, and Chen Man felt satisfied before she recalled and asked her: “Was the telephone call from her today?”

  Jiang Xichu happily nodded quickly. “Yes, she was asking for money, but I didn’t give it, so she came to me.”

  Chen Man remembered that Jiang Xichu had given money before. But why not now? Thinking about it, she also asked while Jiang Xichu looked at her knowingly: “Why did you ask that? Of course, it’s because all my money has been given to you.”

  Chen Man blushed, gently nudged Jiang Xichu then turned to her desk. She placed the document on her desk and murmured: “I’ve learnt to blackmail.”  

  Jiang Xichu was in a good mood, regardless of what she said, her eyes fell on the document. She asked: “Where have you been?”

  “The quote from the purchasing department came out. I checked it with the finance department and thought it was almost ready to purchase.”

  Jiang Xichu blinked. She didn’t remember what she had to buy during this time.

  “What are you going to buy?”

  Hearing this question, Chen Man turned her head in a mysterious way. She gave her a glimpse of the inner page of the document. “Buying land, I’m going to buy the land over the Qingfang Bridge at the western third loop.”

  Qingfang Bridge…

  Jiang Xichu thought, wasn’t this the land with a very high pollution index!

  She calculated the time, it was around this time that Chen Man had said that she wanted to buy the land. Originally, she was also very happy to say this idea to Jiang Xichu. As a result, Jiang Xichu poured a bucket of cold water over her head.

  Before she asked Chen Man why she wanted to buy the land and what she wanted to do with it, but Chen Man didn’t say and was angry with Jiang Xichu. This time, their relationship was different, maybe Chen Man would tell her?

  With this in mind, Jiang Xichu asked tentatively, “Why do you want to buy this land?”

  Chen Man glanced at her, then smiled. “Secret.”

  History was always strikingly similar. Previously, Chen Man also replied like this and was hated by Jiang Xichu.

  Jiang Xichu admonished herself in her heart that she couldn’t get angry, angry, and accept her. She should be as warm as the spring breeze, be as warm as the spring breeze…

  Chen Man looked at Jiang Xichu with a smile. “Xichu, what do you think? Isn’t this a very good price?”

  “You are a big ghost boss! You have a yellow bay1 Yellow bay – so her mind is filled with a yellow bay; the word yellow is often associated with pornographic thoughts. in your mind and your looks are for decoration, how could you spend money to buy this worthless lump of land! If this kind of land was used as a gravesite, the dead would turn in the dirt, crying and shouting for resurrection!”   

  Chen Man: “…”

  1. Yellow bay – so her mind is filled with a yellow bay; the word yellow is often associated with pornographic thoughts.

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