Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  No one knew why Chen Man was so persistent to buy that piece of land.

  She thought that she could persuade Chen Man to give up the idea once her identity changed, but it turned out that secretary Jiang was too naïve.

  In any case, Chen Man had no intention to change her mind. Jiang Xichu was so angry at her that in the end, she could only compromise.

  Forget it, wasn’t it a piece of land? As long as she was happy, even if she planned to go to Africa to buy the land, it didn’t matter.

  The land incident came to an end for a while. But it wasn’t that Jiang Xichu was generous at heart, but she couldn’t bother to pay attention that she wanted to buy this small piece of land.

  Because, the day of the accident…was almost here.

  Jiang Xichu’s thoughts have always been very firm. She didn’t forget the words of the little brother in white from the beginning. If she interferes with other people’s life and death, it was her misfortune. She couldn’t have any more accidents. She must live well so that Chen Man can continue to live.

  However, the closer it got, the more nervous Jiang Xichu’s mentality was.

  Her mental state that had improved, was immediately beaten to its original state. She was normal in the daytime, but not in the evenings. Chen Man slept with her every night and was awakened by her once or twice every night. And every time she woke up, Jiang Xichu grabbed the quilt tightly and cried, or the entire person was wrapped around her and said things she couldn’t understand.  

  Chen Man really wants to know what Jiang Xichu was afraid of. But every time she asks this question, Jiang Xichu will become a gourd with a sawed mouth1 Gourd with saw mouth – can’t speak because her mouth is getting sawed. Some weird imagery that means that.. If she asks, she won’t answer.

  It was a good thing for her girlfriend to rely on her. However, Chen Man wants a healthy Jiang Xichu to rely on her, rather than her obviously stressed self.  

  Jiang Xichu didn’t want Chen Man to worry about herself anymore, so she could only answer ambiguously: “It’s okay, I’m really fine. I’ll be fine in two days.”  

  Chen Man didn’t believe her words. Jiang Xichu wasn’t a doctor, how could she know when she would recover? Besides, after two days, what could happen that was so important?

  Chen Man didn’t understand. Jiang Xichu wouldn’t tell her. She just nestled within Chen Man’s arms and slowly said, “Anyways, I won’t go into work until Friday.”

  Today was only Tuesday, which meant she would take a three-day leave, which was unprecedented.

  Chen Man looked down at her a little worried. “Really, you won’t see a doctor? I won’t go to the company, I’ll stay home with you, okay?”

  Hearing this, Jiang Xichu shook her head. She wanted to say that Chen Man was different from her. The president suddenly requesting time off for a long time would make the company chaotic, but she thought of something and shook her head, then nodded repeatedly, “Ok! From now on, don’t go to the company, not only the company, don’t go anywhere, just stay home with me.”

  Chen Man: “…”

  I was just being polite, are you serious?

  “But I still have a lot of work at the company that I didn’t bring back.”  

  Jiang Xichu raised her head from her arms and looked very serious. “Work can be done at any time, but every minute of the day, I want you to accompany me at home.”

  Chen Man stared at Jiang Xichu.

  After half a second, she murmured, “Xichu…”

  Jiang Xichu looked at her doubtfully.

  Chen Man’s face was a little red. “Hello, Ah.”

  Jiang Xichu: “…”

  The reason why Jiang Xichu was so nervous was because she felt that everything she experienced was unreal. In her subconscious mind, as long as the day of the accident doesn’t pass, she always felt the danger around her hasn’t disappeared. Maybe one day, she will return to those days of despair.

  So, she was waiting, waiting for that day to pass.  

  In those days they waited, she didn’t want to do anything and see anyone except for Chen Man.  

  Such a Jiang Xichu was selfish, but she couldn’t help it. She was a selfish person. In order for Chen Man to grow old, even if it were five lives, let alone 500 lives that will die that day, she will never interfere.

  With such selfish thoughts in her heart, Jiang Xichu felt very firm and determined. But in fact, she was suffering from guilt every day. She tried not to think about those people, but still couldn’t avoid the feelings of sadness.

  Jiang Xichu also felt that she was a hypocrite, but she couldn’t control it. What should she do?  

  It was like humans eating meat, many people eat meat happily, but if they see chickens and pigs, they couldn’t stand it. Although this example wasn’t appropriate, it was indeed that same truth. When people live for a lifetime, they have to make choices to willingly give up something. In order to enjoy the happiness that they gained, they naturally have to bear the pain of giving up.

  All the things Jiang Xichu held in her heart, she didn’t tell anyone. Even Chen Man couldn’t understand her behavior and mood. Although she couldn’t understand, Chen Man wanted to help her as much as she could.  

  And her method of helping her was by putting sleeping pills in Jiang Xichu’s lemonade.


  When she had done so, she was afraid that Jiang Xichu would suddenly appear from behind her and shout, “Aha! I caught you!”

  Jiang Xichu didn’t like anything that would burden her mind. She didn’t even like coffee. If she knew that Chen Man gave her sleeping pills so she could sleep well, she would be so angry to the point of hatred.

  However, Jiang Xichu was so tired recently that she didn’t realize that she drank some lemonade that was spiked for three days in a row.

  She also felt that she made some progress, although she was more nervous, she fell asleep easily accidentally!


  As usual, Jiang Xichu finished drinking the lemonade and put down the cup. Jiang Xichu turned over and laid in the quilt again. She spontaneously moved towards Chen Man’s side, then tightly hugged Chen Man’s waist.  

  Chen Man’s heart was warmed by her daily actions. She went to kiss Jiang Xichu’s mouth, she saw that her eyes were closed and stopped.  

  After she watched for a long time, she sighed silently, hugged her tightly and closed her eyes.

  The next morning, when Chen Man opened her eyes, Jiang Xichu was still asleep.

  Jiang Xichu didn’t take sleeping pills before, so the effect was very good. One pill can cause her to sleep past 8 o’clock in the morning. Now it was only 7, Chen Man got out of bed, and before she went to wash, she heard her cellphone vibrate.

  It was secretary Li.

  “President Chen, the people from Huanyu called me early this morning, they said there was a problem with the data for the bidding documents we turned in. I and Xiao Yang had read it over several times, and we didn’t see any issues. They must think that Sheng’an’s offer is lower than ours, so they want to cut us off directly. What do you think, should we not continue to follow up…”

  Chen Man listened and frowned, she turned and looked at Jiang Xichu who was still asleep, then pursed her lips. She replied, “I’ll go to the company right away. Now you call the people for this project and let them come to the company quickly. Let’s hold a temporary meeting to discuss.”

  Secretary Li blinked. “No, you can come here according to the work hours, it’s not so urgent…”

  She was rudely interrupted before she finished.

  “But I’m in a hurry! Xichu won’t let me go to the company. If I don’t return before she wakes up, she’ll be angry again!”

  Secretary Li: “…”

  You’re the president, how about living with dignity?

  She rushed to the company without stopping. Although she said she would finish the meeting quickly, it was already 8:30 when the meeting ended. The president had disappeared for two days, today she suddenly reappeared. There was a group of people in the company who waited to report their work to the president, this dragged on and on until an hour had passed.

  Chen Man sat in her office and put down the document she had just signed and suddenly felt her chest was stuffy.

  She glanced at the weather outside. The sun was shining brightly and didn’t look like it would rain at all.

  Then why did she feel as if she was out of breath?

  She didn’t think about it anymore. Chen Man quickly tidied up the things on her desk and made sure that she had taken all the things with her. She stood up and didn’t leave the back of the desk when the office door suddenly opened. The other party forgot to knock on the door and was in a panic. “President, something happened downstairs, downstairs!”

  — President, something happened downstairs! Secretary Jiang…

  The two identical voices rang in her mind, then the heartbreaking pain suddenly hit her. Chen Man’s documents were scattered all over the place. She stepped back as if she was as spineless as paper. After two steps and a moment of stupor, the despair and disbelief slowly appeared on her face. With a breath, she rushed out and frightened secretary Yang.

  Secretary Yang was stunned for a long time. Then she thought she should chase after her. She shouted: “Slow down president! Don’t go. The police and doctors are coming. There’s no need for us to save people!”

Author’s Notes:

In the next novel, “There is Also Joy“, Secretary Yang is a supporting character. Her story will be told in the past, it is a rebirth novel. The next chapter is the ending, memeda.2The sound effect of kissing like mwah

  1. Gourd with saw mouth – can’t speak because her mouth is getting sawed. Some weird imagery that means that.

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