Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  Chen Man ran downstairs, downstairs became a pot of porridge1 Pot of porridge – a complete mess.

  Alarms and ambulance sirens were heard. The crowd was blocked by the cordon. Everyone stretched their heads and wanted to see the victims.

  The most favorite pastime for people was to watch the bustling scene. After all, if the needles didn’t affect them, they wouldn’t know the pain.

  Chen Man stood in the doorway, watched the doctors and nurses run down and quickly took away the injured, four of them were covered with a white cloth.

  Five people, one less.

  Finally, the hurried Secretary Yang caught up. The police stopped them from approaching any further. Secretary Yang hurriedly pulled Chen Man’s sleeve. “President don’t stand here. Let’s go back. It would be more chaotic to stay here. By the way, didn’t you say that you were going home? You can’t leave from the front door, why don’t you leave from the back door…?”  

  Afterwards, Chen Man ran again without saying a word. Her appearance caused her to suddenly think of something, Secretary Yang spent much of her time sitting in the office, she couldn’t catch up to her great physical strength. She stood at the same spot with her hips on her back and froze for a long time. At last, she decided to stay cool and not chase after her.


  Chen Man ran to the underground parking lot, found her car, sat in, immediately started it, then stepped on the accelerator with her foot.

  The distance from the company to her home was close, but no matter how close it was, it was impossible to get home in three minutes. Chen Man didn’t know how many cameras photographed her on the way. At this time, she didn’t have the heart to pay attention to her point deductions in driving and tickets.

  She stiffly stood in front of her house, her mind was filled with two distinct memories and her brain became confused. Chen Man couldn’t tell the difference between the two memories, which was real.

  At this moment, the door suddenly opened.

  Jiang Xichu casually wore a set of clothes, then hurried out. As soon as she opened the door, her feet have yet to step out when the person she was looking for appeared before her.

  Jiang Xichu looked slightly stunned. Soon, she showed a look of anger: “Where did you go! I called you but you didn’t answer. Didn’t I tell you that you weren’t allowed to go out today, not even to the company? You treat my words like air, why Chen Man, why are you always like this? Can you for once, just once! Listen to me!”

  Chen Man looked at Jiang Xichu dazedly and looked stupid. Jiang Xichu was angry at her appearance. “Did you heard what I just said to you? It’s no use playing dumb, you!—”

  Her angry tone abruptly stopped. Chen Man’s sudden touch made Jiang Xichu’s voice suddenly subside.

  Chen Man raised her hand and pointed to Jiang Xichu’s face. Her movements were extremely careful. Her fingertips gently fell on Jiang Xichu’s face. It was as if she wasn’t touching a person, but a porcelain doll that would shatter if she didn’t pay attention.

  Jiang Xichu finally discovered Chen Man wasn’t right and her voice was a little low.

  “Chen Man, what’s the matter with you?”

  The familiar voice came again and the person opposite of her was lively and noisy, the beautiful person couldn’t help but cry.  

  Chen Man took a step forward and tightly hugged Jiang Xichu. The moment that she closed her eyes, tears rushed out and the suppressed sob rung in her ears. Jiang Xichu’s body was tense and felt the person’s helplessness and vulnerability. She slowly relaxed her body, then raised her hand to pat Chen Man’s back.

  Chen Man’s voice was hoarse when she finally stopped her tears, Jiang Xichu walked to the kitchen, brought out a glass of water and handed it to Chen Man who sat on the sofa.

  Compared with Chen Man, who always asked questions when something was wrong, Jiang Xichu wasn’t curious. She tends to let others tell themselves, rather than breaking the casserole.

  “I… I had a dream.”

  Sure enough, soon, Chen Man, who held the glass of water opened her mouth.

  Jiang Xichu looked at her quietly, Chen Man bowed her head and slowly said: “I dreamt that you had an accident. Then I went to the company for a meeting this morning and heard that something happened downstairs just like in my dream, so I panicked.”

  These words explained why she was emotional and Jiang Xichu’s heart was moved.

  “It’s just a dream, was it necessary to be so excited?”

  Hearing this, Chen Man’s heart was more sour and lowered her head, “…It was too real.”

  It was true that she recalled her heartbreaking emotions that suddenly spread in her heart, and the world became gray and dim. Chen Man never knew that she loved Jiang Xichu so much. She thought her feelings were the same as others, not angry, not light, not heavy. But when Jiang Xichu left, she realized that it was because Jiang Xichu had always been around her, so she didn’t realize how important Jiang Xichu was to her.

  She personally saw the person she loved turned into ashes. It felt as if her beating heart was plucked out, it was too painful. It was so painful that she trembled all over and felt as if she couldn’t live any longer.

  Jiang Xichu stared at Chen Man and blinked her eyes gently, then her eyes fell to one side of the pillow.

  “Actually, I also had a dream.”

  Chen Man looked up.

  “I dreamt…that I passed away, but I never left. I stayed with the person who was most important to me, watched her listless and ignorant self, watch her bit by bit, she forced herself to die with endless pain.”

  Chen Man’s eyes widened involuntarily, and all her blood coagulated. At this time, Jiang Xichu turned her eyes and smiled at Chen Man, “Do you know what happened in my dream after?”

  Chen Man didn’t answer, she lost the ability to answer and Jiang Xichu didn’t need her answer, she smiled again, “I prayed to God, no matter who was good, please have mercy on me, show me a little favor, let me go back to that person’s side, give me a chance, let me save her.”

  Jiang Xichu held her chin with one hand, her tone was calm and indifferent, with a slight smile, “Then God promised me.”

  There was no sound in the quiet room while they silently gazed at each other. Tears began to fall from Chen Man’s eyes, Jiang Xichu was silent for a moment, eventually sat down, then reached out under Chen Man’s chin to catch her tears.

  She helplessly said: “Why do you cry so much? You really are a person made out of water now…”

  Suddenly, she was pulled over and fell in Chen Man’s arms. Jiang Xichu was stunned for a while, this position was quite uncomfortable. She wanted to sit up, but she heard Chen Man’s voice full of pain: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

  She didn’t know, she really didn’t know, if she knew, she would never do such a thing in front of Jiang Xichu’s eyes.

(TL Note: Their “dreams” overlapped; they remember their previous lives after the accident. So she realized Jiang Xichu was a ghost that watched her die and regrets that)

  It was Jiang Xichu’s death that left a huge shadow on Chen Man, and it was Chen Man’s indifference to her that left a huge shadow on Jiang Xichu.

  Chen Man could only apologize to her.

  Jiang Xichu breathed for a long time, then closed her eyes and didn’t respond.

  For this matter, she will never forgive Chen Man.

  But correspondingly, she will never leave Chen Man, she couldn’t bear a second toss.  

  After two seconds of silence, she embraced her and told Chen Man her feelings and thoughts in a body-friendly manner.


  No one could tell what kind of strange things they had experienced. It was hard to tell which memories were true due to the butterfly effect, it was too difficult to distinguish, but at least, the peaceful moment of getting along now was truly incomparable.

  Lying in bed, Jiang Xichu leaned on Chen Man’s shoulder. She picked up a lock of Chen Man’s hair and played with it around her fingers. Suddenly, she thought of something and raised her head abruptly. “You still didn’t tell me what you were going to do with that piece of land you want to buy.”

  Chen Man stared blankly and smiled. “This, ah.”

  She no longer kept people on tenterhooks and replied: “Don’t you remember. In fact, it was where you lived when you were a child. At that time, your family was still intact. I thought, it was your childhood and held true meaning for you. It is your home, I plan to buy it back, rebuild it and give it to you.”

  Who knows that Jiang Xichu was so resistant to her buying the land and this incident was full of hardships from the beginning.

  Jiang Xichu really couldn’t remember. Hearing this, she was silent for a long time. Then she laid down again and mumbled. “Why you spent all that money…it wasn’t a waste.”

  Chen Man’s mouth was still tilted. Whether her secretary Jiang was sincere or insincere, she can casually listen to it. Now it was obvious that her mouth and heart was true, her heart was already very happy, but her face was still reserved.  

  Chen Man felt that she had never been so happy. As soon as she wanted to say a few more words of endearment to let secretary Jiang be as happy as herself, she saw secretary Jiang whipped her head up.

  “By the way, I went to the kitchen to pour water and found a box of sleeping pills in the cupboard. I say, how did I sleep so well these past two days. Did you give me sleeping pills?!”

  Chen Man: “………”

  Was it too late for her to admit her mistake?


Author’s Notes:

It’s finally done! This couple will end here, but they might appear as guests in my future titles that may have some soy sauce.2Sexual action basically

I would like to advertise my next title “There is Also Joy [Rebirth]“, it’s similar to this story’s world. There is already 10k words so far, but i will definitely work on it quickly, please check it out. The update will be diligent.

The following is a summary of the novel:

Young artist Zheng Huanhuan is gentle on the surface but is actually a bad woman. A nurse saw her in a hospital gown and forced Dr. Liang in a corner to kiss her. I don’t think the universe can take it anymore, so I’m going to snatch her. Lying on the cold operating bed, Zheng Huanhuan reflected on her life and finally found conscience.

“I don’t like you anymore, Liang.”

Liang was expressionless and looked at her quietly.

Zheng Huanhuan sighed in her heart, she broke off their ten year relationship, and still didn’t bend in the end. I hope that in the next life, we don’t meet again so that she will let her free and won’t tie her down.

The next day, the artist Zheng Huanhuan’s death was listed on the hot search.3You know how google predicts what you are about to type? That’s search optimization, so it lists like the “hottest” most typed phrases for you.

On the third day, Zheng Huanhuan opened her eyes and found herself back to her 18th birthday which was the night after Liang, her stepsister confessed to her.

Zheng Huanhuan: “…”

I said in the next life, I won’t see you!

Change of heart sickly western artist x deep emotional love

Intelligence isn’t high and surgeon attacks

  1. Pot of porridge – a complete mess

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