Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  Chen Man sat beside Jiang Xichu and watched TV for a while. But because of Jiang Xichu’s words earlier, Chen Man couldn’t stand it anymore. The sister, who was pure at heart, immediately became the big villain in her mind. This was originally a suspense drama. Now she knew who the bad person was and naturally couldn’t watch it anymore.

  She turned off the TV and Chen Man began to think whether to bring a quilt for Jiang Xichu or move her to the bed. After three seconds of thinking, Chen Man made a decision and took the quilt. Although Jiang Xichu was very thin, she couldn’t move her.

  Chen Man left. After five minutes, she came out of her bedroom with a quilt in her hand. Although the duvet was light, it was very fluffy. When Chen Man entered, her line of sight was blocked by the duvet and she couldn’t see the immediate surroundings at all. When she came to Jiang Xichu, she found that she was awake and sat up drinking water.  

  Chen Man didn’t speak. She first looked at Jiang Xichu’s face carefully. Then, she tentatively said, “Jiang Xichu, how do you feel?”

  Jiang Xichu raised her eyelids slowly. “What do you mean by this sentence, what do you think I should feel?”

  Chen Man: “…” Good. It’s still the sober secretary Jiang.

  Chen Man threw the quilt on her. “When I woke up, I went back to my room to sleep. I remembered to adjust the temperature before going to bed. It’s still very cold at night.”

  Chen Man’s home was climate controlled and divided into different zones. After saying this, Chen Man turned her head and continued, “Forget about it, I’ll give it to you. You’re clumsy and might wake up in the middle of the night.”  

  Jiang Xichu called her, “Come back.”

  Chen Man’s paused her step and looked back at her and asked, “What?”

  Jiang Xichu placed the cup down and patted the position next to her expressionlessly, “Sit here, let’s talk.”

  Chen Man: “…”

  Why did Jiang Xichu look so terrible? Also, what is there to talk about?!  

  When Chen Man was educated by her father when she was a child, her father liked to use the word “talk”, so now the word “talk” was a shadow to her. Chen Man walked over in surprise and sat down nervously, “Talk…what is it?”  

  Jiang Xichu felt that her brain was a little dizzy and very sleepy from the wine. She held her head up and slowly said: “There were some problems that troubled me recently, so I wanted to ask you.”  

  There were difficulties in life, so she wanted to find leader to solve it?

  Thinking about it, Chen Man was quite happy. She raised her legs, no longer nervous, and said, “All right, you asked me, what’s the problem?”

  Jiang Xichu looked into her eyes. “That is…do you have someone you like?”  

  Chen Man’s back was stiff for a moment, but she soon returned to normal. She replied to her with a natural expression: “No, ah, you don’t know, I’m focusing on my career, not personal issues.”

  Jiang Xichu wasn’t surprised with this answer. She was a person who was insensitive to feelings, but she has never seen Chen Man’s other thoughts about her. She can only say that this girl was hidden too deep.

  What Jiang Xichu didn’t understand was why she had to hide herself so deep, as if she was a thief, for fear of being discovered by her. Was it necessary?  

  Jiang Xichu was originally leaned against the sofa. Now, she sat up and was closer to Chen Man. She made an expression as if she was about to share gossip. “I’ll tell you something, but don’t tell anyone else.”  

  Chen Man stared blankly and nodded, “You say, I won’t tell others.”

  Jiang Xichu smiled gratefully, then asked her in a curious tone. “I found out that someone likes me for a long time. I didn’t tell her that I already know, because I don’t understand, you say, since she likes me, why didn’t she tell me?”

  When she first heard this, Chen Man thought her secret love was discovered and her breathing was stiff for several minutes. After half a day, she heard her voice, “Who is that person?”

  Jiang Xichu had a shallow smile. “You don’t know, you can help me analyze her psychologically.”

  Her concerns were dispelled, but Chen Man felt even more uncomfortable. Some people like Jiang Xichu and she didn’t know who, also Jiang Xichu looked very interested in that person.

  After a moment of silence, Chen Man’s emotions were low and said to her: “There are many reasons, maybe she is too ugly.”

  Jiang Xichu decisively shook her head. “Impossible, she’s very good-looking, very beautiful, it will never be this reason.”  


  Chen Man’s heart began to run sour water.  

  “Then, maybe she didn’t like you so much, but you thought she likes you. Maybe people just like you.”

  This was even more impossible. Jiang Xichu shook her head again. “No, I’m very sure. She likes me.”

  Chen Man was even more unhappy, she pursed her lips. “There’s only one left. She’s a coward, too timid to show her face to you. She’s afraid of losing face or never getting along with you again.”

  When she said this, Chen Man hung her eyes to cover her loss. Jiang Xichu looked at her thoughtfully. “Yes, it turned out to be this reason.”

  When Chen Man heard her voice, she immediately raised her head and tried her best to discredit her potential rival. “Jiang Xichu let me tell you that if this person likes another person, it would be absolutely unbearable. There must be some clues, if this person likes you but didn’t tell you all this time, she certainly doesn’t like you that much, or there are some hidden diseases and doesn’t dare chase you.”  

  Jiang Xichu “oh” and didn’t express her opinion.  

  She was still thinking about it. Chen Man moved a little to her side. She was calm on the surface but was worried to death in her heart. She pretended with a light-hearted appearance. “Oh, Miss Jiang, you don’t like that person, right?”  

  Jiang Xichu blinked and didn’t speak.

  Chen Man fell into an ice cave. She was stunned and her throat tightened. “Do you really like the other person?”

  This sentence was spoken impulsively without her brain registering it. If Jiang Xichu didn’t know her thoughts, she would have become suspicious after listening to this sentence.

  Jiang Xichu smiled in a good mood. “I don’t know, but I want to give it a try. Although I’ve never been exposed to this kind of thing before, but if it’s her, I think…it would be good.”

  Finished, Jiang Xichu’s smile deepened. “As my immediate supervisor and friend, do you have any emotional suggestions for me?”  


  Stay away from this person!

  Chen Man’s heart was in a mess. She really couldn’t say any suggestions or blessings. Now, her brain was in a mess and she didn’t know what reaction she should have. Jiang Xichu’s eyes saw enough of her mess and finally let her go. She said something else and her attention was shifted. “I’m going to move.”

  After a while, Chen Man looked at her stupidly. “Move, didn’t you just rent that house? Where are you going to move to?”

  Jiang Xichu rubbed her forehead. After drinking wine, her temples began to swell. “I haven’t thought about it yet. Anyway, I don’t want to live in that place anymore. Before I find a house, I’ll live here with you first, and then I’ll move when I find a suitable house.”  

  This wasn’t a question or a consultation, but a notice. Otherwise, secretary Yang and secretary Li wouldn’t have said that secretary Jiang’s status was higher than Chen Man, it was because it was the truth.

  Chen Man has no opinion. “Then I’ll help you pack tomorrow?”

  “En, you can help me move. My car is too small for the many things to fit. You can drive that SUV and try to move it all at once.”

  Chen Man agreed. Jiang Xichu stood up and prepared to go back to the room to go to sleep. She almost left the living room when Chen Man remembered a very important question. “No, you haven’t said why you want to move. Is the house not good?”

  Of course, the house was very good. She had signed a two-year contract with the landlord, and now she has only stayed for two months. She felt very embarrassed and Jiang Xichu couldn’t help it. As the proverb goes, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first1The pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first (idiom) to benefit from intimacy with an influential person. It’s better for her to move here, not only to take good care of Chen Man, but also take advantage of the distance instead of living so far away. In order to compensate the landlord, she won’t ask for the deposit back.

  When she heard Chen Man’s question, Jiang Xichu vaguely replied, “En, the house isn’t clean.”  

  Chen Man blinked and then widened her eyes. “Are there cockroaches?!”

  Jiang Xichu: “…”

  She looked at Chen Man speechlessly and they looked at each other for a while. Chen Man then realized the true meaning of unclean and was suddenly helpless. “Please, it’s all a feudal superstition, just because of this…did someone tell you?”

  Jiang Xichu didn’t discuss relevant issues with Chen Man. When she heard this, she raised her eyebrows. “Why, you don’t believe there are ghosts in the world?”  

  Chen Man sneered, then looked up proudly, “No, I am an atheist. I only believe in science.”

  Jiang Xichu looked at her. Suddenly, she smirked.

  This smirk was a bit complicated, as if it was funny, as if it was laughing at Chen Man’s ignorance.

  Chen Man wasn’t convinced. She had been educated for so many years on socialism. She disliked the theory of ghosts the most. She rolled up her sleeves and was prepared to give Jiang Xichu a long scientific education. But before she spoke, Jiang Xichu said to her, “Then, I’ll listen to you and won’t move. Tomorrow you don’t have to move my things. I’ll live there for a while and learn to believe in science.”

  Chen Man rolled her sleeves. After half a second, she pushed her sleeves down casually as if nothing had happened and looked at Jiang Xichu carefully. “As the old saying goes, I’d rather believe it and not trust it. Tomorrow, I’ll give you a half-day off. We’ll move the things in your house first then go to the company.”

  1. The pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first (idiom) to benefit from intimacy with an influential person.

TL Note: Chen Man being a tsundere and acting that she wasn’t giving the blanket to Jiang Xichu and happened to be passing by and handed it to her.

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