Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  The house that Jiang Xichu rented was not far from Chen Man’s house. The two places were two kilometers apart. The place where the two people lived was only one kilometer away from the company. If you look with a map, you could see an isosceles triangle.  

  Jiang Xichu planned to move out first, and then talk to the landlord about returning the rent. In the morning, Chen Man drove to Jiang Xichu’s house, two people together packed four full suitcases which only held Jiang Xichu small items. The rest were big items, such as electrical appliances, furniture, fitness equipment, etc. Chen Man wasn’t in a hurry to move those items. When the time comes, she will find a moving company to move it all at once.  

  After transporting everything back to Chen Man’s home, Jiang Xichu took a break for no more than two minutes. She tightened the lid of the mineral water bottle and there was a mouthful of water in her mouth. She swallowed her saliva and stood up again. “You rest. I’ll go and put things away.”

  Chen Man’s face was flushed, and she was so tired that she gasped for breath. She didn’t know she would experience some unspeakable exercise.  

  She saw that Jiang Xichu was okay and had went inside to clean up. She grabbed Jiang Xichu’s arm and dragged her to a stagger. “Would you please take a rest! What’s the hurry? Aren’t you afraid of being tired!”

  Jiang Xichu was also tired, but not as tired as Chen Man. There was just a suitcase in one hand and two woven bags. Some people who had gone to university and weren’t used to carrying clothes. Chen Man was delicate, she was a da xiaojie, as a da xiaojie, she didn’t do any laborious task since childhood, so she couldn’t bear it.

  Suddenly, her heartstrings were touched. She thought of Chen Man’s words that were said before death, Jiang Xichu turned her head once and her expression became uncomfortable for a moment. Chen Man was lying on her body and didn’t see this scene.

  Jiang Xichu came to her side and nodded kindly to her good advice, “Then I’ll take a break and eat fruit, I’ll cut you a plate.”  


  Was the sun coming from the west?

  Chen Man looked surprised and said, “Why didn’t you ridicule me?”

  Jiang Xichu: “…what do I need to ridicule?”

  Chen Man, “When haven’t you ridicule me with a few words,” Chen Man said and sat up, she crossed her arms and imitated Jiang Xichu. “You won’t do anything about this. What can I do for you? You’re not willing to exercise. Chen Man, you say, you don’t have a speck of interest?”

  Chen Man was very happy to imitate. When she laughed enough, she looked at Jiang Xichu, the latter’s face was overcast with clouds and a death ray fell on her.

  Chen Man: “…”

  She sat down and calmly said in her normal voice: “I want to eat an apple, peel one for me, thank you.”

  Jiang Xichu gave her a look, then left.

  A minute later, she came out with the cut apple.

  She held a white porcelain plate, there was only a piece of apple skin. She looked at the things in her hand, Chen Man swallowed her words silently. Jiang Xichu had known for a long time whether she likes to eat it soft or hard, but sometimes she couldn’t help but want to fight against Jiang Xichu. When she resists, like now, she could rationally take countermeasures to maximize her own interests.  

  Jiang Xichu bit the crisp apple that had been peeled. Then looked at Chen Man at the side as a demonstration, but she went cold when she looked at the other party’s aggrieved and pitiful eyes. Jiang Xichu’s body was stiff and her chewing slowed.

  They looked at each other for a few seconds. At last, Jiang Xichu took the apple peel from her hand and went back to the kitchen.  

  After another minute, she held the same apple and Chen Man felt that her heart could bubble.

  Her family secretary Jiang was gentle like water and was soft-hearted to everyone, especially to her. As long as she was soft and pretended to be pitiful, even if she wanted the stars in the sky, Jiang Xichu would find a way to get them for her.

  The feeling in her heart was sweet and sour. Jiang Xichu was really good to her, so she easily liked Jiang Xichu, which grew day by day and has never been reduced. Sometimes she felt that her life could not get any better, because she was the most concerned and noticed person by Jiang Xichu’s side, but…no matter how good Jiang Xichu was to her, the relationship between them still couldn’t be separated from friends.

  She thought about going further, but she was too timid to gamble.


  Jiang Xichu looked at Chen Man like she was an unfathomable mystery. She really couldn’t understand how her brain circuit grew. How could eating an apple hurt spring and autumn1Hurt spring and autumn – It’s a verse from a poem, the referred person has a delicate heart.?

  She threw the apple core into the trash can. Jiang Xichu washed her hands and took her suitcase to put away things. Her room was opposite to Chen Man’s room. There were two rooms, one was the master bedroom and the other was the second bedroom. There were many of Jiang Xichu belongings here originally. Now that she brought all her luggage, this was no different than Jiang Xichu’s home.

  Jiang Xichu hung up her clothes, threw her plushies on the bed and put away all the miscellaneous things into the cupboard. Chen Man walked in a melancholy mood. She came to the door slowly and watched Jiang Xichu walk non-stop around the room like a gyroscope.

  Jiang Xichu was a woman who would make a good wife and mother. She looked very soft and had the taste of a mother and wife. At this time, she hung her eyes and played with several sets of clothes in her hands. She carefully folded them, then gently smoothed them with her hand, and finally placed them in the wardrobe. Chen Man looked at this scene and had a thought which she didn’t know how many times it recurred.

  —How nice would it be if Jiang Xichu could always be mine.

  Chen Man hung her head. After a long time, she could only clean her mood and make it looked as if nothing had happened. She looked up with a smile. As soon as she wanted to walk in to help, she froze in place.

  She was shocked to see Jiang Xichu’s hand, the latter was carefully playing with her underwear that was red, blue, and abstinence black…

  Jiang Xichu’s figure was better than Chen Man, she protruded from the front and back. Compared with Jiang Xichu, Chen Man was taller and thinner. Once, Jiang Xichu undressed, she would be more impressive.

  Mother, mother, mother duck…2 (TL Note: This is like a joke, since she has humps on her front and back, she looks like a duck since they puff out their chest and butt. I feel like it’s similar to mother of pearl, but in this case, mother of duck. Also could be a pun to mother fuck.)

  Jiang Xichu from the corner of her eye had been observing Chen Man when she wandered around the door. She wanted to enter but didn’t dare to enter. She wanted to talk but didn’t know what to say. She secretly smiled, then pursed her lips, put down her underwear and picked up a pair of lace underwear that matched a bright red bra.

  She grabbed both sides of her underwear and stretched them hard. Jiang Xichu’s hands were white and elegant, and the red panties were small and thin. The combination of the two had an absolute visual impact. Chen Man felt that she couldn’t stay any longer. Jiang Xichu didn’t mean anything to her. She just thought that she was a girl and there was nothing to avoid, but she couldn’t. If she stayed here, she would be suspected of being a dirty peeping tom.

  When she turned around and was about to leave, Jiang Xichu turned to her and anxiously asked, “I don’t think I have enough underwear to wear. Or, could you let me borrow two, wait until the weekend so I can go to the mall to shop?”

  Chen Man: “…” What the fuck.

  She stared at Jiang Xichu. “Are you kidding me? How could you borrow this!”  

  Jiang Xichu looked at her innocently. “Don’t you have a lot of clothes that you haven’t worn? What’s wrong with giving me two new ones?”

  After she finished, Jiang Xichu tilted her head again. “Am I wrong? Why are you blushing?”

  Chen Man replied: “Hot.”

  She heard what was said and Jiang Xichu picked up an eyebrow. “Oh, yes, it’s really hot. Look, your ears are red.”

  After three seconds, Chen Man fled as if there were some big monsters chasing after her.

  Jiang Xichu looked at the direction she fled from. After a while, she turned back in a good mood. She continued to fold the clothes in her hands and thought in her heart, hehe, little girl, fight me.


  In less than a day, the whole secretary office knew the news that secretary Jiang was staying in president Chen’s home. Except for secretary Zhou, who was shocked, the remaining two didn’t feel anything. After all, secretary Jiang used to go to president Chen’s house and stayed there frequently before, but now it changed into a long-term residence, which was no surprise.

  They were more concerned about something else.

  This morning, secretary Yang and secretary Li murmured in front of their workstation. They were just like the underground party who spoke in secret signals.

  “Three days.”

  “Well, counting today, it’s the fourth day.”

  “Have you seen it?”

  “No, how about you?”

  “Not at all.”

  “Something big is going to happen.”

  “It’s absolutely something big!”

  “What’s going on?”

  The third voice suddenly cut in. Secretary Yang and secretary Li were shocked. They turned around and Chen Man looked at them with her arms crossed. Most of the time, Chen Man’s manner was very consistent with the momentum of a general manager. For example, now, she successfully scared the two secretaries to become speechless.

  Chen Man was silent for a moment, “Don’t say, deduction of wages.”

  Nothing was as important as money. When they heard this threat, they immediately told the truth. She listened to their words and Chen Man finally understood what they were talking about.

  It turned out that they had been watching Jiang Xichu for a few days and were stunned. Even if she saw Chen Man making mistakes, she didn’t yell at her loudly. They thought it was extremely wrong, so they exchanged information with each other. They just wanted to know what happened to secretary Jiang.  

  The two secretaries were honest and looked at Chen Man dryly. They didn’t know if Chen Man would be angry, but Chen Man still had her arms crossed in silence and said nothing.  

  After half a day, they saw Chen Man’s shoulders collapse.

  With a long sigh, she pulled a chair and became the third underground party to join them. “I also think something important is going to happen. Do you want to help me analyze it? Is Jiang Xichu about to make a big move?”

  The other two secretaries: “…”

  1. Hurt spring and autumn – It’s a verse from a poem, the referred person has a delicate heart.

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