Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 1

TL Note: This is a future series I been eyeing for a while now. Decided to release chapter 1 and move this series to tier 2 project in exchange for Don’t Be Jealous, I Will Bend Myself. This series is really really good and so exciting to translate, I plan to finish this in a month since its only 17 chapters. Then when it’s finish, I will move Never Dare to Abuse the Female Protagonist Again as the new tier 2 project.

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 1

  Jiang Xichu’s chest heaved heavily, she walked three laps around her office angrily, then returned to Chen Man’s desk. She placed her hands on the desk, held onto the edge with her fingers and angrily said, “Why can’t you understand me? That piece of land can’t be invested. Ten years ago, it was a sewage outlet for a chemical factory. If you buy it, you would suffer a financial loss and go back to your grandmother’s house, ah!”

  Chen Man looked at her coldly. “I’ve already said that I’m going to buy that piece of land. What’s wrong with bad soil? I’m not going to plant crops on that land!”

  “What are you going to use it for? You tell me, what else can that land be used for?!”

  Jiang Xichu had her stare concentrated on her. She wouldn’t have known that she was the general manager. Chen Man didn’t want to show weakness. After a while, she snorted, “I won’t tell you.”

  Jiang Xichu choked on blood in her throat.

  Outside the general manager’s office was the administrative office, and the other secretaries had their ears pricked up to listen carefully to their argument.

  Secretary Zhou: “Secretary Jiang is too brave.”

  Secretary Yang: “Nonsense, you came in late Xiao Zhou, so you don’t know. In our company, secretary Jiang and Chen have always been on equal footing.”

  Secretary Li: “Nonsense, obviously Secretary Jiang’s position is a little higher than president Chen.”

  Secretary Zhou: “…”

  She’s only been in this company for two months. Although she prepared for a career relationship that would be ten million times more complicated than a university relationship, but this was too complicated!  

  Secretary Yang patted her shoulder sympathetically and reminded her, “Secretary Jiang and Chen are high school and college alumnus. The two has been working together since graduation. When they talk, you must never enter.”

  Secretary Xiao Zhou nodded ignorantly. “I see. Is the relationship between secretary Jiang and general manager Chen particularly good?”  

  Secretary Yang smiled miserably. She pointed with her chin towards the general manager’s office. “Listen, is this a relationship?”

  The office door was solid wood, with good sound insulation. Even so, you could still hear secretary Jiang’s roar.

  “Ah, ah, ah, you’re so angry with me! I don’t care! Chen Man, you are waiting to lose your money!”  

  It was quiet for three seconds. Secretary Jiang’s voice was heard again, “What did you say? Go?! I’ll give you proof!”

  Upon hearing this sentence, all the secretaries immediately returned to their posts, each of them seriously looked at their computer screen and the crackling from typing continued.  

  Jiang Xichu came out of the office, she glanced at her colleagues, and then smiled very kindly. “I’ll be going to the IRS and won’t be back for lunch. You should have a good rest at noon, oh~”

  The other secretaries: “……”

  Everyone smiled politely at her, until Jiang Xichu left, they wiped the sweat from their foreheads with relief.

  What frightened the secretaries more than having a moody general manager was having an even moodier chief secretary who directly manages them. = =

  She maintained a secretary’s friendly smile and professional temperament. Jiang Xichu stood alone in the elevator from the 23rd floor to the 1st floor, and her anger almost dissipated. She thought about it, the company nor the money didn’t belong to her. What was she so angry about? Anyway, she had already given her advice. It was Chen Man’s business not to listen.

  If Chen Man listened, everyone would be happy. If Chen Man didn’t listen…. then she will be the unrivaled super big wooden club!!

  Secretary Jiang was calm and collected on the outside, but in her heart, she had her hands on her hips, and reflected.

  She walked quickly out of the lobby on the first floor. Today, she was dressed in a snow-white chiffon commuter suit. The clothing was too slippery, and the shoulder bag always slipped. Jiang Xichu walked out while leaning to support her bag.

  ”Ah!— Help! Save me! Ah! Murderer!”

  Jiang Xichu jerked her head up abruptly and looked towards the direction of the voice. All the people from the floor had fled to the entrance and exit. The old people who passed leisurely were almost frightened. A woman covered her stomach and climbed forward with difficulty. Behind her, there was a man dressed like a local with a bloody sushi knife in his hand.    

  He attacked everyone indiscriminately. Because he suddenly acted, people couldn’t react in time, so they just fled. After he cut down three women in a row, he saw Jiang Xichu dressed clean and beautifully with a glance.  


  In the underworld at the population registration office gate, Jiang Xichu and a girl chatted.  

  “How did you die?”

  “I went out for a swim with my classmates and encountered sharks.”

  “And then you were bitten to death?”

  “No,” the girl shook her head innocently. “The shark didn’t look at me, but when I was fleeing for my life, I accidentally swam behind a shark’s tail. When it swung its tail, I fainted.”


  Jiang Xichu was quite sympathetic. “It’s really miserable, but it’s good, there was no pain in death.”

  The girl smiled and revealed her two tiger teeth. “Yes, you, how did you die?”

  She told her story again and the girl quietly said, “You seem to have it worse than me.”

  “It’s the fault of the innocent. So, don’t blame.” Jiang Xichu patted her leg while crouching. “Anyway, the work efficiency here is poor. I’ve been waiting at this door for a long time. How come it hasn’t moved? The IRS is faster than this.”

  As soon as her voice fell, a little brother in a white shirt came out of the office, “Jiang Xichu, come in to register.”

  Jiang Xichu quickly stood up, the little girl smiled and waved to her, “Goodbye.”

  Jiang Xichu followed the little brother inside and there was an old man. The old man wore a pair of reading glasses and read her information aloud with his eyes narrowed, “Jiang Xichu, female, 27-years-old, from Huaicheng, the cause of death: revenge on society, zero property after death, and property before death…also zero.”

  After reading this, the old man shook his head in pain. “You, young people, every day, you will see the moonlight. You don’t save money. Have you been doing nothing for so many years? Unexpectedly, the deposit is actually zero, oh, life a great failure…”

  After listening for a long time, Jiang Xichu finally understood. She frowned, “No, ah, I have money. I have saved more than 200,000 yuan.”

  The little brother in a white shirt turned over the folder in his hand and coldly said: “It’s gone, all your savings have been moved to your stepmother’s card.”

  Jiang Xichu was stunned. “That’s not right. I can’t have no money. I’m dead. The company will take all my wages that I didn’t get into my other card. My stepmother doesn’t know about that card. Was it still moved?”

  The brother in the white shirt turned over the file again, and coldly said: “No, your boss didn’t do it.”

  Jiang Xichu’s eyes widened, “Impossible! I’ve been dead for half a month. I know the efficiency of our company’s financial office the best. They would have sent the money quickly!”  

  The little brother in the white shirt looked at her expressionlessly, “No, I don’t believe you. Look at yourself. After you died, your company didn’t give you a penny, reimburse your pension, etc. Let me take a look. En, your funeral was done by your boss. It’s very simple, no one attended or burned paper for you. Therefore, even your property after death is zero.”

  The funeral was handled by Chen Man and Jiang Xichu wasn’t surprised. She had long been out of touch with her family. If something happened to her, the only one who would help her would be Chen Man.  

  During her half-month of waiting for registration in the underworld, Jiang Xichu always thought that Chen Man would have given her a grand funeral. The company colleagues would have attended the funeral, then Chen Man would take the microphone and said to everyone at the farewell ceremony, “Jiang Xichu was my best friend and most powerful subordinate. When I heard about her death, my heart was very sad. I decided to give 50% of my shares to Jiang Xichu, so that she can live off the addiction of being an excessively rich woman.”  


  Jiang Xichu was happy to roll, every time this scene filled her mind, but now she couldn’t.

  Jiang Xichu felt that her brain was a little confused and she blinked. “Can the paper money burned by the living really be used here? How much would the price be here? Can you buy a steamed bread with 80 billion yuan?”

  “Can’t use it, it’s just a number. Let me see how many people are still thinking of you,” the little brother looked at her blankly. “The last time I got this kind of treatment was from Tojo Hideki1Tojo Hideki (1884-1948) – Japanese military leader hanged as a war criminal in 1948.”


  Jiang Xichu let out her anger, “Motherfucker! I have to go back! I have to ask Chen Man, why she let down this old woman in the end!”

Author’s Notes:

Sweet text in two chapters after rebirth, no supernatural elements, rest assure *gives fearless look*

  1. Tojo Hideki (1884-1948) – Japanese military leader hanged as a war criminal in 1948.

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