Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 2

Translated by Novice Translations

Chapter 2

  Jiang Xichu’s cruel words were heard by the little brother and old man, however they heard as if they didn’t hear it.

  After death, there were billions of ghosts who wanted to climb back to the human world. If they were successful, they wouldn’t wait honestly outside for registration. It’s better as soon as possible to seriously find a job that can support themselves.

  It’s hard to be a man and it’s not easy to be a ghost.

  When Jiang Xichu came out, the little girl still waited at the door. It’s expected that she would have to wait for a long time.

  Jiang Xichu squatted besides the little girl. “Do you know where the exit to this world is?”

  The little girl blinked. “I know.”

  While she spoke, she pointed to the light in the distance. Jiang Xichu always thought it was the sun because it looked like the sun. Now that she thought about it again, this was the underworld, where would there be a sun.

  Jiang Xichu stood up, suddenly enlightened. It didn’t take long before her face was full of anger, “I’ll go now!”

  The little girl watched Jiang Xichu leave, there was an old grandfather who sat beside her. He saw this and doubtfully asked, “Where is she going?”

  The little girl didn’t know either and guessed: “Maybe she went to find the exit? Grandpa, didn’t you say that the exit was the same as the sun? Looking at it, how can you actually touch it?”

  The underworld and human world were connected by a channel. Only the civil servants in the underworld could enter and exit the channel. Usually, when people died, they would directly appear in the underworld and won’t pass through the channel. Jiang Xichu died for the first time and had no experience. She thought that anyone could enter this channel and took it for granted. Not long after, she really went in.

  The moment she entered, the underworld was no longer quiet.

  “Wee-woo, wee-woo, wee-woo, wee-woo —”

  Little girl: “…”

  It turned out that the alarm in the underworld sounded the same as in the human world.

  Jiang Xichu didn’t walk for long, she returned to the human world. At this time, the world was dark. Jiang Xichu narrowed her eyes and recognized her surroundings. She found that this place was where she had the accident and was the door of the company.  

  The victims were removed, and the blood was washed clean. However, within half a month, it became normal. It was impossible to see that there were five fresh and lovely girls who lost their lives here.

  Jiang Xichu’s spirit shook for a moment. But soon she reacted and went to Chen Man’s house angrily.  

  Chen Man lived near the company. She has been to her house many times. This time wasn’t an exception. She came to the door with light footsteps and wanted to press her fingerprint on the reader but remembered that she was dead. She should be able to cross the wall without pressing the fingerprint pad.

  Jiang Xichu tried and found that she really could.  



  On a whim, she played several times, and finally remembered what she came to do, and her face became serious. She came to Chen Man’s room and prepared to frighten her to death like in the horror movie she had seen when she was a child, then she would settle the debt with her.

  After entering, she saw Chen Man sitting at the head of the bed silently and then remembered something.

  She wasn’t a fierce ghost, how could she scare people?  

  …It’s hard for ghosts to live.

  She circled around Chen Man’s bed twice, the latter was still ignorant and looked at the things in her hands, Jiang Xichu stood in the same place and was silent.

  Come on, forget it, scold her and let go, even if she can’t hear, she could make a bad atmosphere.

  After clearing her throat, Jiang Xichu wanted to first point at Chen Man’s nose and open her mouth to scold her. But when she pointed at her, she was stunned.

  It didn’t seem right.

  She hadn’t seen her for half a month. Chen Man had lost so much weight. Her eyes were not only black, but her sockets were also deep. Her face was waxy yellow and looked like a ghost.

  Jiang Xichu frowned and approached her. For Chen Man, she could only feel a faint wind blowing towards her, but because it was too weak, it didn’t attract her attention. She was still slowly turning over the things in her hands.

  Jiang Xichu finally looked at her hand, which made her even more dumbfounded.

  They were all her photos.

  It was her self-portraits, company’s group photos and photos of class activities while she was in college. They were scattered and even occupied an entire album.

  With every page turned, Jiang Xichu could find her own figure in the photo. For a while, she was moved.

  Jiang Xichu sighed and sat down beside Chen Man. “For the fact that you made an album for me, I won’t scold you. Forget it, the money is worthless to me. I’m dead, in the end, it’s not cheap for others. You can keep it for your own use or donate it.”

  Jiang Xichu was very emotional. The words she said just now were what legendary people that was about to die would say. It was good, they were all dead, what else was there to care about.

  Since her death, Jiang Xichu has never felt anything. Since she was stark naked, she came and go without a care. Even if something happens one day and she departs from the world, she thought about the people and things which remained in the world, there would really be no one that would make her feel uneasy.”

  Her family and herself weren’t in touch and her friends would only be sad for her for a while. After a while, everyone will continue to live a happy life. No one can’t leave no one, no one can forget no one.

(TL Note: She’s a super detached person, basically everyone is a no one and she is also a no one. So eventually, no one will recall no one.)

  Jiang Xichu always thought about it very much, but when she saw Chen Man like this, she still felt bad in her heart. She watched her look at her photos the entire time and paused occasionally. Jiang Xichu wiped a handful of crystal tears and was moved: “Wu…Man Man, father love you dearly…”

  Jiang Xichu sat down next to Chen Man while she said that. Although Jiang Xichu couldn’t touch anything, if something passed through her, she would feel it.

  She became aware that she was sitting on something, she moved away doubtfully and found that it was a vintage bottle under her butt, not as big and fashionable as a vase. Instead, she had a serious and heavy feeling.

  Jiang Xichu silently commented and looked at the vicissitudes of life, maybe it was an antique. However, she always felt that this bottle was familiar to her, as if she had often seen it on TV shows.  

  Jiang Xichu was reminiscing about where she had seen this bottle, when Chen Man picked it up and held it in her arms, she whispered: “There are 472 photos total, but only three photos are with me. Jiang Xichu, you really hate me.”

  Jiang Xichu: “……………”

  What the fuck!!!

  Jiang Xichu jumped three feet in the air for the first time in her life. She looked at Chen Man in horror. What happened?!?!

  This bottle was her ashes?! Shouldn’t she have been buried? How could it be on Chen Man’s bed?!?!

  Fuck, this was too much. Jiang Xichu didn’t know where to start. Moreover, even if these ashes were hers…

  Then she was too afraid, aaaahhhh!

  Jiang Xichu looked at Chen Man with disbelief. After the later said that sentence, she was silent again. She pursed her lips. After a long time, she raised the corner of her mouth. Although it was a smile, it was more ugly than crying. Jiang Xichu’s heart seemed to be twisted. She frowned as if she saw sorrow that was greater than death.

  “It’s useless to hate me. You can’t say it anymore. I won’t be able to hear you say that you hate me.”

  Pa, two drops of tears fell onto the bottle. After pausing for two seconds, Chen Man stretched out her hand and carefully wiped the two tears.

  She thought that Jiang Xichu was a very clean person since the beginning. She changed her clothes every day and took two bags of paper towels with her because she didn’t know when she would need them. When she went on a business trip with Jiang Xichu, Chan Man was always despised by her. In fact, Chen Man was already very clean, but Jiang Xichu wanted to pick on her.

  “I’m sorry, sorry, sorry…” Chen Man’s eyes were red, and her voice repeatedly apologized, she was stunned.

  She said sorry, but to who?

  Who will hear her apology?

  The hot tears fell one after the other. This time, Chen Man didn’t care to wipe them. She held the urn tightly in her arms. At first, she cried silently, then quietly, then loudly.

  Her fingers were clasped onto the urn of ashes, and the blue tendons on her knuckles almost burst. Jiang Xichu dazedly stared at the scene. Suddenly, she noticed that blood was slowly seeping from Chen Man’s fingers.

  She used too much strength, and her nails were torn by the lines on the urn.

  Jiang Xichu cried out, “Chen Man, let go!”

  Naturally, Chen Man couldn’t hear her voice, but she felt that she couldn’t feel pain. After crying for a while, she finally eased her strength and slowed down. She raised her hand and looked at the blood stain from her nails.

  Jiang Xichu next to her, hurriedly said: “Look at this nonsense! Clean up the wound and use a band aid to stop the bleeding! No, you have to go to the hospital. My goodness, I hope it didn’t injure the nail bed. Are you mentally retarded? You hurt yourself, you—”

  Her old habit recurred, Jiang Xichu wanted to point to Chen Man’s nose and scold her. As a result, when she turned around, Jiang Xichu’s voice stopped abruptly.

  She watched helplessly. Chen Man placed her hand on her chest and pulled out the torn fragments of her fingernail. She looked cold. At the moment she pulled it off, her face was as pale as paper, the ten fingers were linked to her heart. She didn’t even cry out in pain, but she hurriedly panted twice. After the sharp pain was relieved, she looked at her other finger.

  There were three nails torn and she pulled out all three of them. The urn was placed on the other side of her body to ensure that it wouldn’t be stained with blood. She looked at her bloody fingers and felt a little better.

  After the body feels pain, the pain in the heart will be reduced accordingly.

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