Who Moved My Ashes – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  It turns out that death wasn’t the end of suffering.  

  Even if she has no sense of touch, none of the five senses, her nonexistent heart twitched in extreme sadness. The great pain drowned her and caused her to collapse onto the ground in despair, she wanted to cry, cry.

  But she has no eyes and couldn’t shed tears.

  Whether she hit the door or yell, the world was always terrifyingly quiet. She could only watch Chen Man’s life dissipate bit by bit.

  Too cruel.

  It’s more cruel than murdering her.

  At the time of her death, Chen Man heard a little bit of movement. She opened her eyes with difficulty and saw the person she dreamt of. She was still wearing the expensive clothes from that day, it was the dress that she had given her. When she first received it, she lectured her to not waste money which was like a slap to the face. But in the next second, she put it on and then ran out to ask if she was good-looking or not, it especially highlighted her figure.  

  At that time, Chen Man didn’t answer. Now, she looked at the increasingly blurred figure, Chen Man’s smile was invisible, she opened her mouth and said in a voice that no one could hear: “…. it’s good looking, very nice.”

  When the little brother in white arrived at Chen Man’s house, he stood in the distance and looked at the house with a frown.

  He walked in and strolled around the first floor. It wasn’t easy to find Jiang Xichu. She was sitting on the ground against the wall. Her expression was hidden in the dark shadow, which made people unable to clearly see.

  The little brother in white still had a folder in his hand. He glanced at Jiang Xichu whose aura had obviously changed into a fierce ghost. Then glanced at Chen Man, whose body didn’t move.

  He opened the folder and said: “I just investigated and there was a mistake with the fate line. You weren’t supposed to have an accident, it was muddled, and you died. You’re still a living soul. We didn’t find out at that time, so it was easy for you to run back to this world.”

  When Jiang Xichu ran, it wasn’t because they couldn’t find her, it was because there were many things to do and they didn’t have the time to find her. Until Chen Man’s soul appeared in the underworld, they found that something was wrong.

  Chen Man was a person of great potential and wealth. She died young at the age of 28. What was wrong with her? So, the superior asked them to investigate. Only after they investigated, they found that Chen Man wasn’t the one who was meant to die, nor Jiang Xichu. They were all victims of the butterfly effect. One mistake caused countless mistakes, which must be corrected immediately, or more people would die later.  

  “Go out of this door, you will be able to return to the past. I will not erase your memories. It is our compensation to you. There is only one thing I want to tell you. Don’t disturb other people’s life and death. You now know that someday, something will happen downstairs in your company, and one day, a girl will die out in the ocean, but you can’t intervene. Do you understand?”

  Jiang Xichu’s eyes looked at him dazedly. The red in her eyes was less than before, “I…I can go back?”

  “En,” the little brother in white casually lowered his head and closed the folder. He stressed again, for fear that Jiang Xichu wouldn’t know whether she was wrong or not. He added without hesitation, “If you intervene, you will save one person, two at most. You have only one life, the rest, we will let the one you care about the most return.”

  Jiang Xichu subconsciously looked at Chen Man next to her. Her voice was tight, “I won’t interfere.”  

  “En,” he said again, there was no emotional fluctuations, and the little brother in white urged: “Hurry back, don’t delay. I’m gone. Remember what I told you.”

  The little brother in white left. Jiang Xichu watched his figure suddenly disappeared, she immediately stood up and walked two steps forward. Suddenly, her figure stopped in place. She looked back at the person on the bed.

  Chen Man closed her eyes tightly and held the cold urn in her hand. In the past, she would use her body temperature to warm the body of the urn. Today, her own temperature was colder than the urn.

  Jiang Xichu turned her head back abruptly, she didn’t want to see it again.

  She followed the words of the little brother in white. She strode out and stood in front of the door that blocked her for a whole year. She hesitated and stretched out her hand. It passed through the gate before she could exit. There was a huge suction force outside the gate. She didn’t need to move at all. All of a sudden, she appeared outside the gate.

  The dense darkness disappeared. It was blue and white outside, there were people rushing about. Everyone was working, it was just nine o’clock. If she was any later, she would be late, too late to punch in her card.

  Only Jiang Xichu stood stunned in place, wearing a blue and white commuter suit and didn’t move for a long time.

  A man carrying a briefcase walked over and accidentally touched her shoulder. The man immediately turned back and looked at her apologetically. “I’m sorry, excuse me, are you okay?”

  This collision brought back Jiang Xichu’s soul. She suddenly reacted and shook her head, “Nothing, I’m okay.”

  After hearing that she was okay, the man soon left. Jiang Xichu looked around and walked to the edge of the road, so as to not hinder others. Her hands were shaking, and she took out her cellphone in her bag with great difficulty. After she saw the date clearly, Jiang Xichu felt that her heart had fallen to the ground.

  April 12, two months before the day of her accident.

  After reading the date, Jiang Xichu hurriedly went to the company, the familiar company was still the same. It was the first day that the new secretary Zhou reported, and she smiled sweetly to Jiang Xichu, “Secretary Jiang is early~”

  “Early.” Jiang Xichu quickly smiled at her, then she didn’t even drop her bag, but opened the door of the general manager’s office and walked in.

  Secretary Zhou was stunned, then looked at Secretary Li on one side. “It seems that president Chen is still inside. She…”

  Secretary Li wasn’t surprised. “It’s okay. Maybe secretary Jiang got up late today and forgot she was a secretary. Give her some time, she will remember.”

  Secretary Zhou: “…”

  Chen Man sat behind the desk, looking at a document, Jiang Xichu came in without knocking on the door. She didn’t say anything after she entered, but she looked at her with a slight fluctuation from her chest.

  Chen Man frowned, “What happened?”

  Jiang Xichu stared at her face. Chen Man looked very healthy. Her cheeks were red with blood. Her body wasn’t skin and bones. Although she was a little thin, she wasn’t morbidly thin, she was alive.  

  ”Nothing happened.” Jiang Xichu’s voice was hoarse.

  Chen Man’s intuition knew that Jiang Xichu didn’t look quite right, but she couldn’t think of anything that made her feel wrong. She placed down the document and cleared her throat. “Nothing, why didn’t you knock on the door? Jiang Xichu, you are the secretary and I am the general manager. You should show me enough respect, I am the leader…hello, are you listening to me?”

  Chen Man stood up inexplicably and reached out to touch Jiang Xichu’s forehead. The back of her cool hand had just grazed her. Suddenly, her waist was tightly held by others. Chen Man held her posture with one arm raised and her whole person was very stiff.

  Jiang Xichu strongly held her, she was thin. She was pressed against her chest and felt that she would soon be out of breath. But even if she was to suffocate and die now, she would never voice out a reminder to Jiang Xichu. This was the first time Jiang Xichu held her and she must enjoy.

  The color started to become faint. After two seconds, Chen Man still stretched out her hand and wanted to push her away. She wanted to ask her what had happened. There must have been something wrong. Otherwise, Jiang Xichu wouldn’t be so fragile. Jiang Xichu’s forehead was against her carotid artery and the blood vessels were beating regularly. When Chen Man talked, Jiang Xichu could feel the fine tremor.

  Chen Man’s tone was softer. “What’s the matter? Tell this leader, leader will try her best to help you solve it.”

  Jiang Xichu didn’t speak, but there was a faint sob in her arms. Chen Man couldn’t even think, she hurriedly asked her what happened, but Jiang Xichu still didn’t answer, but her cry grew louder and louder. She wanted to kill Chen Man, suddenly, Jiang Xichu straightened up and used her hand to slap her arm.

  “Nothing! Coward! No sense of responsibility! Selfish ghost! I hate you!”

  Jiang Xichu wasn’t a gentle soft girl. She was the main player in the volleyball team when she attended university. At this time, Chen Man’s arms were numb when she was slapped. She listened to Jiang Xichu scolding her with tears and her brain went numb.

  ??? What did you say? Who is a coward? Who is selfish? Why do you hate me?

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